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My Review of ‘The Last Jedi’ Novel

So, this past Saturday I wrote a post celebrating my obtaining of The Last Jedi novel and after finishing it over the course of two days I’m here to give you an exciting review of this newest Star Wars book. Enjoy!

The Resistance

One of the least liked aspects of the movie were the Resistance scenes. People disliked Poe and Holdo’s dynamic, people disliked the slow motion chase between the First Order and the Resistance, and overall it wasn’t received very well. Now I, after the second viewing of The Last Jedi, thoroughly enjoyed the Resistance side of the story but the book really makes those portions of the movie shine.

The novel goes into great detail about the hopelessness of the Resistance’s situation and Poe’s agitation with the dire scenario. To him, Holdo was leading the Resistance to utter doom and he couldn’t handle seeing the members of the Resistance succumb to despair as they watched their lives slowly coming to an inevitable demise. These portions of the book actually happened to become my favorite scenes simply because they shed such a fascinating light on a part of the movie I didn’t like as much as other scenes of the movie.

I also LOVED Admiral Holdo in the book. She was already a leader who didn’t falter under pressure and didn’t allow “flyboy” Poe Dameron to mess with her mind but the novel really highlighted how stern and sometimes, unkind, she was at certain points towards the demoted Commander and I was like, “YES!” There’s nothing cooler than a woman who doesn’t take stuff from no one, especially an insubordinate like Poe, and it made me love her character. And that hyperspace maneuver! That was undoubtedly, even on paper, one of the coolest things that I have ever read.

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I’ve Got ‘The Last Jedi’ Novel!

Woo, I’m so excited to officially own the novelization of The Last Jedi! I got it yesterday at my local Barnes & Noble and I can assure you, I’ve already read nearly half the book with my younger sister, and it is awesome!

This is a beautiful book cover.

I love that the teaser poster is what graced the cover of this novel because it really speaks to the thematic element of the movie. When you read the novelization of the movie the story of Rey’s ascendance into becoming a Jedi becomes even clearer. I remember when I saw this poster for the first time I was interpreting the light from the lightsaber going between Luke and Kylo Ren’s faces and the colors changing from blue to white to red as a sign that Rey was going to turn to the Dark Side but that’s actually not the case. This poster is actually highlighting the evolution of Rey and her journey throughout the film and novel as she explores the possibilities of the light of the dark and what her place is in the universe as the galaxy’s new hope, like Luke was all of those decades ago. It’s kind of a really cool poster.

I love The Last Jedi.

It’s also a few weeks until the Blu-Ray for The Last Jedi is available and I’m so glad I have this book to tie me over until then. It’s not only going to provide a better experience for me when I watch the movie because I’ll have a better understanding of the film and all of its many situations but it’s also exciting just seeing the title. I absolutely love this movie.

The iconic words. 

There’s nothing better than opening a Star Wars book and seeing those iconic words before you read the novel, A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…. Utter magic, even in a book. It just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Even though I haven’t finished the book yet it’s already exciting reading all of the scenes, extra and original, in a more detailed fashion. I’d say my favorite portion of the book so far are the Resistance scenes. In the movie the Rey/Luke scenes are undoubtedly riveting but on the other side of the galaxy you have this desperate situation going on with the Resistance and it’s exciting to see those scenes in a greater light. I’m especially loving the interactions between Finn and Rose. The two are magnetic, in a they-have-things-in-common sort of way, but when you read the book you realize Rose wasn’t very fond of Finn at first. In fact, he got on her nerves at most times. But the longer they’re together his adorable personality begins to rub off on her and you can see her fondness for him growing gradually. It’s actually rather sweet.

I also love Poe’s story in novelization form. He’s a pilot, his brain is hardwired to oblivion, all he can think about is his X-Wing and blowing stuff up, so when he’s forced to sit around and not do anything you can literally sense his agitation at all times. He’s literally about to combust and you can feel that heavily through the pages. It’s utterly fascinating. His relationship with Leia is also really sweet. To him she’s like another mother and he loves her for everything that she is. It’s kind of sad to think that in Episode IX he won’t have her to consult with anymore. 😦

All in all, this book is already perfect and I’m excited to read the rest of it today…because my sister and I are definitely finishing it today. If you haven’t gotten this book yet I highly recommend that you do. It not only sheds a greater light on the movie but it’s just fun to read. I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day. May the Force Be With You.


The Things I Would Love To See in ‘Episode IX’ of ‘Star Wars’

I know, Episode IX isn’t going to be here anytime soon and I should probably focus on Solo: A Star Wars Story, which is actually going to be in theaters in about three months, but I can’t help but think about the final installment of this current Star Wars trilogy.

The Last Jedi was amazing and now that the novel for The Last Jedi is almost upon us a lot of my questions will be answered and there will undoubtedly be some juicy content that I won’t even see coming that’ll hopefully shine a light on the upcoming sequel. Outside of the hints that The Last Jedi movie and novel might provide here are the things that I would love to see happen or explained in Episode IX. Enjoy!

The Knights of Ren

Adam Driver in Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015)

In The Force Awakens we were given a brief, but very cool, glimpse of the evil cult Kylo Ren leads, the Knights of Ren, but since then there has been little mention of these black clad warriors. I believe this was intentional.

Rian Johnson took J.J Abrams’ ideas and upended them for the better by killing Snoke, making Kylo Ren the Supreme Leader of the First Order, literally grounding Poe to make him a better person, having Finn embark on a mission away from the friends that he knew to also help him grow, revealed that Rey’s parents are deadbeats, turned Luke into a depressed hermit/hero, and basically annihilating the Resistance. These were some of the more striking choices that Rian Johnson made and I loved them. One thing he didn’t tamper with, however, were the Knights of Ren.

This mysterious group he left to the devices of J.J Abrams in Episode IX and I am seriously hoping they finally make their major Star Wars debut in this ninth film. Snoke had his Praetorian Guards. I believe it’s only fair that Kylo Ren should have his Knights of Ren to be his personal guard. That would probably lead to a rather epic battle that I don’t even want to imagine just in case it doesn’t happen and I won’t be disappointed. Still sounds awesome though. 🙂

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Should ‘The Last Jedi’ Be Part of the Oscar Conversation?

When you think of Star Wars the Oscars doesn’t immediately come to mind. The Force Awakens only got nominations for Best Original Music Score, Best Visual Effects, Best Sound Mixing, Best Film Editing, and Best Sound Editing, and it didn’t get a single win for these nominations. And Rogue One only obtained two nominations for Best Visual Effects and Best Sound Mixing. Now it’s The Last Jedi‘s turn to hit the Oscars and I think it should get a lot more recognition than its two predecessors.

First, I believe it should be nominated for Best Picture and this is why.


Rian Johnson put so much thought and work into the making of this movie that it would be sad to see him get zero recognition for his hard work. And it’s not like the movie was poorly reviewed. Critics and fans loved the film for its bold choices and its impeccable storytelling. Because The Last Jedi was one of the more thoughtful Star Wars movies in a long time I think it should be nominated.

Two, Adam Driver needs to be nominated for Best Actor In A Supporting Role because his performance in The Last Jedi was utterly perfect.

MV5BMjA5MDczNDU5MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODczMjIyMzI@._V1_SX1777_CR0,0,1777,744_AL_ (2).jpg

I hated Kylo Ren at the end of The Force Awakens but The Last Jedi humanized him. I felt his sorrow, his inner conflict, his anger, his pain, I understood Kylo Ren and that could only have been achieved because of Adam Driver’s impeccable acting. He made Kylo Ren believable, relatable, and he’s now my favorite character in the trilogy.

One of my favorite scenes with Kylo Ren is his final scene in the movie when he enters the rebel base on Crait. He had just found out he wasn’t as powerful as he thought he was when he faced Luke’s mirage and he was an emotional wreck. When he sees Han’s golden dice and watches as they melt away it’s such a powerful moment. The expression on Kylo Ren’s face is that of pure sorrow and I can’t believe it but I truly feel sorry for him.

Adam Driver is a remarkable actor and even though he probably won’t be nominated I he should be.

Three, Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley should also be nominated for Actor and Actress in a Leading Role.


They are both incredible actors and whenever they were onscreen, whether they were together or not, they infused the movie with a sense of mystical wonder and realism that made the movie that much better. I’m sure they won’t be nominated because, well, they’re starring in a Star Wars movie but if the committee can look past that and recognize how incredible their acting was I would definitely give them consideration.

Well, this is how I feel about The Last Jedi and its chances with the Oscars. I know for a fact The Last Jedi won’t be part of these major categories but if it does I am going to be a very happy Star Wars fan.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day. May the Force Be With You.


My Reaction to ‘The Last Jedi’

Okay, I have finally seen The Last Jedi and I have to say, my feelings for this film are all over the place. There were several parts that really excited me in this movie and then there were other moments that just left me bewildered. I’m not going to go into too much detail about the movie because it has only been out for two days and I know some of you haven’t seen this film yet but I will say this, the trailer is basically the entire movie. If you’re suspecting a huge shocker in this film to happen like in The Empire Strikes Back I’m sorry to say there aren’t any.

The main problem with this film aren’t exactly the characters, yet there is some terrible character development in this movie, but it instead is the fact that you can truly tell two different minds were behind The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. A lot of the story lines that were developed in The Force Awakens kind of got lost in the hodgepodge of dire situations within The Last Jedi.

While the movie isn’t close to perfect I can matter-of-factly say that it was better than the prequels. The characters are more engaging and the overall story is lightyears more interesting than the prequels could ever be. I unfortunately came away from this film not celebrating its triumphs but instead scratching my head over some of the decisions made in this movie. Like I said before, I’m not going to go into great detail about the movie’s plot, but The Last Jedi could have been a whole lot better than it was.

Now don’t let this post possibly dissuade you from wanting to see the movie. It is a good film and it deserves to be seen. There are some interesting things that happen in the film that does move the story forward and for the most part it was an enjoyable film. I mean what Star Wars movie isn’t enjoyable, to some extent. There were, however, some flaws in this movie that can’t be fixed and that’s a serious bummer. I will say this though. The Praetorian Guards are AWESOME!!!! They single-handedly were part of the best scene in the movie.

Overall, I would like to see The Last Jedi a second time so I can truly absorb the story and everything that happened but I’m most likely not going to go see this five times like I did with The Force Awakens.

I thank you for reading my reaction and I hope you have a wonderful day. May the Force Be With You.




The Force Is Strong With The Future of Star Wars

Last Thursday it was announced during an event with Disney CEO Bob Iger that there were some big projects ahead for LucasFilm and I am so excited to share them with you.

First of all, you might have heard that Disney is making their own streaming service. Well, in 2019 Disney’s streaming service will be getting their own live-action Star Wars show. Yes, I said it, we’re finally getting the equivalent of Marvel’s Agents of Shield or even Luke Cage on Netflix in a form of Star Wars on a streaming service in only a couple of years. This is beyond exciting news.

I loved watching The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network and even though I haven’t watched a single episode of Star Wars: Rebels I’m sure that’s doing just as well. To think that Disney is going to make a live-action show makes me want to jump and down with joy. Now here are the show concepts that I would love to see.

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My Favorite New Things From The Last Jedi

The Last Jedi is coming out later out this year and I am ecstatic! In April fans (like me) were finally shown a teaser for the highly anticipated film and was introduced to a brand new character, the small but mighty Rose. Ever since the Star Wars Celebration, there has been little news about The Last Jedi, even fewer spoilers, and a whole bunch of theories fans has tried to glean from the teaser. Then out of nowhere last Tuesday Vanity Fair let loose a fantastic spread for The Last Jedi and it blew my mind. There were exclusive photos, interesting interviews, and new characters to marvel over and theorize about. So on that note let me talk about some of my favorite moments from the awesome spread.

First of all the Covers


This happened to be my favorite cover. Leia is already a groundbreaking character because she wasn’t your typical princess. She was the woman who stood up to the menacing Darth Vader, talked junk about Grand Moff Tarkin’s odor problems, and told off her saviors because they didn’t have a perfect rescue operation. Yes, that’s Leia. And now she is the General of the Resistance and this cover embodies all of her strong, beautiful qualities. It slightly made me emotional when I saw it because, as we all know, she is no longer with us. She won’t be at any of the red carpet events, she won’t be able to say anything else that’s hilarious and genuine, she can only look down from above. R.I.P Carrie Fisher, we definitely miss you.

My second favorite was with Finn, Poe, and the newcomer Rose.


I don’t know why but this cover makes me so excited. Seeing Finn awake and well is already cool but his serious expression shows that he’s not going to be a joke in this next film. And the dashing Poe looks ready to blast a tie fighter right out of the sky with his incredible flying skills. Not only are they cool however but there’s Rose alongside them. I’m so excited to find out about her in the film and just exactly what her skill set is. I have a feeling she’s going to become one of my favorite characters in the Star Wars universe. And yes, it’s another strong female character! I’m loving Star Wars these days.

The other two covers are great too. The one with Kylo Ren, General Hux, and Captain Phasma is exciting. And don’t they just look mean?


Rey and Luke’s cover was my least favorite simply because I’ve seen tons of pictures and moments with them on the island. It just didn’t excite me like the other ones have. It’s still awesome though.


The New Pictures


Now, this is an epic picture! Rey is already a wonderful character but this photo is incredible. The backdrop is so beautiful it looks like it could be CGI but it isn’t! And her with that lightsaber, oh I’m so ready for this movie.


Yes, it’s another photo with Rey but it’s awesome. Her in the cockpit with Chewbacca is special because he no longer has Han to hang out with (that’s so sad) but he’s now with Rey. And that’s extra significant because Han told Rey Chewie liked her and now they’re buddies. I can’t wait to see how their relationship evolves in this next film. I mean isn’t this a beautiful picture?


This, on a creativity level, is out of the roof. I have never seen anything like this in Star Wars, even from the prequels. Yeah, the prequels showcased a sort of fancy side of Star Wars with the city of Coruscant and the night scenes there but nothing compares to this. This looks like the most amazing environment I’ve ever seen in Star Wars. It’s part of the new casino planet Canto Bight and I just can’t wait to see everything in motion. I’m really loving Rian Johnson’s vision of Star Wars. In fact, it’s kind of amazing.


The hairstyles, the fancy black and white clothing, the aliens, it’s simply magnificent.


I like this picture because it’s Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher together again. This is another one of those photos that made me emotional. At the time they took this picture they both had no idea that Carrie would be dead soon. It’s just such a beautiful picture. The magic they brought to this franchise was wonderful and I just can’t wait to see them in action again. I really hope they will reunite in the film one last time. I’ll probably shed a few tears when they do.


I love this picture because once again there’s a new character being introduced in this film and she looks awesome! This is Vice Admiral Holdo of the Resistance and her getup is spectacular. I already love Laura Dern from her performance on Jurassic Park. To know she’s going to be in Star Wars, a franchise I love dearly, can this movie get any more perfect? I’m excited to see what her character’s role will be in the movie.

There are many more pictures as well as plenty of interesting interviews on Vanity Fair’s website. These just happen to be my favorite. After these exclusive looks at the upcoming film, I’m very excited to see the first trailer for The Last Jedi. I think they’ll be debuting it at the D23 in July and if so I can’t wait. Until then I’ll just gawk over these pictures and try to put pieces of the movie together from the interviews.

Thank you for reading my post. It’s the first day of June which means we’re nearly halfway until it comes to theaters. Until then I’ll keep talking about the new trailers and updates about the film. Have a beautiful Thursday and May the Force Be With You!