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Reflection: Hera Syndulla

Star Wars: Rebels has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and that makes all of the sense in the world. It’s amazing! I learned this last month when I binge-watched the series and fell in love with this story and characters that felt like the greatest thing that had come to the Star Wars universe since The Empire Strikes Back.

Three of these characters–Hera Syndulla, Kanan Jarrus, and Ezra Bridger, felt like the ultimate combination of the franchise’s greatest characters in an impactful and non-derivative way. And so, for the last few weeks, I have been retaining this idea to highlight these three characters and how their storylines echo the plot threads created for other important characters in the franchise. Well, in this eternal wait before I can talk about The Rise of Skywalker spoilers, the time has come to share this mini-series with you that I like to call Reflection. And, of course, the first character highlighted is Hera Syndulla. Enjoy! Continue reading Reflection: Hera Syndulla

Could Kylo Ren and Poe Be Good Leaders?

The Last Jedi has been out on Blu-Ray and Digital for quite some time now and after having seen the film a numerous amount of times I can finally start looking forward to the future and what this movie might be setting up. I’m not trying to create any outlandish theories or bring any exciting ideas to the table just yet, I’ll let other people do that, but I am starting to look at what Rian Johnson left in Episode VIII and what it could mean moving forward. Like the aspect of new leadership by the end of The Last Jedi for the Resistance and the First Order.

At the beginning of The Last Jedi both Poe and Kylo Ren were headstrong commanders making forging their own paths in the universe but by the end of the movie they are both powerful leaders heading into the next movie but can they handle that responsibility of being, well, a leader? And that’s what I’m excited to talk with you about in this post and I hope you enjoy.

So, let’s first look at Kylo Ren.

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