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My Review of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales was one of the movies I happened to miss this summer so when it was available to watch digitally I was so excited. This was one of the movies I actually wanted to see and I was a little disheartened to see that it got subpar reviews. People didn’t say it was bad but they didn’t say it was great either. So I watched it apprehensively. I figured it would be enjoyable, to a certain extent, because Disney doesn’t make absolutely terrible movies, but would it be able to stack up to the success of some its predecessors? And I’m glad to say I came from the movie with a nod and a smile on my face. It was good, it wasn’t great, but I did like certain aspects of the film. So, with that, let me start this review.

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A Few of Summer’s Blockbusters Have Some New Trailers,but Are They Good?

Wonder Woman

This is the third trailer for Wonder Woman that I’ve seen and I have to say after watching it I have a feeling DC Comics will once again have made a film that just isn’t up to par. Here’s the reason why.

The first fifty or so seconds of the trailer where it’s showing Diana at her homeland is remarkable. It is everything I expect from a Wonder Woman movie. Then it gets to London and that’s where the trailer starts to decline rapidly. There’s too many clips of her fighting. It’s like they’re trying to make sure you know that’s she’s going to be epic but instead left me wondering why is there is so much slow motion? Is every fight scene with her going to involve slow motion because if that’s the case this movie is not going to be good.

Secondly there’s a shot of Chris Pine’s character in what I’m guessing is the cockpit of a plane but the way they have the camera angled is really disorienting. What’s up with that?

Third, the humor at the end of the trailer wasn’t very funny and felt kind of forced. I know DC movies have gotten a bad wrap over their dour movies but don’t incorporate humor into a movie if you can’t execute it right. Marvel does it so effortlessly I forget how difficult it is to have humor in a superhero flick without making it feel ridiculous.

All in all I give this trailer a B- and that’s only because of the beginning of the trailer. Judging from that trailer I have a feeling this movie is going to be beyond awesome while she’s with her Amazonian sisters but as soon as she leaves to go to London the movie’s story and action will start declining ever so slowly.

The only, truly positive thing I can say about this movie is I still have no idea what it’s about except she left her home to come save the world but from what? There’s that woman with the creepy mask, I’m guessing she’ll be a serious threat. The man however is a mystery to me because obviously, as you can see from the trailer, he can actually fight Wonder Woman which means he has to be some sort of powerful being or something like that. The other positive thing is the fact that Wonder Woman was the best person in Batman vs. Superman so maybe her movie will be enjoyable.

Whatever the case I still want to see Wonder Woman but I hope it’s better than this trailer was.

Transformers: The Last Knight

This was an absolutely abysmal movie clip. I was so excited for this new Transformers up until this point. The trailers were so epic, despite the fact that the CGI was pretty horrendous. I couldn’t wait for late June to come because this movie was at the top of my must-see list. Well, after this movie clip it has dropped considerably.

I have nothing against children in movies but when there are kids just in the middle of stuff I find myself always asking, “Why?” Take Iron Man 3 for example. When Tony Stark was stranded in Tennessee and he had to get help from that little boy the story got boring and little corny for that small section of the movie. Now thankfully it was brief which was highly appreciated because if that boy had been with him the whole time the movie would’ve ended up seriously failing.

Let’s say these kids are throughout a large chunk of the movie. That won’t be good because the entire time there will be Transformers and soldiers trying to keep these frightened children safe and the movie will be horrible. Why do the writers for Transformers always do this? The action in each movie is top notch but the story is always mediocre or worse than mediocre. I really thought they had gotten it right this time but that movie clip has definitely started making me think twice about this movie’s success.

There is no doubt I still want to see this in the movies because I know the action is going to be off the chain! And if the CGI still looks as bad as it does now the best place to see it will be at the movies where it won’t be too horrendous. This is your last movie Transformers, please be good.

Pirates of the Caribean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

I love Pirates of the Caribbean. I’ve watched the first one, the second one, and the third one. I tried to watch the fourth one but gave up on that film fifteen minutes in, it was that ridiculous. This is going to be the final adventure Jack Sparrow will undertake and I’m pleased to see that Disney is saving the best for last.

This trailer, from beginning to end, is exceptional. There’s humor that actually made me laugh, action that looks the best out of all the Pirates of the Caribbean films, and the story is superb. Disney has truly become goliaths in the movie industry these days. Everything they make is amazing. They’ve made Marvel an empire for superhero movies, they’ve taken Star Wars to an entirely different level, they’re recreating all of these classic children’s movies and stories into live-action films that are simply stunning to perceive, even the animated films they make are so cute and well made that adults and children can enjoy them. And they’re bringing diversity to movies unlike any other company in the film industry. I already love Disney World but now they’re making my movie experience something really special.

I mean, look at the difference between this trailer and the Wonder Woman trailer or the Transformers movie clip. It’s so much more aesthetically appealing compared to the other two movies that it’s kind of embarrassing if I’m being honest.

Well that’s my opinion of these three movies. I hope you’ve enjoyed this and I wish everyone who reads this a good day.