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Princess Leia: How One Woman Created A Generation of Heroines in ‘Star Wars’

Star Wars is a franchise that has lived and transcended generations. The cultural phenomenon began way back in 1977 and now, after 40 years, the excitement for this seemingly unending franchise is even stronger. The question is, what was it that made this science-fiction space opera resonate with so many people? Was it the lore of the story, was it the music, was it the characters? I believe there was a collaboration of all of these different aspects but the characters were a huge part of why A New Hope 40 years ago became such a global hit.

You had Luke, the simple farm boy who wanted to explore the stars and follow in the footsteps of his “dead” father. Then there was Obi-Wan “Ben” Kenobi, the wise mentor. You had the rascally Han Solo, a scoundrel at first meeting but a hero at heart.

And finally you have Princess Leia, which this post is dedicated to.


At the time of A New Hope princesses were usually thought of as damsels in distress that needed rescuing . Princess Leia rewrote that narrative. Princess Leia didn’t run screaming from the stormtroopers, she shot at them. Princess Leia didn’t whimper in the face of Darth Vader, she patronized him. She did the exact opposite of nearly everything that was expected, except fall for the “prince” which in this case would be Luke Skywalker.

She was one of the pioneers of all the strong women you have in film today. Throughout A New Hope she never played the role of damsel in distress. And yes, she was rescued, but she didn’t treat her rescuers like they were “her heroes.” She instead told them off for not coming up with a better escape plan. Ha! I love it. 🙂

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What’s Your Favorite ‘Star Wars’ Movie?

Every week I present a new segment of Who’s Your Favorite this or that but this week I’m changing it up a bit and today I’m asking you which Star Wars movie is your favorite? Star Wars is a tough topic, especially when you get into the conversation of which film in the franchise is your favorite because they’re all so good. It’s also a fun topic to broach as well, as it sparks debates and connects Star Wars fans around the world. So, out of all of the Star Wars movies, what is your favorite of the franchise? Here they all are.

1. The Phantom Menace


The Phantom Menace was the first of the prequels and while its arrival had Star Wars fans riled up its actual quality quickly turned those same fans against the movie within no time. Now The Phantom Menace is considered one of the worst entries in the franchise but it has its shining moments as well; the podrace sequence, Darth Maul, Qui-Gon Jinn, etc. It might not be the greatest movie ever made but it’s still Star Wars and that’s always awesome.

2. Attack of the Clones


Attack of the Clones is the second entry in the prequel trilogy and instead of building up a compelling foundation for the trilogy it is viewed, to most fans, as easily the worst or second to worst Star Wars film. But, like The Phantom Menace, it’s got its bright spots as Ewan Mcgregor shines as Obi-Wan Kenobi and makes the film worth watching.

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Ranking the ‘Star Wars’ Movies By How Kid-Friendly They Are

When George Lucas created Star Wars all those years ago he wasn’t exactly catering the film to adults. He was making a fantasy epic for children and it just so happened to be one of the greatest movies ever made that resonated with people of all ages. As the years have gone by some of the Star Wars films have continued to cater mostly towards the younger people of the world while some of the franchise’s installments have been a little more adult than others. So which Star Wars films do I think are the most kid-friendly? That’s what I’m here to list for you and I hope you enjoy. 🙂

10. Revenge of the Sith

Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith

The prequel trilogy might’ve produced some awful Star Wars movies but Revenge of the Sith definitely feels quite climactic and it doesn’t shrug away from being a dire film. We see the Jedi slaughtered, younglings and all, which could be VERY frightening for a child. We see General Grievous shot to the point of explosion. Padme is killed…by her husband! Palpatine’s face is enough to dissuade any child from wanting to see this movie. And then Anakin getting his limbs cut off and nearly burned alive? All of these points are blaring reasons why this is the least kid-friendly Star Wars movie. I mean, I still wince whenever I watch Anakin getting burnt to a crisp. This is definitely catered to an older audience.

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Han’s Ten Greatest Quotes

Han Solo is one of the greatest and most memorable characters in Star Wars because, well, he’s awesome. He’s an awesome pilot, an admirable hero, a dashing fellow, but most importantly, he’s funny too. He has provided me so many laughs and giggles throughout his involvement in the franchise but he’s also incorporated some of the franchise’s most heartwarming moments as well. And now, with his standalone movie on the horizon, I’m going to share with you my ten favorite quotes from everyone’s favorite scoundrel. Enjoy!

1. “There’s no mystical field controlling my destiny. It’s just a bunch of simple tricks and nonsense.” (A New Hope)


At this time in his life Han Solo didn’t believe in the Force. You can tell from how he speaks of it that he’s kind of seen traces of the Force and heard of it but he doesn’t think it’s real. It’s a small but very important detail to his character that eventually changes as the movies progress and that’s why it’s one of my favorite quotes.

2. “May the Force be with you.” (A New Hope)

Han had helped rescue the princess, had gotten paid handsomely for the deed, and was getting ready to jump to the other side of the galaxy which infuriated his young friend, Luke Skywalker, who had believed Han was a better man than that but was proved wrong, much to his disappointment. At this part you can see the embarrassment on Han’s face as he tries to explain to Luke why he’s leaving at such a pivotal moment rather than fighting with the rebellion.

It’s one of my favorite moments from Han as he calls Luke and with a genuine smile says to him, “May the Force be with you.” Here’s this man who supposedly doesn’t believe in the Force and yet he’s willing to say goodbye to him in that sort of way because that’s how much the young kid, Luke, had made an impact on him. It’s a touching moment from his character to Luke and honestly one of my favorites from him.

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The Best Celebration in ‘Star Wars’

It’s May the 4th (aka Star Wars day) and today it’s a celebration of all things Star Wars and so because it is such a celebratory day I’m going to share with you what I think has been the greatest celebration that has happened in a galaxy far, far away. Enjoy!

The Ewok Party


Who doesn’t love the Ewok party at the end of Return of the Jedi (especially the original version?) After such an emotional rollercoaster of a trilogy it was nice to see the story end happily with a silly party that can only bring a smile to your face. Now, I’m still not a Ewok fan but it’s a pretty happy ending.

The Naboo Ceremony


I’ve loved the ending of The Phantom Menace since I was a baby and it’s undoubtedly my second favorite celebration in Star Wars. I love the music (I’m getting chills just thinking about it) and it’s just such a fascinating celebration. And I’ve always been stunned by Queen Amidala’s attire at that part as well. The light pink color, the glorious cape, and her style at that part is just impeccable. I love this ending but there’s one celebration that is slightly better.

The Medal Ceremony

There is no greater celebration in Star Wars better than the iconic medal ceremony at the end of A New Hope. Not only is the music absolutely fantastic and chill-inducing every time but it’s just such a perfect fairy tale ending to an already wonderful movie. Every time I see this ending it makes me so happy for the triumphs of the Rebellion against the Empire and it’s undoubtedly the best celebration in Star Wars.

So, that’s the celebration that I love the most in Star Wars. It’s Star Wars day, it’s time to watch the movies, it’s time to get your Star Wars nerdism on, and the moment has arrived for all Star Wars fans to start getting ready for Solo: A Star Wars Story because tickets are on sale and that’s awesome! I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day. May the 4th be with you. 🙂

The Five Best Scenes of ‘Return of the Jedi’

Return of the Jedi has a special place in my heart because for so many years I watched this movie wishing the story could continue onward after that Ewok party but until Disney bought Star Wars that was only a dream. Now when I watch this film I get so happy because I know the story that transpired after that, I know the story of these characters thirty years in the future, and that is so amazing! So today I’m going to share with you the five scenes from Return of the Jedi that have blown my mind and made me like the movie as much as I have. Enjoy!

1. Enters Emperor Palpatine

This was the first time Emperor Palpatine ever appeared in Star Wars (besides the hologram message in The Empire Strikes Back) and between the Imperial Royal Guards and the incredibly creepy dark side music this is a perfect scene.

2. Yoda’s Death


This scene is one of my favorites in Return of the Jedi because it has so many riveting elements. Luke confronting Yoda about Darth Vader being his father, Yoda telling him about Palpatine, and of course, Yoda hinting the fact that he wasn’t the only Skywalker left in the galaxy. This scene has a lot of fascinating moments and it’s undoubtedly one of Yoda’s greatest scenes.

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The Defining Moments of Han Solo

Han Solo is one of the greatest characters that has ever appeared in Star Wars. In fact he is the character that put Harrison Ford on the map and helped make him into the iconic actor that he is today. Now Han Solo is getting his own standalone film later on this year, further extending his marvelous story.

So today on The Defining Moments I’m excited to share the moments, so far, that have made Han Solo into the beloved character that he is to this day. Enjoy!

1. Meeting Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker


When we first meet Han Solo in A New Hope we have no idea who he is. He’s a smuggler, a supposedly fantastic pilot, and he’s the man who’s going to take these two mysterious folks across the galaxy to the Alderaan system. Han, at this time of his life, didn’t care about anything except for money and can you blame him? He had a debt to Jabba the Hutt and he knew if he didn’t pay it off he would be in big trouble.

He had no clue that this mysterious old man and this young kid would end up changing his life.

2. Rescuing A Princess


Han can sometimes be a scoundrel. He didn’t have anything to do with you unless you were going to pay him some money. When Luke told him that if they rescued this certain captured princess he would get paid handsomely for his deed he was all in on the idea. When Han met Princess Leia for the first time he tried to be the boss of the situation but she, of course, didn’t play that. He was stunned and immediately became attracted to the feisty princess.

He tried to pretend that he didn’t care about her wellbeing and that all he wanted was money but the truth was that he was infatuated with the princess and didn’t want to see any harm come to her, leading him to one of the most heroic moments in his life.

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