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I’ve Finally Seen ‘Titanic’ and Now My Head Hurts

Before I begin this review let me tell you that yes, I know the gist of Titanic. SPOILERS AHEAD! I knew that the film was practically the greatest love story ever told and I knew that Jack (Leonardo Dicaprio) dies. And yet despite knowing these things because the movie is one of most iconic films ever made I still found myself swept along this very tragic cruise ride.

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The first hour and thirty minutes are rather typical, albeit a little magical, as we meet the protagonists of the story, Jack and Rose, as well as the film’s primary antagonist, Cal. Jack and Rose meet, among unexpectedly stressful circumstances, and instantly tension between the two blossoms. Rose is Cal’s fiancé but like all great love stories this is not the man she wants to be with. Instead she is quite literally swept off her feet by baby-faced Dicaprio whose good looks and infectious charm win her over easily. Like I said before, the first half of the film goes along pretty expectedly. It was the second half that made this film an undoubted Best Picture winner.

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Two Random Movies On a Thursday: ‘The Aviator’ and ‘Real Steel’

I like to watch at least one movie every day. Some that I’ve seen literally dozens of times and others that I’ve never seen before. Today was one of those days where I sat back and turned on two films that were brand new to me: one being The Aviator, a Martin Scorsese movie about Howard Hughes and Real Steel, a random 2011 flick starring Hugh Jackman about boxing and robots.

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The Aviator was the first movie I watched and I was less than impressed. The two hour and fifty minute film has its moments of intrigue but when it concluded I found myself wondering why every Scorsese movie I have ever watched leaves me feeling empty inside. Don’t get me wrong.

The film’s cast of recognizable faces keeps the movie afloat, specifically Cate Blanchett who plays a shockingly believable Katherine Hepburn and offers the most interesting of the film’s content. Leonardo Dicaprio, who plays Howard Hughes, also manages to keep me along for the ride as he mentally becomes more and more unstable until by the end, you can’t help feeling sorry for him. And yet, even with the brilliant performances of these two actors, the movie only seems to get more boring and more confusing.

I tried to really enjoy this film but after a while it just became exhausting. Scorsese has a style and unfortunately, I’m not a fan.

3/5 stars

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Oscar Buzz: Which Actors and Movies Could Garner an Oscar Nomination?

It’s past halfway through the year and you can bet The Academy is already summarizing which actors, movies, music scores, etc. are worthy of Oscar nominations for this year’s Oscars. While most of the Oscar-worthy films still haven’t come out yet there are some movies and actors that are already garnering Oscar buzz.

Today I’ll share with you the potential nominees for these categories; Best Leading Actor, Best Picture, Best Leading Actress, Best Animated Film, and Best Visual Effects. Enjoy!

Best Visual Effects

Avengers: Endgame


While I feel that the visual effects for Avengers: Infinity War were better than Endgame it’s destined to garner an Oscar nomination.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters


Godzilla: King of the Monsters is one of those movies that relies heavily on CGI and while this film was not very good storywise it did manage to amaze with its jaw-dropping visual effects. I mean, those action scenes were bonkers, specifically in IMAX. Continue reading Oscar Buzz: Which Actors and Movies Could Garner an Oscar Nomination?

‘The Revenant’ Is a Dark, Traumatic, Beautiful Masterpiece

Movies. I love movies. I love all genres of movies. But there’s always that particular movie you come across that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Those movies are far and few but once watched will stick in your mind as long as time permits it. The Revenant is one of those movies.

I’ve wanted to watch The Revenant since I saw its first trailer in 2015. I would sit in the movie theater, riveted by what I was seeing on the screen. It took me four years to finally see it but now that I have I am absolutely stunned by the movie’s brilliance.

Let me tell you, the trailers gave no justice to the film whatsoever. This movie will shock you over and over again until you’re numb with the tragedy and trauma of this story.

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