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The New Trailer for ‘Mission: Impossible-Fallout’ Promises Action, Action, and More Action

Every few years there’s a new Mission: Impossible movie to enjoy and this summer’s sixth entry into the spy thriller franchise looks to be the most action-packed installment yet. Here’s the trailer.

I saw Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation in the movie theaters three years ago and it was positively awesome. This film seems to have taken that sense of exhilarating action to the next level as this trailer contains nonstop action throughout its two minute and thirty-three second run time and that is super exciting. It’s summer time and that means it’s blockbuster season and who doesn’t love thrilling blockbusters? I know I do.


I also like that this trailer provided a better insight into the new characters such as Henry Cavill’s CIA agent, August Walker, who is supposedly the main villain in this film. (Ha! That evil Superman theory is going to come true after all. Lol.)

And it seems that the stakes are kicked up yet another notch as Ethan Hunt’s arch nemesis, Solomon Lane, returns to enact his revenge. *rubbing my hands* Exciting.

All in all, this was a great trailer and now I’m beyond excited to see this film. Especially in IMAX. It’s going to be 100% amazing.


Here’s the official poster for the movie and I love it. It perfectly fits the tone of the movie and it’s just a well configured layout of a poster. It actually may be my favorite poster of the franchise so far which is definitely a good sign for the movie. Did I mention I can’t wait to see this film? 🙂

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‘Mission: Impossible 6’ Has A Name

Earlier this month I wrote a post about all of the movies I was excited to see this year and Mission: Impossible 6 was of course one of those movies. Now we finally, thanks to Tom Cruise, have the name for his next installment in this action-packed franchise. It’s called Mission: Impossible-Fallout. 

That’s an interesting name but what does it mean? The last one was called Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation and it was about a covert organization that were basically the anti-IMF who were using their skills to terrorize the world. Now this film is called Fallout and I can’t wait to see what that implies.

Paired with the name of the movie Tom Cruise also released an image of the movie showing him performing yet another jaw-dropping stunt. Check it out.


Yes, that is Tom Cruise hanging on to the side of a helicopter because he is just that awesome. Who knows what’s going on but I can’t wait to find out. Hopefully, because he just released the title of the movie, a teaser trailer will be coming out soon but until that time this is the latest news about the newest Mission: Impossible film.

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