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Robert Pattinson Is Officially the New Batman

Two weeks ago it was announced that Robert Pattinson was in the runnings to be the new actor to become the Dark Knight. It wasn’t official, however, as he and Nicholas Hoult were in advanced negotiations to play the part.

Today the deal was sealed. Robert Pattinson is our new Batman and I am relieved. I like Nicholas Hoult but I would be petrified to see him as Batman. Let his superhero resumé stick to only including Beast. 🙂

I just wanted to share the good news. I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day.

Matt Reeves Has Potentially Found His Batman

When Ben Affleck announced he was done playing Batman last year it was received with disappointment and relief. For a while, it had become clear that he wasn’t invested in the role or very enthusiastic for being a part of the new Batman movie that has taken forever to get under full production but now, with Ben Affleck gone, and a script ready to be realized, the hunt for the new Batman has begun.

And it seems that Matt Reeves has finally found which actor he now wants to play the iconic superhero. Wait for it, wait for it. The actor who is setting up to be the next Batman is…

*drum roll*

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