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A Hilarious Thread That Connects These Three Characters

My sister and I have been reacquainting ourselves with the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and we realized something rather hilarious. Every guy that Elizabeth Swann has ever kissed…DIES!

Jack Sparrow was the first to die after kissing Swann in an oopsy-daisy passionate smooch that turned out to be the ultimate swindle, leading to Sparrow’s abrupt departure to Davy Jones’ Locker via the gut of the Kraken.

Then Norrington, the man who wanted Elizabeth to be his wife in the first Pirates movie, ended up having to save Swann from Davy Jones’ clutches. In doing so, he gives Elizabeth a goodbye kiss and a moment later gets run through by a sword wielded by Will’s own father, which is a bit ironic. Lol.

And then last but definitely not least, there is Will who, after finally getting married to Elizabeth in the middle of a raging battle and sharing a passionate kiss in a rainstorm.

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What’s Your Favorite ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Movie?

The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise will be getting a much-needed reboot in the coming years with Margot Robbie set to star in it but until then we can only look fondly (or poorly) on the five movies Disney has given us featuring pirates, romance, and epic sword fighting duels.

Let’s take a closer at each film.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl


Pirates of the Caribbean was based on a ride at Disney World. Yes, an amusement park ride! Yet, with a great script and perfect casting, this movie excelled all expectations and is considered by many as one of the greatest Disney movies of all time.

With a very basic plot (a young man and rascally mentor of sorts must save a beautiful damsel from scary bad guys) the movie never fails to bring joy to the viewer. Its extensive runtime makes it feel like the film goes on forever and by the time it’s done you feel like you’ve enjoyed a spectacular ride. Continue reading What’s Your Favorite ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Movie?