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Ranking the ‘Star Wars’ Books That I’ve Read; from Worst to Best

Throughout my years as a Star Wars fan I had only watched the movies and had never delved into the fictional book realm of the franchise…until recently. In the past year I have read several incredible Star Wars novels, all of which belong to the new canon created after Disney bought the franchise, and while some were slightly boring others were downright fantastic and helped expand my mind to the overall story of these films. So, I’m here to tell you which books I thought were just okay and which novels excelled my wildest expectations. Enjoy!

The Force Awakens


While I absolutely love The Force Awakens the novel is surprisingly disappointing. The story is kind of boring and there isn’t anything exactly different from the novel that wasn’t in the movie. Of course it’s Star Wars and it’s always fun to read anything that’s involved with Star Wars but this definitely isn’t a book to own.

Ranking: B-



The Aftermath Trilogy is a compelling series of books that tell the story of, well, the aftermath following the Battle of Endor. We get new characters to follow, some original faces here and there (one of them being Wedge which was really awesome) and some fantastic storylines. But as cool as the story sounds the trilogy’s first installment is a bit of a bore compared to its next two installments and that’s why I have it ranked next to last on this list. It is, however, a good book to read.           

Ranking: B

A New Dawn


This book follows the story of two Star Wars: Rebels characters, Kanan Jarrus, a rascally type who was once a padawan before Order 66, and Hera Syndulla, a secret rebellion operative trying to stop the Empire’s reign. They cross paths on a planet overrun by the Empire and together they try to free the planet from the tyrannical organization’s reign. This is a fantastic novel full of enticing action, great character interplay, and a perfect introduction to these prominent characters in the Star Wars universe. If you’re a fan of Star Wars: Rebels this book is a must-have.

Ranking: B

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This Segment of ‘The Last Jedi’ Perfectly Sums Up Leia’s Entire Journey and Her Constant Triumphs

I’ve watched The Last Jedi over twenty times now and during my latest viewing of the film one of the scenes that surprisingly struck me was in fact one of the quietest moments in the movie and that was when Leia was sitting by herself in the cruiser, Ninka. Throughout Leia’s involvement in Star Wars we haven’t seen her grieve a lot even though she has experienced so much loss. She lost nearly her entire crew aboard the ship, Tantative IV, to Darth Vader and his stormtroopers. Then she had to watch her home planet of Alderaan get obliterated before her very eyes (and her mother and father along with it.) She had to endure seeing Han Solo getting frozen in carbonite, nearly dying in the process. And then even after the Rebellion defeated the Empire the hardships she would face were far from over.


When we see Leia again thirty years after the end of the Imperial war the struggles that she has faced can be plainly seen on her face. From the political obstacles she had to face during the creation and rise of the New Republic to the new war that was on the brink of the horizon with the meager Resistance against the mighty First Order. There’s also the more personal losses she has had to deal with as well along the way with the sudden and total absence of her beloved brother, Luke Skywalker, the agony of knowing that her very son, Ben Solo, was a First Order leader and dark side fanatic, and the depressing separation between her and the man she loves in Han Solo.

Leia has not had an easy life, in fact she’s had if not the hardest, one of the toughest journeys in Star Wars and this is really apparent in The Last Jedi.

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My Favorite New Episodes of ‘Forces of Destiny’

When Disney announced that they were making new animated shorts featuring some of Star Wars‘ most prominent characters I was totally on board. Since then there have been over two dozen of these fascinating shorts and now, with a Season 2, Forces of Destiny is bringing new incredible characters and providing them tantalizing backstory that is undoubtedly a blast to watch. So, here are the latest batch of new episodes that happen to be my favorite. Enjoy!

Porg Problems

Porgs are really cute and so it’s no surprise to see that this was one of my favorite episodes so far in Forces of Destiny. We get to see Rey learning how to use the Force, which is always awesome, and then her interaction with the Porgs is downright one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen from the delightful little furballs. I love Porgs! 🙂

Bounty Hunted

I liked this episode because not only do we get an exciting interaction between Princess Leia and Maz Kanata but we also get to see how Leia obtained the bounty hunter disguise that she used to save Han from the vile clutches of Jabba the Hutt. Leia is in full awesome mode in this animated short and I loved it.

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The Five Saddest Moments in ‘Star Wars’

While Star Wars has a lot of fantastic, memorable and enjoyable moments the films have also provided some of the most surprising and saddest experiences I’ve ever had as a movie viewer. From the tears I shed when Padme died back in 2005’s Revenge of the Sith to the waterfall that poured from my eyes after the heartbreaking development of Rogue One there have definitely been some sad moments throughout the Star Wars franchise and I am here to share them with you. Enjoy!

Ahsoka Tano Leaves the Jedi Order


I’ve just recently watched the entire series of The Clone Wars on Netflix and I was utterly blown away. I missed it when it was on Cartoon Network but in a way I’m glad because I was able to binge watch all six seasons which was a ridiculously fun experience for me. The most heartbreaking episode was definitely when Ahsoka Tano left the Jedi Order…for good. Ahsoka was an amazing character and after six seasons watching her growth from a young padawan to a talented Jedi knight she had really begun to grow on me. When she got framed for bombing the Jedi temple she went on a self-inspired investigation to prove her innocence. She was still captured by the Jedi and nearly sentenced to exile from the Jedi Order but the true culprit was caught and she was freed of all charges. But by the time her name was cleared her faith in the Jedi had been shattered and she decided to willingly walk away from the Order. It’s actually one of the saddest moments I’ve seen in Star Wars and it made me cry.

Ahsoka was one of my favorite characters in the cartoon and the end to her five season story was tragic. I know she returns in Star Wars: Rebels and even though I haven’t watched that cartoon yet either (it seems there will be more binge-watching in the future :)) I’m sure her continued story will be just as awesome.

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Leia’s Greatest Moments

Princess Leia is one of my favorite heroines because throughout the films she’s graced she never faltered from being awesome. She was tough, she was heroic, and she was never a damsel in distress. That’s my type of princess right there. And even in the latest installment, The Last Jedi, she was still a boss. That’s pretty awesome! I am so excited to share with you the moments that, to me, have made her the coolest princess in entertainment. Enjoy!

1. Standing Up To Darth Vader

When Princess Leia first appeared in A New Hope she wasn’t your typical leading lady. She wasn’t hiding on the ship with wide eyes and shaky breaths as the stormtroopers pillaged the ship for the Death Star plans, praying that she wouldn’t get caught. She was creeping around the Tantative IV with a blaster in hand ready to fight. And even though she got captured did she shrink under the dark gaze of Darth Vader? No. She was the shortest person in the room and yet her bold, confident presence was larger than life. She talked down to Darth Vader as if he was a child, berating him for interrupting her “diplomatic” mission and glaring at him with pure annoyance. Darth Vader was so taken aback by her attitude that all he could do her was talk angrily against her and point his finger in her face and she still didn’t bat an eye.

2. Down Talking Tarkin

Destruction of Alderaan

Another Imperial mogul that Leia wasn’t afraid of in the slightest was Grand Moff Tarkin. This has always been one of my favorite moments from Leia because of the fact that she called Tarkin stinky. Hah, hilarious. She did not care did she?

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The Five Best Scenes of ‘The Empire Strikes Back’

The Empire Strikes Back is undoubtedly one of the best Star Wars movies ever made (I have it ranked at third only behind Rogue One and The Last Jedi) and it’s full of fascinating scenes left and right. For the past four movies it’s been easy deciphering what my five favorite scenes of those movies were but The Empire Strikes Back has so many incredible moments that it’s going to be difficult distinguishing only five fantastic scenes out of this film but I’m going to try my best. Enjoy!

1. The Dagobah Cave


Before there was the mirror cave in The Last Jedi there was this incredible Dagobah cave scene in The Empire Strikes Back and just like the cave scene in The Last Jedi it’s just as fascinating. This scene is still mesmerizing because I continue to remain bewildered by what this scene exactly means. Is the vision showing what Luke could become in his future if he continued down a dark path or was the vision hinting that Darth Vader was Luke’s father and he didn’t even know it? I still haven’t determined exactly what the Dagobah cave scene means but it’s definitely one of the better parts of the movie to me.

2. The Lesson

open-uri20150608-27674-cb1b0q_4fc3ec75 (1)

I love this scene for so many reasons. One: it contains my favorite line from Yoda. “No. Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.” Best movie line ever! Secondly: it’s the first time you really get an idea of what the Force is as Yoda lectures Luke on the idea of the mystical power. Luke thinks it takes strength to be powerful in the ways of the Force but Yoda demonstrates that it doesn’t take might or muscle to be an incredible Jedi. Third: when Yoda lifts that X-Wing out of the murky water and parks it on the Dagobah shore it’s such a powerful moment because Luke thought it was an impossible feat and then here goes Yoda, an alien so diminutive that he can’t even reach Luke’s knees, using the Force so effortlessly. This is, to me, one of the most impactful scenes in The Empire Strikes Back.

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What’s Up With Mothers in ‘Star Wars’?

Star Wars is a story about heroes and villains, good and evil, love and hate, but most importantly, the tale of Star Wars is about family. From the original trilogy to the current one the stories have centered around the concept of family; from Darth Vader being Luke’s father to Rey being the daughter of, well, nobodies and all of the other family drama in between. But here’s the thing, out of all of the shocking heritage plots and devastating betrayals the mothers of Star Wars have been written with little respect, or purpose for the movies other than to further the stories of other (all male) characters. Let me explain.

Shmi Skywalker

Shmi Skywalker Lars

Shmi Skywalker, mother of Anakin Skywalker, sounds like an important character right? Wrong. Her main appearance was in The Phantom Menace and she brought absolutely nothing to the story, except one of the dumbest lines in Star Wars, “There was no father,” as Qui-Gon asks her who Anakin’s father had been. She was a devoted slave mother to a destined child, a piece to Anakin’s progression from slave boy to Jedi to eventual Sith, nothing more. She had no business being in the movie other than to give a back story to Anakin and his past on Tatooine. And how did they end her story in Star Wars?


Anakin found her nearly tortured to death in a Tusken Raider village barely able to utter any words whatsoever. She finally died in the middle of trying to tell her son that she loved him but this is just a waste of a character who ended up not mattering that much and only elevated Anakin’s story.

Padme Amidala


Padme Amidala, mother of Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa, she should’ve definitely been a character as important as Darth Vader himself but alas, she wasn’t. She had three movies to be awesome and she was only utilized in a respectable and worthy fashion in one of them. The other two films forced her into being a love interest/worried mother-to-be for the rest of the trilogy. Her story was stripped for Anakin’s…and Obi-Wan’s! and she became simply the woman of the movie spitting corny lines like, “You’re breaking my heart” and “So this is how liberty dies. With thunder’s applause.” (uggh.) And how did she find her demise?

By getting a broken heart and dying in childbirth. So that’s how the mother of Luke and Leia died? Like a damsel in distress!!!

Lyra Erso

Lyra Erso

Lyra Erso was in Rogue One for a matter of about five minutes and though she wasn’t a damsel in distress she wasn’t a central character to the movie whatsoever. She was just a piece to Jyn’s unfortunate past.

Leia Organa

Leia Organa

Leia Organa is the only mother who has been given a decent story line in context with her involvement in the film and her son, Ben Solo. She wasn’t utilized as a damsel in distress or someone whose story line only furthered the arc of another character. She was actually given a role that mattered and, to my great surprise, she didn’t die. Now unfortunately Carrie Fisher actually passed away so we have no idea what The Last Jedi was setting up between her and Ben Solo but she was, thankfully, given her due.

And there are other mothers in Star Wars who have come to rather grisly ends as well!


Leia’s adopted mother, Breha Organa, came to a terrible demise as she got blown up by the Death Star on Alderaan.

Beru Lars

And Luke’s adopted mother, Aunt Beru Lars, got burned to a crisp by the Empire’s stormtroopers, one of the grisliest deaths in Star Wars. The constant story of mothers in Star Wars is death and despair. Now let’s think about the fathers in comparison.

Darth Vader


Darth Vader was the big bad of the original trilogy and was Luke’s father, making him one of the most important characters in Star Wars. He had a three movie story arc that ended with him becoming a hero, saving the life of his son, defeating Palpatine, and saving the galaxy in the process. And even thirty years later his legacy still lives on as Kylo Ren worships Darth Vader’s burnt mask and tries to become as powerful as the Dark Lord. He is written with respect and thought, not lack of care or imagination.

Galen Erso

Galen Erso

Galen Erso, compared to his wife, had so much larger of a story. He literally built the weapon for the Death Star for crying out loud! He wasn’t put into the movie to only further Jyn’s story. He was an actual character who meant something to the film.

And Han Solo


Of course Han Solo is going to play a major part, it’s Han Solo, but that’s the thing. He’s another man who had a very important role as father to an already important character, Kylo Ren. He came to a terrible end as he got run through by his son’s lightsaber but he was a hero in death, not a damsel in distress. He could’ve easily been treated the same as characters like Shmi and Padme but because he’s a man they gave him a purpose in the movie that the mothers of Star Wars have never been given.

The difference between mothers and fathers in Star Wars is kind of disgraceful and while the story of Star Wars is becoming more and more progressive as the movies continue to introduce fascinating heroines and characters of color the mothers still have a long way to go in the realm of representation in this wonderful franchise.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day. May the Force Be With You.