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My Weekly Short Story: The Sunlight Through the Trees

When Pil tried to remember her years as a toddler there weren’t many memories to grasp onto…except for one.

It was small and seemingly insignificant. A memory laced with laughter and smiles, the occasional huff of a horse, the incessant creaking of rolling carriage wheels, the soothing sound of her father’s warm voice, the comforting touch of her mother’s soft hands, and a bright yet distant light.

This dappled light seeped through the trees that rushed overhead like promises from a fairy; a glowing warmth that kissed Pil’s small round face and made her believe anything was possible.

This memory seemed insignificant but for Pil, now seventeen years old, it was a treasure to hold onto for the rest of her life.

A Beautiful Piece of Art

Every week I share several pieces of fan art my sister draws but this week my sister also managed to draw an original piece that was so utterly breathtaking and captivating and imaginative and…well, you get the memo, I love this picture SO much. It’s stunning, to say the least.


Like an illustration found in a children’s book, I feel transported to a magical world where trail walks can be as beautiful as this. I can stare at this piece of art for minutes on end because I find it that gorgeous to my eyeballs and that’s why I’m sharing it with you today.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day.