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Captain Marvel: An Evaluation of Sexism

As I delve deep into this piece let me be honest with you; I may be a bit biased because I am a Captain Marvel fan…but my love for this ultra-powerful wrecking machine of a superhero did not come about immediately.

I didn’t know who this character was or what to expect in 2018. As the marketing for the titular hero’s first film started to ramp up I was beginning to feel like I wouldn’t like Brie Larson’s interpretation to the newest addition to the Marvel Studios family.

As I sat in my theater with my family and watched Captain Marvel unfold I understood that I was watching something that was, ultimately, a mediocre superhero movie. However, as Carol Danvers embraces her full power and takes on a Kree fleet led by Ronan himself I remember my heart swelling with admiration and a grin spreading on my face. In my mind, for the first time I understood why so many boys loved Superman.

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