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Oscar Week Countdown: Who’s Going To Win?

It’s a week before the Oscars and that’s very exciting indeed. There are a lot of movies I’m excited for and I absolutely can’t wait to see the results of these nominations. Leading up to the big night I’m going to predict the winners of the categories I’m most interested in and we’ll see if any of my predictions end up being correct. Exciting!

Today I will focus on the potential winners of Visual Effects and Cinematography.

Visual Effects Nominees

Avengers: Infinity War


Infinity War wasn’t just a phenomenal movie for its incredible storyline but its outstanding visual effect efforts as well. This movie wouldn’t have been a success if it looked horrible so it’s no surprise it’s been garnered a nomination.

Christopher Robin


To see Winnie the Pooh come to life in a live-action way is nice, especially that he’s one of my favorite fictional characters from my childhood.

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‘Ready Player One’ Was Much Better Than I Expected

Last spring Steven Spielberg added another movie to his long list of films with Ready Player One and while I first wanted to watch it after seeing the first trailer after a while I wasn’t very excited to see it. So, I didn’t go watch when it came out in the movie theaters. Yesterday, however, I saw that it was available to watch on HBO and so, I decided, what the heck, let me watch it.

Through the first thirty-forty minutes I was kind of bored. The main character, Wade Watts, helped narrate the beginning, allowing us an understanding of the state of the world in 2045. Wade’s goal, the same as so many other’s, was to win the virtual reality game called the OASIS that the creator of the virtual world, Halliday, had created. Whoever wins gets to take control of the OASIS and practically become the most powerful person in the world.

It was basically Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.


The first section of the film helped establish all of the characters and was a tad bit boring, excluding a rather awesome action scene that involved racing and yeah, King Kong. Wow!

It was the second third of the movie however when the story began to ramp up and I found myself growing emotionally invested in the characters and the story.


While the movie isn’t perfect it is very, very enjoyable. Especially for someone who loves gaming, like me. There were so many hidden references and nods to games and movies in the past few decades that I could only stare at the screen in wide-eyed wonder as I tried to discover it all.

They even had a character from the very popular competitive game, Overwatch, in the film which I LOVED.


And I loved the section of the movie when the main characters found themselves in a simulation of the terrifying horror film, The Shining. And yes, it was just as creepy as expected.

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The Reason Why I’m Not Excited for ‘Ready Player One’

I love Steven Spielberg movies from Jaws to Jurassic Park and Gremlins, etc. His films have a special magic to them that helped turn me into such a movie fan to this day. Now he has a new installment in his long list of movie credits, Ready Player One, which is coming out this Friday but instead of feeling excitement to see it I’m just waiting for it to pass on. This is why.


I saw the movie teaser for the first time when I went to watch Thor: Ragnarok and I was blown away. It looked like such an incredible film that I would definitely want to see. But then, when I went to see The Last Jedi, I saw the full-length trailer and it didn’t excite me as much as it had previously.

Now over the past couple of weeks my anticipation for this movie has dwindled less and less and now, as it stands, I would rather watch Pacific Rim: Uprising before it, which is kind of a shame considering the poor reviews the sci-fi film has garnered. (I love Transformers movies though so I would actually probably like Pacific Rim: Uprising despite what the critics are saying.)


Now, there’s nothing particularly wrong with this movie. The story looks interesting and it looks like it’ll be supreme eye candy in IMAX but I guess I’m discouraged from seeing this film because there’s too much publicity around it. In every tv spot for the film I see something new, a new twist in the plot or a new character, and when a movie is really good it doesn’t have to constantly hammer you with publicity to make you excited for the film.

Great movies like Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War give you enough tantalizing imagery that’ll make you want to see the film without conveying any spoilers in the slightest. Now, I hope Ready Player One will do well at the box office compared to its past two IMAX predecessors (Tomb Raider and Pacific Rim: Uprising) but I won’t be one of those adding to its box office run.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day.

Have You Seen This New Movie, ‘Ready Player One’?

When I went to see Justice League there were a whole bunch of new trailers but the one that stood out, besides the trailer for The Last Jedi, was this incredible trailer showcasing a new film that Steven Spielberg is making called Ready Player One. Before I continue any further just check out this trailer that I saw in the movies.

When I saw this trailer in IMAX I was blown away. First, I’m a big fan of Steven Spielberg’s work. I mean he’s made most of the movies that I truly love. Jaws, Jurassic Park, Indiana JonesGremlins, etc. He’s a genius when it comes to creating movies and this latest film of his looks absolutely amazing.

Usually there aren’t any good movies that come out in the month of March but this teaser made me want to see this movie instantly. I love seeing a film that has an original story and this is sci-fi galore.

This movie also has some incredible looking CGI and action. My mind was blown away when I saw this trailer in the movie theaters. It’s not only an amazing concept of a story but the cinematography is gorgeous. Steven Spielberg is clearly one of the greatest directors ever to live and I’m glad to see him creating more movie magic for all of us movie lovers.

I thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this teaser as much as I did. Have a wonderful day.