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The ‘Star Wars’ Endings; Ranked from Worst to Best

One of my favorite things about Star Wars are its movies’ end scenes. From The Phantom Menace to the latest installment, The Last Jedi, each film’s ending is wildly different and unique and I love that. Today I’m excited to rank all of the movies’ final scenes. Enjoy!

9. Attack of the Clones


Attack of the Clones has, by a long shot, my least favorite ending. In fact, I dislike this final scene so much that I stop the movie every time it comes to this part because I just don’t feel like seeing Anakin and Padme suck facing anymore. Ugh. Gross. This is the only Star Wars movie where I literally don’t watch the end and that’s why it’s undoubtedly the worst ending out of all of the movies.

8. Return of the Jedi


Whether you watch the Ewok version or the new version with Hayden Christensen’s Anakin as the ghost this ending is a very enjoyable finale to the original trilogy. I remember when I used to watch this and I just wished that there would be another movie afterwards. Now when I see this ending there is an actual continuation and I am just so happy about it. I mean we get to see all of these characters (beside Lando) in their old age and what ended up becoming each of their eventual destinies. Unfortunately, every single one of them didn’t have happy endings but at least I know that and I don’t have to imagine where they ended up. That’s so awesome!

7. The Last Jedi 


While The Last Jedi is, at the moment, tied with Rogue One as my favorite Star Wars movie its ending was surprisingly less enjoyable than I thought it should’ve been. The Last Jedi was such a serious film throughout the entire movie and then it ended in such a lackluster fashion. I was okay with Leia talking to Rey about the Resistance moving forward and hope, blah blah, but it was kind of strange how dire a situation it had been before that time and yet the remaining Resistance members were chatting in the Millenium Falcon lounge like they were at a cantina or something. And the final scene with the Force-wielding boy was perfectly fine but it feels a little disjointed from the previous scene. The first time I watched the movie I thought it was over once it showed the iconic ship in hyperspace. Then it jumped to these kids on Canto Bight and at first I had no idea what it had to do with the rest of the movie. The fact that the two scenes didn’t flow together seamlessly is why this ending is so low on this list.

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The Major Battles in ‘Star Wars’; Ranked from Worst to Best

Star Wars is full of action, whether it’s in space or on the surface of planets. I mean the first ever Star Wars movie ever made (A New Hope) started with a space battle! And so today I’m going to rank all of the major battles in Star Wars. Enjoy!

 The Utapau Battle


Utapau was one of my favorite locations in the prequels because of its originality and the battle there was enjoyable. It, unfortunately wasn’t that large of a battle and it focused mainly on Obi-Wan and General Grievous fighting rather than the surrounding action and so because of that this is my least favorite.

The First Death Star Battle


Oh my goodness, this battle is so boring. When I watch the rebels trying to destroy the Death Star I can tell the movie was made in 1977. The action is slow, if you’re sleepy and watching this part it’s nearly impossible to stay awake, and it takes forever to get to the good part which is when Luke takes his turn at the trench run. I love A New Hope because without it I wouldn’t be here today talking about my favorite battles in Star Wars but it’s still, unfortunately, a very lackluster action sequence.

The Crait Battle


I hate to say it, but this battle was much lamer than I thought it would be. In the teasers, trailers, and tv spots it looked like this was going to be one of the best battles ever to be in Star Wars. And then I watched it and nothing like I imagined happened at all.


When I saw these new First Order gorilla walkers I was so excited. This battle supposedly screamed epic. And then I watched the movie and the Resistance ski speeders couldn’t even shoot! The Resistance were just bouncing around in the ragged vehicles trying to dodge tie fighters. That’s underwhelming. And yes, there was some incredible Millenium Falcon action but overall it wasn’t a battle. It was, instead, a suicide mission that didn’t help the Resistance in the slightest and only helped show us once again how incredibly powerful the First Order is which isn’t exactly a bad thing. I just thought it was going to be the Hoth battle on steroids.

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Where Does ‘The Last Jedi’ Rank In The ‘Star Wars’ Saga?

This has never been a better time to be a Star Wars fan because thanks to Disney we’re getting at least one Star Wars movie every year which is the greatest dream come true of mine. Now the latest installment in this ever-growing saga has come out and after analyzing it twice I feel I have a very clear idea on how I feel about this movie. And so here is where I think The Last Jedi ranks amongst its eight predecessors.

1. Rogue One and The Last Jedi


Rogue One was unlike any Star Wars movie I had ever seen. First, it was the most diverse set of characters that there have ever been in a Star Wars film with a majorily ethnic cast of individuals.

Secondly, it was the first Star Wars film to literally kill off everybody on the poster, besides Darth Vader. That is one of the most shocking things that has ever happened in this epic franchise and it’s extra surprising because Disney is now the one who’s over this saga. Who would think they would greenlight an ending that drastic in a movie? The only other film I have ever seen where everyone died was the incredible war film, Glory. I remembering crying like a baby when that movie was finished and I haven’t watched it since because it was such a devestating outcome. I’ve seen Rogue One over at least two dozen times and I still get emotional at the end of the film. And that is why this is one of my favorite Star Wars movies.

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What’s The Most Awesome Stormtrooper?

Stormtroopers are a staple in Star Wars. You could say they’re more popular than the lightsaber. Throughout the Star Wars films there have been tons of different versions of these white clad soldiers and I’m here to discover which rendition of the iconic stormtrooper I think is the greatest. Enjoy!

The Kashyyk Clone Troopers


These are my least favorite troopers because they don’t look that great to me, simple as that.

Scout Troopers


These troopers have never really stood out to me. Their style is frankly kind of ugly, if I’m being honest. But they’re okay, I guess.

Clone Troopers


While I do love the Clone Troopers the reason why they’re my least favorite is because they’re mostly CGI. There is, of course, the actor who played Jango Fett who wore the clone trooper armor but instead of getting extras to make a more believable clone army they took the lazy approach and just CGI-ed the army. It’s disappointing and it is the unfortunate story of the prequels.

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The Top Five Scenes in ‘Star Wars’

Star Wars movies are chock full of memorable moments, from The Phantom Menace all the way to the franchise’s latest addition, Rogue One. That’s a lot of incredible scenes to choose from but I’m here to narrow it down to the five scenes that have made me the happiest. Enjoy!

5. Obi-Wan/Jango Fett Over Geonosis


I know the prequel trilogy isn’t very popular, and for good reason, but not everything about the prequels was terrible. In fact, those three films had a lot of very cool stuff woven throughout the story and this scene happened to be one of those cool things.

I was a child who grew up on the prequels so before I knew anything about Luke, Leia, and Han I was watching the story of Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Padme. Even when I was a little girl I didn’t like The Attack of the Clones very much but this scene was easily one of my favorites. First, I love Jango Fett’s ship, Slave I. It’s clearly one of the best ships in Star Wars. Secondly, there aren’t a lot of one-on-one dogfights in Star Wars and this one is so awesome! I especially love when he releases those special bombs from the Slave I, I forgot what they’re called, and they caused all of that massive destruction that Obi-Wan had to avoid. It was, and still is, so much fun to watch.

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The Ten Coolest Aliens in Star Wars

Star Wars is known mainly for its fantastic human characters and its wildly imaginative worlds and stories but a part of the reason why Star Wars is such an amazing franchise is because of the various species throughout its vast topography. And there are a LOT of incredible aliens in Star Wars. So, here are the ten aliens I find are the coolest in Star Wars. Enjoy!

10. The Infamous Sarlacc

databank_sarlacc_01_169_c5356bf9Ever since I saw Return of the Jedi I have been strangely fascinated by the Sarlacc. The fact that it digests its unfortunate victims over an agonizing thousand years is not only horrifying but kind of interesting. First of all, it shows that this terrifying creature has evolved to survive in the brutal, arid world of Tatooine due to its only having to eat every thousand years. Secondly, I would just love to know what exactly happens to the things it eats. I bet it would be horrifically fascinating.

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The Force Is Strong With The Future of Star Wars

Last Thursday it was announced during an event with Disney CEO Bob Iger that there were some big projects ahead for LucasFilm and I am so excited to share them with you.

First of all, you might have heard that Disney is making their own streaming service. Well, in 2019 Disney’s streaming service will be getting their own live-action Star Wars show. Yes, I said it, we’re finally getting the equivalent of Marvel’s Agents of Shield or even Luke Cage on Netflix in a form of Star Wars on a streaming service in only a couple of years. This is beyond exciting news.

I loved watching The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network and even though I haven’t watched a single episode of Star Wars: Rebels I’m sure that’s doing just as well. To think that Disney is going to make a live-action show makes me want to jump and down with joy. Now here are the show concepts that I would love to see.

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