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I May Have Discovered a Shocking ‘Harry Potter’ Revelation

Every once in the blue moon I get the urge to watch the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2 so I can receive new revelations from the films that I might have missed before (because these movies are so complex it takes multiple viewings to truly understand what’s going on.) So, I watched Part 1 of the Deathly Hallows and I immensely enjoyed it. Especially the Gellert Grindelwald references.

With Fantastic Beasts and the Crimes of Grindelwald just under two weeks away it’s always exciting getting a bit of insight from the Harry Potter series for this highly-anticipated prequel-sequel.

But it was the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 that blew my mind with its revelations that put the entire saga in a whole new light. It’s always shocking to find out that Snape was truly Harry’s guardian angel while Dumbledore was simply raising and coddling Harry to one day be killed (how dare you Dumbledore!) but I noticed something even more shocking. Something that is so shocking that I’m still reeling from the discovery. Of course, I may be entirely incorrect with this theory, as I’ve done some research and it can be a bit disproving, but I think, deep down, that I may be correct. You’re probably wondering what I discovered that’s so shocking. Well, I’ll tell you, but you might want to take a deep breath first.

Okay…are you ready? This is what I discovered after my most recent viewing of the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.

I think Professor Snape is Harry’s biological father.

Okay, before you completely dismiss the idea just hear me out because this theory I’m about to present provides a very interesting argument. So, let me share with you why I think Snape is Harry’s real dad.

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My Ten Favorite ‘Harry Potter’ Characters

The Harry Potter series is full of magic and wonder but at the heart of its brilliant story are the characters. We wouldn’t love the franchise as much as we do if the characters weren’t as delightful and lovable as they are. And there are a LOT of characters too. There are the teachers, the students, the villains, the main characters, Harry Potter himself, but of these many, many individuals which ten characters have become my favorite over the years? That’s what I’m here to share with you. Enjoy!

10. Hagrid


Ever since I first saw Hagrid I knew I liked him. He literally fits the definition of a gentle giant. I always loved Hagrid because he never treated Harry or his friends with any disdain or unkindness whatsoever and I love to see the new beasts and creatures he’s always taking care of. The hippogryph is definitely my favorite creature of his. 🙂

All in all, I love Hagrid.

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