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Captain America: Secret War (THIRTY-NINE)

Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter were standing in the parlor of the Carter Estate, the moonlight from the clear night sky pouring through the beautiful white paned window. It had been several days since their final confrontation with Sarkras the Mindful and life was back to normal.

London wasn’t in flames. Europe was at peace. Or as at much peace as they were before Dr. Frost’s attacks. And evading Deputy Task Force’s grasp while helping innocents from small threats was once again Steve’s greatest priority.

With his hands in his pockets, he stared up at the moon. “So how’s Olivia?”

“She’s fine,” Sharon said. “She’s resting.”

He smiled. “That’s good.” He looked at her and as he did she looked at him. “I’m sure you know why I’m here.”

Sharon nodded. “You want to know if I’m staying.”

He turned to her. “You’re a great asset to the team.”

“I know Steve but I…” she shook her head, “I can’t give up on Olivia. Not now. I now know what I almost lost and…I’m determined not to lose it again.” She looked him in the eyes. “You know what it feels like to regain someone that you love.”

Steve nodded. “You know I do.” Continue reading Captain America: Secret War (THIRTY-NINE)

Captain America: Secret War (THIRTY-EIGHT)

The Hunter had been summoned to see Secretary Ross. Apparently, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Natasha Romanoff, and Wanda Maximoff had been sighted in New York City stopping a group of HYDRA terrorists threatening to blow up a few buildings and kill thousands.

He knew what Secretary Ross wanted him to do. Find the fugitives and capture them, dead or alive, but that wasn’t The Hunter’s agenda. Not after what had just transpired; a strange bald woman in yellow had appeared before him and told him of this mind-boggling thing that had happened involving herself, the fugitives, and, surprisingly, him. When he confronted her with the prospect that she was lying she simply smiled, telling him things about himself that only he knew to be true.

It was then that he realized this wasn’t a fancy prank.

Now, as he entered the room where Secretary Ross’s temples seemed as if they were ready to bulge out of his head, a small smile came to his lips.

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Captain America: Secret War (THIRTY-SEVEN)

Dr. Frost stepped out of the HYDRA headquarters, a feeling of triumph covering her senses. She spread her arms, looking at the sky as she took a deep breath. She was about to tell the Winter Soldiers “Let’s rule the world” when suddenly the Winter Soldiers’ stances shifted in preparation for battle as they raised their guns stolen from the fallen Deputy Task Force soldiers.

Dr. Frost followed their gaze. Her eyes widened as she beheld thirteen individuals standing in a row in the near distance staring straight her way. As she recognized the people she gasped. There were The Avengers and Wakandans, former S.H.I.E.L.D agents and a woman in striking yellow. Their expressions looked like they were ready to fight. A snarl distorted her features.

“Well, it looks like my plan to wipe you out will come sooner than expected,” she said confidently, her words masked by the whistle of the wind. “Great. I like a good fight!”

King T’Challa, still red-hot with rage over his grief over Nakia’s death, charged forward at the doctor’s words, and General Okoye and Shuri followed him with a mighty yell. It was official. The fight had begun.

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Captain America: Secret War (THIRTY-SIX)

Sam, Natasha, Wanda, and Vision rushed into the room where they would find Sam’s much needed Falcon exo-suit. The area, designed to be a meeting room for those in Parliament, had become a treasure trove of stolen items that Dr. Frost and her goons had acquired.

“We have to be careful,” Vision said, his face still pained from the attack earlier. “Dr. Frost is near.”

“I sure am,” rose the voice of Dr. Frost as she stepped into view on the other side of the room. She smiled as she beheld the four heroes. Her head cocked to the side. “Looking for something?”

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Captain America: Secret War (THIRTY-FIVE)

The plan was simple. Fight off Dr. Frost’s army and rescue King T’Challa and the Wakandan named Nakia. Unfortunately, things were never that straightforward.

Dr. Frost’s army was equipped with powerful weapons, making the venture through Parliament a little more perilous. Once again Steve found himself missing his shield as he was forced to dance about dodging bullets and laser blasts while taking down the soldiers with powerful punches and kicks.

Nick Fury, Agent Hill, and Sharon Carter were handling themselves pretty well as they shot through the throng of enemies blocking their path around every corner. Princess Shuri and General Okoye moved through the enemy lines with relative ease, proving once again the superiority of the Wakandans. Colonel Rhodes was pretty well off, relegating to using his suit as coveted armor as he performed hand-to-hand combat to avoid decimating Parliament’s halls with explosions and machine-gun shrapnel. And The Hunter…The Hunter was proving why he had been such a tough opponent to fight as he moved through the HYDRA soldiers with an unnerving lack of effortlessness.

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Captain America: Secret War (THIRTY-FOUR)

Sam Wilson paced. He always paced when he was in a cell. He didn’t know why. He just didn’t like the idea of sitting still. Wanda Maximoff was the exact opposite. She sat completely still, her unblinking gaze facing forward and her knees drawn up to her chest. Her expression was so blank sometimes Sam would pause and intently look at her to make sure she was still breathing. And every time she was.

Being in a cell without the aid of sunlight left one disoriented. Sam believed it had been twenty-four hours since they Dr. Frost had come to see them but he wasn’t sure. For all he knew, it could’ve been only four hours. He was certain about one thing though. He had been in here far too long.

He walked over to the glass and punched it again. Shaking his hand free of the pain he shook his head with annoyance. They needed to get out of here. They had to get out of here.

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