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The Ten Coolest Things From ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’

One of my favorite things about watching a new Star Wars movie is seeing all of the new aliens, locations, trinkets, etc. and Solo was packed to the rim with eye catching characters, brand new aliens, and yes, more stormtroopers. I love it! So today I’m going to share with you all of the incredible new creations that Solo brought to the Star Wars universe that I happened to love the most. Enjoy!

10: Corellian Hounds

Corellian hounds

Um…it’s official. Star Wars dogs are not cute. *shudder* These hounds were simply horrifying to look at…but they were so cool at the same time. Only in Star Wars would you see an alien hound as gross and magnificent as this and that’s why I love this franchise so much.

9. Mudtroopers


With every new Star Wars movie comes a new rendition of the iconic stormtrooper and I am just impressed. How do they keep coming up with ideas for brand new troopers? I have no idea. But, Solo continued that tradition and I’m so happy about it. These Mudtroopers look so cool with their massive goggles and their mucky brown armor perfect for the conditions of the muddy planet, Mimban. Um…did I mention that I love Star Wars? 🙂

8. The Lodge

The Lodge

New Star Wars movies also mean new locations and once again Solo did not disappoint as it took us to worlds unlike anything we had seen before. The Lodge, a hangout in the location of Fort Ypso, is where Han first meets Lando and from the looks of this picture you wouldn’t even recognize it from the actual movie. In the film aliens and humanoids crowded the interior of The Lodge to the point of not allowing the viewer to really see everything sitting on the walls and so forth, at least not on the first viewing. In this picture, however, you can see the homey charm of this tavern and I’m glad to see that Star Wars still continues to surprise me with new places that haven’t ever been seen in the franchise before.

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The Reasons Why the Millennium Falcon Is and Not A Piece of Junk

The Millennium Falcon just might be the most iconic ship in science fiction history (besides the Enterprise in Star Trek) and the reason of that is because, well, it’s an awesome ship. It’s not a new vehicle that’s been introduced in the Star Wars universe through the prequel era or these new Disney/Star Wars films but rather in the first ever Star Wars in 1977. In the forty-one years of this fabulous franchise the Millennium Falcon has graced five out of the nine Star Wars films made so far (six if you count the eensy-weensy cameo it made in Revenge of the Sith) and now the Millennium Falcon is going to play a major role again in the upcoming Solo movie.

The Millennium Falcon is such an amazing ship it’s just as much of a character as the characters who pilot the bulky craft and that’s pretty amazing. I mean, if there was ever a decision to have the Millennium Falcon destroyed in a space battle the internet would probably break from the sheer outrage from Star Wars fans, including me, that’s how beloved this ship has become.

I didn’t realize how much I loved the Millennium Falcon until I saw it brought back to life in the teaser for The Force Awakens. I remember seeing the Falcon at the end of the short teaser and nearly losing it because I was SO excited to see its return. And I’m even more excited to see the Millenium Falcon in its early years in Solo especially considering that at one time it was clean! *jaw drop* Who knew the Falcon had a spic-and-span interior once? That’s kind of amazing.

But the thing about the Falcon that has continously brought a smile to my face is the fact that everyone calls it a piece of junk and I don’t quite understand why. Ever since I saw the Millennium Falcon for the first time when I was a child I thought it was an AWESOME ship but the characters in Star Wars continue to berate it because of its, I guess, junky exterior. So, today I’m going to share with you all of the reasons why I believe it actually is and not a piece of junk. Enjoy!

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The Ten Coolest Vehicles in ‘Star Wars’

So last year I wrote a post highlighting the coolest vehicles in Star Wars but after The Last Jedi it’s time to condense that list and add some new ships to the fray because one thing The Last Jedi definitely had were some amazing vehicles. I’m beyond excited to share with you my new list and I hope you enjoy. 🙂


10. Naboo Royal Cruiser


This is my favorite of the extremely elegant Naboo ships Ms. Amidala had throughout the prequels because it’s just so downright pretty. The beginning of Attack of the Clones has one of my favorite beginnings of all of the Star Wars films mainly because of this ship. Its four motors, the way it descends into the white clouds, it’s simply a gorgeous opening to the movie. Too bad the actual movie wasn’t that great.

9. Dreadnaught


One of the reasons why The Last Jedi is such a fantastic movie is because of the beginning. The movie literally opened with a space battle, a rather epic one at that, and in the middle of this exciting conflict was the Dreadnaught, a massive Star Destroyer with a pair of giant turbo laser guns bent on obliterating anything and everything. This is such an incredible ship and even though it only appeared in the movie briefly it definitely was cool enough to get on this list.

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The Coolest Vehicles in Star Wars

One of my favorite things in Star Wars is the awesome vehicles. There’s the Millenium Falcon, Padme’s multiple, glamorous ships, Star Destroyers, speeders, walkers, I mean there are so many. So, I am here to tell you which vehicles I happen to love the most in the Star Wars Universe. Enjoy!

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Kylo Ren Has A New Ship!

Kylo Ren is already one of the coolest villains ever. He had two of the best scenes in The Force Awakens, the first one being when he first revealed his actual face to Rey, and the second being when he (sniff sniff) faced his father, Han Solo, on the bridge. Now he’s looking even cooler in The Last Jedi with his scarred face, his brand new long cloak, his new outfit, and of course, his patented crossguard lightsaber. But because he just wasn’t cool enough (shrug) he now has his own special ship to fly around the dark depths of space. Spoiler Alert! If you would rather stay in the dark about anything from The Last Jedi please do not read any further. Okay, here’s his ship.

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