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The Dark Knight Lives (SIXTY-FOUR)

Gloria stood in the eerily quiet cave she had grown to call home, tears wettening her face as the image of Robin’s hanging body pierced her thoughts. In the past month, she had fought alongside against the evil forces under The Penguin’s reign. They never found Commissioner Lynx nor did they discover who The Penguin really was. Not until it was too late.

Robin was going to take The Penguin down. He said the mission was too dangerous. That he should go alone. Batwoman had been on a mission of her own as she strove to take The Penguin’s compatriots, Harley Quinn and the villainess now known as Poison Ivy, down. Gloria had wanted to join him. She told him he would need her help.

“Whatever happens to me, I’ll be okay knowing that you’ll still be here,” he had told her. Those were the last words he ever said to her. Continue reading The Dark Knight Lives (SIXTY-FOUR)

The Dark Knight Lives (SIXTY)

Gloria Ramirez couldn’t believe what she was seeing through Robin’s eyes. Pandemonium erupted as masked hooligans from what appeared to be the sewers appeared, driving headlong into the procession and murdering innocents left and right.

Robin responded not with a response but instead by swinging down from his perch, vaulting into the melee and using his staff to whack bad guys left and right. Screams of terror permeated the scene. There were gunshots left and right. Police officers were joining the fray, attacking the violent gang of thugs.

Gloria rose from her seat.

“I have to help him,” she said. Continue reading The Dark Knight Lives (SIXTY)

The Dark Knight Lives (FIFTY-EIGHT)

Commissioner Lynx knew she would have to keep her emotions in check but as she stared at the decorated casket containing Commissioner Gordon’s body within its confines she was finding it very hard to.

The rain had begun to appropriately fall from the sky, casting everything in a gloomier light. People were starting to arrive at the procession, meaning she would have to regain composure quickly. Behind her, she heard footsteps approaching but she didn’t turn to look. Continue reading The Dark Knight Lives (FIFTY-EIGHT)

The Dark Knight Lives (FIFTY-SEVEN)

Jokes and pleasant chattering aside, Blake Lively had a job to do. The Commissioner’s funeral was arriving in a couple of hours and that meant Lynx would be exposed as she proceeded with the unfortunate occasion. He needed to be there as a silent guardian to ensure her survival and that meant he couldn’t stand around continuing to frolic with these newcomers.

And he relayed his concerns to everyone who had made their way into the eating room as they spoke over a quick brunch.

“Can I come with you?” Gloria asked him.

He shook his head. “Not this time, I’m afraid.”

She seemed upset by this answer, that is until he ensured her that she would still be a part of the mission as they would communicate with one another over two commlinks. And, apparently, she would be able to see everything as he would through a camera in the visor of his mask.

The woman, Katherine Waterson, would join the proceedings under her true disguise; herself. Donning the Batsuit would take the focus from Commissioner Gordon’s funeral and that would be selfish.

“Are we ready to get out of here?” Blake asked.

Katherine nodded. “Yes.”

And so, they left the cave to go to the funeral.

The Dark Knight Lives (FIFTY-FIVE)

Katherine was still furious that Lucius Fox had been attacked so viciously by this teenager in a dark blue suit but as he and the older gentleman, a man named Alfred, talked as if they were best buddies she could only follow along with the shenanigans.

Robin seemed shocked to see her.

“Kate, once again, what are you doing here?” he asked her.

“Lucius brought me,” she replied bluntly, crossing her arms.

“And what’s so special about you?” he asked.

She smirked. “Everyone has their secrets. I won’t tell you unless you tell me who you really are.”

Robin scoffed. “Like that’s going to happen.” He stepped toward her. “You’re intruding, by the way. I could ask you out.”

Katherine stepped toward him in turn. “I’m not going anywhere.”

The teenager, whoever she was, placed her hands on their shoulders in a calming manner.

“Chill, chill, we’re all friends here.”

Katherine shrugged off her embrace. “We’re not friends. Just because you’re Robin doesn’t make you special.”

“I just met you,” Robin continued. “What gives you the right to think you understand everything more than I do? I’ve been fighting on the streets of Gotham for years. You just showed up.”

Fox, aware of the argument taking place several feet away from him and Alfred, approached, the butler trailing his footsteps.

“Let me clear this up,” Lucius began.

Everyone turned to look at him.

“I know this unconventional but I wasn’t expecting guests here,” Lucius began. He looked at Robin and the masked teenager. “You might as well reveal yourselves, for you’re standing in front of the one responsible for the Bat-signal that caused all of the ruckuses last night.”

Robin and the girl looked at Katherine in clear confusion.

“Wait a minute.” Robin turned to her. “You’re…Batman?”

Katherine smirked, once again crossing her arms. “Batwoman. The name’s Batwoman.”

The teenager’s jaw dropped before bouncing on the balls of her feet in sheer excitement. “Damn, you’re Batwoman? Oh my gosh, I think I’m fangirling right now.”

Robin seemed just as shocked. “Batwoman, huh? Well…” he took off his mask, “I guess since we’re not keeping any secrets, I’m Blake Lively.”

“The former cop?” Katherine said. “Never would’ve guessed that.”

Gloria took off her own mask, extending her hand to shake Katherine’s. “Gloria…Gloria Ramirez.”

Katherine shook her hand. “Nice to meet you.” She glanced at Lively who suddenly seemed older without the mask. “The both of you.”

He smiled.

The butler chuckled. “Well, this is different.”

Lucius chuckled along with him. “If Bruce Wayne could see us now.”

The Dark Knight Lives (FIFTY-THREE)

The first thing Gloria Ramirez heard was the undeniable revving of a vehicle. A second later, a black car burst into the cavern before turning as it hit the ground. Gloria was in a state of shock but Robin was already acting on the intrusion. He leaped forward farther than she figured he could jump before thrusting his staff onto the hood of the car as it spun around.

Gloria rushed forward to help. The adrenaline coursing through her veins was unlike anything she had ever felt. For the first time, she was facing an enemy not as a helpless teenager on the streets or in her home but rather as a masked warrior hardened by days of ruthless training. She felt almost…powerful. Continue reading The Dark Knight Lives (FIFTY-THREE)