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‘Moon Knight’: What The World Just Happened?

Was I dreaming or was last week’s episode amazing? It was. Okay, I wasn’t having a hallucination. Well then…what the heck was that?!

Marvel Studios has had some questionable MCU finales with rushed storylines, lackluster climactic action scenes, etc. but this…? This was a whole other level of yeesh.

The CGI was at times really good and at other times really bad. The action is terrible and literally sped up so many times that it was actually quite comical. The story was rushed so terribly that I’m not quite sure what just happened? This finale honestly didn’t feel professionally crafted and the fact that Marvel Studios released it knowing it was this bad is just…sad.

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This Week’s Episode of ‘Moon Knight’ Is a Wild Ride

One word comes to mind when I think of this week’s episode: whoa. Moon Knight has been a blast for the past three weeks but this episode takes the cake so far.

I had such a rush of emotions watching this episode. I was laughing, legitimately terrified, riveted, shocked, confused, bewildered, and downright strangely giddy with excitement at what is to come.

This show has taken a unique, unexpected turn that has me scratching my head, and yet I’m even more intrigued about what’s next. It’s undoubtedly my favorite MCU show since Loki and if the next two episodes stay solid in their enjoyability this might become my favorite MCU series. It’s absolutely fantastic.

And: SPOILER ALERT, Steven kissed Layla. What a development! A hilarious development at that.

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That Third Episode of ‘Moon Knight’ Was So Much Fun!

As someone who loves Egyptian mythology, this episode had me buzzing. I loved the beginning for its focus on the gods, the middle for more interactions between Marc and Layla as well as another awesome Moon Knight action sequence, and the end had me staring at the screen gobsmacked. This show is so interesting, from the unique perspective of having Dissociative Identity Disorder while trying to save the world to the lore of the Egyptian gods this series is so, so very intriguing.

We’ve got three episodes left and it looks like there’s a lot more story that needs to be told. And how it will connect to the MCU because you know we’re going there! Oh, I’m so excited for next week’s episode and whatever is in store.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a spectacular day.