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The ‘Moon Knight’ Trailer Is Here and It Is Delightfully Interesting

Yeah, the Moon Knight trailer is here and I’ve got to say, I have it up there with Loki on my EXCITED list for a Disney+ series. For now, Loki is still the series I was most excited about after its trailer mainly because, well, I knew the title character. I still have roughly no idea about Marc Spector or Moon Knight or the intriguing and apparent supernatural corner of the MCU he inhabits. I’m also quite not over the fact that Poe’s about to be a superhero, even though I know Oscar Isaac has the acting chops to pull this role off and Sarah Halley Finn hasn’t failed yet at casting.

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We’re Finally Getting That ‘Moon Knight’ Trailer Tomorrow Night!

Well folks, it’s time. The Moon Knight trailer drops tomorrow night during Monday Night Football and I honestly couldn’t be more excited. Here’s the teaser.

Very, very cool. Ahead of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness this series feels like the perfect show to get us in the mood for something a bit darker.

I love the aesthetic of this show and I’m really digging the slightly scary atmosphere of this series. It’s already been rumored that this will be one of the most mature installments in the MCU which already sounds perfect considering that Moon Knight’s story is very mature. To water him down would be a bit unfortunate.

Hopefully, the trailer will announce that the series will be coming out sometime in March and not April. 🤞

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Where Is the ‘Moon Knight’ Trailer?

Okay, I’ve got to admit, I’ve been a bit spoiled because of the wealth of content Marvel Studios gave us last year. It began last January when we got WandaVision for eight weeks. Since then, it’s been a constant cycle of Marvel shows and movies and now…well, I’m really looking forward to Moon Knight.

The Book of Boba Fett‘s last episode premieres on February 9. That means we’ll most likely be getting Moon Knight in March, which also means we should be getting the trailer sooner rather than later.

I’m trying not to feel impatient but I’m just so excited for Moon Knight. This is a brand-new character that I have no idea about and yet from what I have learned he seems very, very cool. From the outfit to the wealth of intriguing baddies, this is a story that I want to see conceived on the small screen because I think Marvel Studios is about to give us one of the most interesting origin stories in the franchise.

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It’s Official: Oscar Isaac Is Moon Knight

There are a lot of really cool Disney+ MCU series coming up, one of them being Moon Knight. The first official casting for the series was Ethan Hawke in an undisclosed role but there still hadn’t been an official announcement of Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector/Moon Knight…until today.

After Isaac shared a post featuring him posing in front of some Moon Knight slips from the comics it is now official that he is indeed playing the mysterious moonlit vigilante and I am excited!

I’ve seen Oscar Isaac in a bunch of movies and I’ve seen his range as an actor. His best acting performances, I felt, have been in Ex Machina and Annihilation where he really transformed as an actor and I didn’t feel like I was looking at a variation of Poe Dameron. Seeing him become a Marvel superhero is going to be a nice change of pace (and a huge upgrade from his cringe-worthy/hilarious performance as Apocalypse in X-Men: Apocalypse) and I’m really interested in what he’ll bring to the MCU.

My personal pick for the actor to play Spector was Adam Driver who I frankly think is a far better actor than Isaac. I really thought he would be able to embrace the character in a really profound an exciting way…but Isaac got it instead and I just hope he does justice to this character whose Wiki page is fascinatingly dark. We’ll see what happens.

Do you like the idea of Oscar Isaac playing Moon Knight? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Is Oscar Isaac Really Going to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Yeah…you read correctly. It’s been reported that Oscar Isaac is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the upcoming superhero, Moon Knight. The thought is stunning.

Of course, Marvel Studios has not confirmed this news and it very well could be people jumping to conclusions. The report said that he had been “tapped” to play the character in the upcoming Disney+ series but that does not mean that he has officially been cast as the newest member to join the MCU.

Honestly, I’m not quite sure how I feel about this news. Oscar Isaac is a good actor with plenty of charisma but can I see him playing a superhero? I’m not quite sure.

The thought of Oscar Isaac talking to Doctor Strange…now there’s a sight. We’ll see what happens in the coming months.

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Here Are Some Other MCU Characters That Should Get Their Own Show

Rumors circled a few days ago that Loki and Scarlet Witch would be getting their own shows on Disney’s new streaming service, Disney Play. But which other Marvel characters should also get their own television series? Here are some ideas.



Blade hasn’t debuted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet but what wouldn’t be cooler than to see this awesome superhero get his own series on Disney’s streaming service, Disney Play. It could be raw but contained enough for a PG-13 audience, it could feature some awesome MCU character cameos, and it could focus on a completely different corner of the MCU that we haven’t seen before. Sounds pretty awesome to me.

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