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Captain America: Secret War (EIGHT)

Pop. Pop. Pop. Those were the sounds of gunshots at the private event taking place in Sternberg Palace. Attendants went running for their lives screaming while the harbingers of chaos walked through the museum nonchalantly.

The ones who had fired the gunshots were two criminals; a blond-haired woman clad in a tight black suit equipped with a whip and a gun and a burly man with arms riddled with muscle, a cigar in his mouth, and a shotgun in his hands. They were the Hoolie Twins. Continue reading Captain America: Secret War (EIGHT)

Captain America: Secret War (SEVEN)

It was a rainy night in Prague. Couples were on romantic strolls down silent pathways. Taxi cabs drove slowly by on the cobblestoned streets. Lampposts colored the city in an eerie amber glow that accentuated the foggy evening.

Wanda Maximoff was having a pleasant walk, passing the breathtaking churches whose bells tolled hypnotically at the strike of midnight. She stopped before one such church, gazing upward at its towering steeple. The last time she stood before this very church her brother Pietro had been right beside her. At the time their freedom from HYDRA’s torment had been fresh in their minds and they hadn’t known what to do other than weep silent tears of joy.

Now, seeing this church, his absence struck her like a heavy stone. She sighed before moving on, adjusting the hood covering her head. As she continued her stroll down the sidewalk, her hands thrust in her pockets and white vapor seeping from her mouth, she noticed two individuals walking on the other side of the street nearly half a block ahead of her. At first glance, they looked like a simple pair of lovers enjoying a romantic time together but to Wanda, she knew what people with evil intentions looked like. And then she heard a cacophony of jovial chatter up ahead.

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