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Rey’s Final Words Should Have Been Changed

Rey’s identity. It is a question that has haunted Rey throughout her story in the Sequel Trilogy. In The Force Awakens, she learned that her mysteriously unknown parents were never coming back and that the longing she sought was not behind her but ahead. In The Last Jedi, she was told that her parents were “no one.” That they sold her off for drinking money and that they died in pauper’s graves in the Jakku desert. In The Rise of Skywalker, we learn that her parents were “no one” because they “chose to be.” That she was the granddaughter of Emperor Palpatine and that her parents sacrificed themselves to save her life.

What a rollercoaster ride. Geez.

By the conclusion of The Rise of Skywalker, Rey is a full-blown Jedi Knight, she’s ended Palpatine once and for all (hopefully) and saved the galaxy. Every question that she has ever had about herself has been answered and now she is free to bring about a new age of the Jedi.


In the last moments of Rey’s story in this trilogy, she is approached by a wandering woman who asks her name.

Woman: There’s been no one for so long. Who are you?

Rey: I’m Rey.

Woman: Rey who?

(When have people in Star Wars suddenly become so interested in last names?)

Rey: I’m Rey Skywalker.

That’s where Abrams messed up right there.


Earlier in the movie, before Rey embarks on her quest to find and stop Palpatine, Leia hugs Rey and tells her, “Rey, do not be afraid of who you are.”

Those are the most powerful words that Rey can hear, for it is her fear of herself that weighs her down and causes her so much grief.

At that moment when that woman on Tatooine asked, “Rey who?”

She should’ve proudly said, “Rey Palpatine.”

It would’ve brought her story and her longing for identity, for self-acceptance and for self-love full circle, enhancing Leia’s words, “Do not be afraid of who you are.”

But even at that moment, she’d rather be someone else than who she really is. She’d rather adopt the Skywalker name rather than fulfill the Palpatine’s legacy in a powerful and moving way. So, somewhere deep down, she’s still afraid of the fact that she’s truly a Palpatine, even though her parents, who she claimed were strong and who she seemed to be proud of, were Palpatines, not Skywalkers.

In an instant, she is a pretender again and this will probably come back to bite her in future stories. She hasn’t fully moved on and accepted the truth. And we saw where that got Luke and Leia who also pretended that Vader wasn’t part of their bloodline, their story, and that led to Leia not becoming Chancellor of the New Republic (a detail revealed in the riveting novel Bloodline) and Snoke twisting Ben’s mind as he revealed his uncle Luke’s deceit.

I already wasn’t a fan of the “Rey Skywalker” idea. Now I positively despise it.

What do you think? Do you think it was a beautiful statement that she adopted the Skywalker lineage? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day. May the Force be with you, always.

Rey’s Lineage Revealed: Why Am I Still Unsatisfied?

Since The Force Awakens, there’s been one searing question that fans of the new trilogy couldn’t help clamoring for; who are Rey’s parents? At the end of The Force Awakens, the two most popular theories saw Rey as Luke’s daughter or as a Solo. Those theories were aggressively debunked as Rian Johnson changed gears and told all of us that Rey was the daughter of “nobodies” who had abandoned her for drinking money. But I knew this was a cruel ploy Kylo used to try to get her to join him. I even wrote a post about it a couple of years ago.

I Have The Proof That Kylo Ren Didn’t Tell the Full Truth About Rey’s Parents

I was saying it all throughout last year. Rey was a Palpatine. There was nothing that could convince me otherwise. So when I watched The Rise of Skywalker and Kylo told her, in a specifically momentous point of the movie, that she was Rey Palpatine, I wasn’t surprised, nor was I that happy either.


The concept of Rey’s connection to Palpatine was a brilliant idea in theory if done correctly, but the way J.J Abrams handled the reveal and the following storyline surrounding this tale of lineage felt a bit…if I’m being honest, corny. Continue reading Rey’s Lineage Revealed: Why Am I Still Unsatisfied?

My Sister’s Opinion: The Proof that Kylo Ren Told Rey the Truth About her Parents

My sister arrives to deliver yet another delve into the theory zone about Rey and her position in this story. This time she points to one of the greatest debates of the sequel trilogy; Rey’s parentage. Enjoy!

One of the hottest questions in the entire Sequel Trilogy has concerned the lineage of Rey, whether she is a Skywalker, a Palpatine (which is technically a Skywalker), Ezra Bridger’s granddaughter, or a clone. And I’m sure there are even more theories on her origins.

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It has been such a searing query that even when it was answered in The Last Jedi via Kylo Ren, who told Rey her parents had died as “nobodies” on Jakku, the question has persisted–so much that J.J Abrams has confirmed that Rey’s “heritage issue” will be resolved in The Rise of Skywalker.

Now, here’s the thing: it’s already been “resolved”. Right? I mean, Rian Johnson seemed adamant that he wanted the revelation of Rey’s parentage to be the exact opposite to Luke’s. Luke Skywalker discovered his father was a force-wielding giant, Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker, whereas Rey learned her parents were filthy junk-traders who sold her to Unkar Plutt for another bout at the bar.

And many people were bummed when they heard Kylo Ren utter these words in The Last Jedi. So much, even, that they think he was lying (including my sister).

But here’s the reason he wasn’t.


In The Empire Strikes Back, when Luke has been defeated by Darth Vader in the Cloud City, Darth Vader tells him that he is his father. Remember, Luke first says, “That’s not true. That’s impossible!”

Darth Vader: “Search your feelings, you know it to be true.”

And Luke immediately understands that he is indeed his son and shouts in anguish.


It’s the same way for Rey. Remember, Kylo Ren begins by saying, “Do you want to know the truth about your parents? Or have you always known?” As he gazes at her, he realizes that she already knows, so he continues, “And you’ve just hidden it away. You know the truth. Say it.” She doesn’t respond instantly so he says it again, “Say it.”

And out of her own mouth, without any influence from Kylo Ren, no mind tricks, she states, “They were nobody.”

Then Kylo Ren begins to communicate what she already knows.

Copy of Copy of 1280px × 720px – Untitled Design (2).png

When you examine Luke’s account alongside Rey’s, they are incredibly similar. Even their dismissals of joining the Dark Side. It just so happens that because we yearned for a bigtime revelation like Luke’s, we can’t accept Rey’s which is so…lackluster. Like Kylo Ren said, she has no place in this story.

We’ll just have to see if J.J Abrams will uphold this scene in The Last Jedi and maintain Rey’s “nobody” status…which probably won’t happen considering all evidence points to the fact that she is the granddaughter, or distant relative, of Sheev Palpatine.

Whatever the case, he wasn’t lying y’all!

Now, of course, this is my sister’s theory, which actually makes a lot of sense. However, I wrote a post last June sharing my own theory about the exact same scene and why I believe Kylo Ren is lying which you can read here: I Have the Proof That Kylo Ren Didn’t Tell the Full Truth About Rey’s Parents.

I thank you for reading My Sister’s Opinion and I hope you have a spectacular day. May the Force be with you.

This ‘Star Wars’ Fan Theory About Rey’s Parents Will Blow. Your. Mind!

One of the biggest mysteries that sprouted from The Force Awakens was the secret identity of Rey’s parents. The whole story of Star Wars is heavily themed around the idea of family. In the original trilogy Luke found out his father was Darth Vader (*gasp*) and his sister was his best friend, Princess Leia. These two twists were huge reveals and plot points in Luke’s journey and the overall trilogy.

In the prequel trilogy Anakin’s downfall was because of his attachment to the people he loved. He lost his mother, which was the first peg that fell out of his equilibrium. And then the thought of losing Padme sent him over the edge.

Now the current trilogy has circled around the aspect of family in the plotlines between Han, Leia, and their dark side son, Kylo Ren, but Rey is just as important in the family department. We just don’t know who her family is exactly.

Kylo Ren dropped a bombshell by saying Rey’s parents were essentially nobodies who died in Jakku but that just isn’t true. In fact, I have the proof which you can read here. But the question of who her parents could actually be is still lingering out there for us to hopefully and decisively discover.

I’ve read a lot of theories over the past three and a half years about who she could be related to but this latest one is so legit it’s almost scary. So, of course, I had to share it with you and my thoughts on the theory. Enjoy!

Continue reading This ‘Star Wars’ Fan Theory About Rey’s Parents Will Blow. Your. Mind!

I Have The Proof That Kylo Ren Didn’t Tell The Full Truth About Rey’s Parents

One of the biggest mysteries coming out of The Force Awakens was the topic around Rey’s parents. Some thought she was a Kenobi, others believed she may be a secret child of Han and Leia, the most common belief was that she was Luke’s daughter, and then some Star Wars theorists were concocting outrageous theories that she was a clone from Luke Skywalker’s robotic hand.

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Then The Last Jedi came out and all of those theories were ultimately squashed as she discovered, through Kylo Ren, that her parents were apparent Jakku drunks whose skeletons were slowly being buried beneath the sands of Jakku. And while that seemed like the most unlikely scenario for Rey it was a smart decision on Rian Johnson’s part because it was an answer we definitely weren’t expecting and it erased the idea that you have to be someone special to be a destined Jedi in the story of Star Wars. But here’s the thing.


A lot of people think that Kylo Ren was lying about her parents to manipulate her to join him in his quest for supposed “peace” in the galaxy. Now I think he was telling the truth that her parents were dead (because even Maz Kanata said the same thing to Rey in The Force Awakens) but I don’t think he was telling the complete truth about who her parents were because of one simple reason…her vision in The Force Awakens.

Continue reading I Have The Proof That Kylo Ren Didn’t Tell The Full Truth About Rey’s Parents