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The Dark Knight Lives (FIFTY-ONE)

Lucius Fox removed his glasses and his feet from his desk as he heard the elevator doors open. A smile came to his face as he beheld Katherine Kane walking toward him purposefully.

“So, what’s new young lady? Looking for a new toy?”

She stopped, placing her hands on the desk and gazing at him expectantly.

“I’m looking for a base.” Continue reading The Dark Knight Lives (FIFTY-ONE)

The Dark Knight Lives (FORTY-FIVE)

Katherine Kane had never seen anything so beautiful. The man, Lucius Fox was his name, had taken her to his “playground” but what he called his playground was more like a massive warehouse full of fancy gadgets, high-end tech, and jaw-dropping vehicles. It was extraordinary.

Lucius Fox, wearing a smirk on his face, gazed at her with a sidelong glance. “Yes, it is impressive, isn’t it?” Continue reading The Dark Knight Lives (FORTY-FIVE)