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Marvel Studios Just Proved That “Marvel Fatigue” Isn’t a Thing

“Marvel fatigue.” It’s a term that has been circulating for the past few years as Marvel Studios has dedicated themselves to giving fans more and more content. That seemed like an understatement this year as we got four movies and five series, all of which have been varying degrees of entertaining. But now Spider-Man: No Way Home has made history by having the third best opening weekend of all time domestically and globally…during the pandemic… and without China’s box-office numbers.

With $253 million domestically and $587 million globally the film surpassed many expectations. In fact, No Way Home made more money in its opening weekend than The Force Awakens… We, as Star Wars fans, apparently need to do better.

Thankfully the film was worth every cent, as its two and a half hours ran by thanks to a riveting, surprisingly emotional story that gave Spider-Man fans everything they could’ve possibly wanted and a little bit more.

Tomorrow I’m talking spoilers in my official spoiler review and I can’t wait to discuss the film with you.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day.

Ranking the Characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Part 5

It’s the last part of this updated ranking and now we’ve reached my new and improved top ten characters in the MCU moment. Some things will stay the same but there will definitely be some changes so, with no further delay, here are my ten favorite characters.

10. Valkyrie

I’ve said this multiple times but her drunken entrance into the MCU was the instance that made me realize I loved this lady. She wasn’t your typical, flawless heroine who’s eye candy and a potential love interest for the male protagonist. She was a tough, heavy-drinking warrior lady with nice biceps and an even nicer sword/outfit to match.

When Valkyrie made her return in Endgame I loved her even more, specifically with her beautiful Pegasus and new spear. She’s always been one of my favorite characters and now I can’t wait to see her being King of Asgard.

9. Black Panther

King T’Challa is one of the greatest characters ever brought to the big screen. I mean, he’s an African king who just so happens to also be a superhero! How awesome is that?!

To think that Chadwick Boseman won’t be a part of the MCU anymore moving forward due to his passing last August is honestly still one of the most heartbreaking things that could happen. We’ll see how Ryan Coogler handles his death and how it fits into the sequel in a powerful, moving way but he will always remain one of my favorite Marvel characters for his epic contribution from 2016-19.

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Our First Look at ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Is Here

Spider-Man: No Way Home is pretty much the most highly-anticipated Marvel movies this year. Far from Home with such a wild cliffhanger that we’ve all been waiting to see what would happen next but now…with Loki opening the multiverse, it looks like things are going to get really, really interesting in the MCU.

Our first look at Spider-Man: No Way Home actually has nothing to do with a trailer but toys and it’s actually kind of awesome.

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