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The Dark Knight Lives (SIXTY-FIVE)

Lucius Fox stood before The Penguin, his lackadaisical expression betraying nothing. To his left stood the ever beautiful Pamela Isley. And to his right, Harley Quinn watched with a hungry gleam in her eye for carnage and a bat in her right hand to inflict such death.

Behind him stood a row of other Gothamites who were loyal to the city that once existed; the city that was free of corruption and evil practices. The city that Robin once protected. Now, Robin was dead and darkness had truly befallen the great city.

The Penguin regarded him like a cat regards a mouse. But Lucius never showed fear. He only stared back, waiting for whatever would happen next.

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The Dark Knight Lives (SIXTY-THREE)

One month later…

Gotham was thrust into darkness after the horrifying death of the city’s loyal protector, Robin. It happened like a stone being cast into the night. Sudden and without warning.

The Flock had captured him and hung him from the top of the courthouse for all to see. That very next morning, the mayor, Tom Goldman, revealed his true identity, Harley Quinn and Pamela Isley standing by his shoulders. The city was thrown into even deeper shock and despair.

Commissioner Lynx was still missing and thought never to be found again.

Gloria Ramirez, now widely known in the city as the mysterious Nightwing, a compatriot of Robin’s, had never been more depressed. Robin had become more than just a mentor, he had become a friend. Losing him in such a horrible way was worse than she could’ve possibly imagined and it hurt her to the core.

Katherine Kane hadn’t been able to save him. But she had to save Gotham. For Robin.

That following night after his passing Batwoman stood on top of the very courthouse where Robin had been hung, rescued his corpse, and with the Bat-signal lighting up the night sky, she disappeared into the night.


The Dark Knight Lives (SIXTY-ONE)

The Penguin couldn’t remember the last time he had been this furious. He had a careful plan. One that was playing out splendidly. And then…then…

He couldn’t believe how his compatriots had betrayed his trust. His hands were shaking he was so filled with fury.

As the mayhem had ensued he had slipped away, heading immediately to the lair he once used as a base of operations beneath Gotham where he awaited Harley and Pamela. When they arrived with their surviving members of the masked mob he charged Quinn from out of the shadows, knocking her bat out of her hands with a swing of his cane and slamming her against the sewer wall. As Pamela raised her hand he unholstered a small handgun, pointing it directly at her. With Harley pinned and Pamela forced to not move lest she gets shot, he was able to vent his rage and the vitriol he sent forth was blistering. Continue reading The Dark Knight Lives (SIXTY-ONE)

The Dark Knight Lives (SIXTY)

Gloria Ramirez couldn’t believe what she was seeing through Robin’s eyes. Pandemonium erupted as masked hooligans from what appeared to be the sewers appeared, driving headlong into the procession and murdering innocents left and right.

Robin responded not with a response but instead by swinging down from his perch, vaulting into the melee and using his staff to whack bad guys left and right. Screams of terror permeated the scene. There were gunshots left and right. Police officers were joining the fray, attacking the violent gang of thugs.

Gloria rose from her seat.

“I have to help him,” she said. Continue reading The Dark Knight Lives (SIXTY)

The Dark Knight Lives (FIFTY-NINE)

Pamela Isley and Harley Quinn liked The Penguin but they weren’t his loyal compatriots. They were simply his partners and sometimes, as partners, they needed to put their foot down.

The Penguin wanted to kill Robin. They understood that. But before him sat a true opportunity to shock the city in a way that would truly leave everyone shaking in their boots. The Penguin was on a straight-and-narrow path but he lacked a vision for the legitimate psychological domination of Gotham. Continue reading The Dark Knight Lives (FIFTY-NINE)

The Dark Knight Lives (FIFTY-SIX)

The early morning, alive with the feverish buzz of Gotham’s citizens following the return of the city’s beloved knight, Batman, had left The Penguin seized in a fit of anxiety. The late morning, however, brought great news he wasn’t expecting.

After days apart from his dangerous female partners, Harley Quinn and Pamela Isley they returned, not as failures, but with the information he needed to get rid of his current greatest enemy; Robin.

Clasping his hands as he sat behind the desk in his office, he rocked back and forth in his rotating chair, thinking carefully. “Today is a big day for us,” he began. Continue reading The Dark Knight Lives (FIFTY-SIX)