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‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Is a Disaster

I’m sitting here stunned by what I have just seen. Yesterday I watched Wonder Woman and yeah, it has its annoying moments, but overall, it’s a solid superhero film. Wonder Woman 1984 is the exact opposite of Wonder Woman.

Its action scenes, save for the first one in the film’s first twenty minutes, are lame and provide no sense of wonderment. Its story is trying so desperately to speak a profound message that it collapses into its own goals, becoming something that just takes too long to reach something special. And then finally when it seems like the story is going somewhere the climax arrives and it’s just…lame!

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Thank You, Pedro Pascal

I don’t think in the four years I’ve had this blog I’ve written a post specifically thanking an actor for their performance in a show or television series but it’s happening today: I’m thanking Pedro Pascal for his performance in The Mandalorian.

Last year around this time of the year my love for Star Wars had mostly dimmed to nothingness. If not for The Mandalorian and his exciting adventures with The Child, I would’ve been even more depressed. Despite loving the series and being excited for this show’s second season I didn’t dare get too exhilarated for what the second season could off.

The Sequel Trilogy ultimately broke my belief that Star Wars could be great anymore. I felt like the Hollywood goliaths holding the franchise in their hands didn’t understand Star Wars and that they had turned it into a mockery of what it once was. The Rise of Skywalker was an absolute travesty! Yes, there were lightsaber duels and X-wings, beloved characters and brand-new characters that seemed pretty likable, but the overall experience left me hollow as the story made no sense and only seemed to make the franchise as a whole feel like it wasn’t worth watching anymore.

Now, after eight non-stop incredible episodes of The Mandalorian, concluding with an episode that still has me floored, I’m in love with this franchise again. And at the helm of this remarkable series is Pedro Pascal.

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Let’s Talk: ‘The Mandalorian: Chapter 15’

The latest episode of The Mandalorian wasn’t exactly as high-octane as Chapter 14 was but it was really, really good in a deeper way. We got some stirring character development that’ll probably have some consequence later on down the line and some hilarious moments that made this easily one of the best episodes to date. So, with no further delay, let’s dive down deep into this episode’s greatest moments.


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‘The Mandalorian: Chapter 10’ Is AMAZING!

The Mandalorian just can’t seem to stop! This latest chapter, Chapter 10: The Passenger, is storytelling at its finest. No, it doesn’t focus on anything super important but it’s this film’s isolated story that makes it so special. My favorite episode from the last season was Chapter 2: The Child because it was fun, exciting, and we had plenty of Baby Yoda. This chapter does the same thing.

It honestly never lets up. No, the story does not veer into the ultimate plot of this season–find Mandalorians to discover The Child’s origins–but instead chooses to take a different path, featuring a nail-biting adventure that had me loosing my mind with happiness.

The relationship between Mando and The Child is only heightened in its uber-cuteness. And we get a couple of new alien species that were just delightful. Oh, and we got a callback to Star Wars: Rebels in a truly frightening way that was utterly brilliant and perfect for the episode.

Oh my goodness, this is my favorite episode yet!

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day. May the Force be with you.

‘The Mandaloran: Chapter Nine’ Is PERRRRFect!

Okay, it’s safe to say that my brain is busted after watching the season premiere of The Mandalorian. When season one my expectations for the continuing story were high but as we got closer to the premiere date I decided to dampen my enthusiasm in case the show ultimately would disappoint me. Of course, this is just the first episode of eight. Episodes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 could be super boring and underwhelming but I’m happy to announce the first episode is incredible.

I’m talking new characters, old characters, beloved characters, and (SPOILER ALERT!) even a dragon. It’s insane.

The first episode clocks in at a whopping 55 minutes and it utilizes every second to great effect. I was riveted from the get-go and gloriously reintroduced to Mando’s ruthlessness. Baby Yoda once again has his cute moments. I mean, the feeling the first season gave me is the same feeling I’m getting with this season and honestly, I’m thankful.

I’m giving Chapter Nine: The Marshal a solid 5 out of 5 stars. Great job, Jon Favreau. It was incredible.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a splendid day. May the Force be with you.

‘The Mandalorian’ Finally Has a Trailer

I’m excited on a random Wednesday morning. Why am I excited? Because the trailer for the second season of The Mandalorian came out yesterday and it was delightfully mysterious, as it should be. Here’s the trailer.

It’s safe to say, I love it. Mando is back with Baby Yoda on a brand new adventure. We see a brief glimpse of Season One alums, Green Karga and Cara Dune. A new ultra-mysterious lady in a hooded cloak is shown in the trailer in a way that’s supposed to make us believe that she may be a Jedi. Do I believe that she’s a Jedi? Gosh, I hope she’s a Jedi but I’m more apt to believe that she may be a character who can potentially help him find Baby Yoda’s people.

All in all, this trailer made me happy because it, like the first trailer, refrained from revealing a bunch of spoilers which is a relief. I mean, we’re going to be able to see the show in a month and a half.

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