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Should ‘The Last Jedi’ Be Part of the Oscar Conversation?

When you think of Star Wars the Oscars doesn’t immediately come to mind. The Force Awakens only got nominations for Best Original Music Score, Best Visual Effects, Best Sound Mixing, Best Film Editing, and Best Sound Editing, and it didn’t get a single win for these nominations. And Rogue One only obtained two nominations for Best Visual Effects and Best Sound Mixing. Now it’s The Last Jedi‘s turn to hit the Oscars and I think it should get a lot more recognition than its two predecessors.

First, I believe it should be nominated for Best Picture and this is why.


Rian Johnson put so much thought and work into the making of this movie that it would be sad to see him get zero recognition for his hard work. And it’s not like the movie was poorly reviewed. Critics and fans loved the film for its bold choices and its impeccable storytelling. Because The Last Jedi was one of the more thoughtful Star Wars movies in a long time I think it should be nominated.

Two, Adam Driver needs to be nominated for Best Actor In A Supporting Role because his performance in The Last Jedi was utterly perfect.

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I hated Kylo Ren at the end of The Force Awakens but The Last Jedi humanized him. I felt his sorrow, his inner conflict, his anger, his pain, I understood Kylo Ren and that could only have been achieved because of Adam Driver’s impeccable acting. He made Kylo Ren believable, relatable, and he’s now my favorite character in the trilogy.

One of my favorite scenes with Kylo Ren is his final scene in the movie when he enters the rebel base on Crait. He had just found out he wasn’t as powerful as he thought he was when he faced Luke’s mirage and he was an emotional wreck. When he sees Han’s golden dice and watches as they melt away it’s such a powerful moment. The expression on Kylo Ren’s face is that of pure sorrow and I can’t believe it but I truly feel sorry for him.

Adam Driver is a remarkable actor and even though he probably won’t be nominated I he should be.

Three, Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley should also be nominated for Actor and Actress in a Leading Role.


They are both incredible actors and whenever they were onscreen, whether they were together or not, they infused the movie with a sense of mystical wonder and realism that made the movie that much better. I’m sure they won’t be nominated because, well, they’re starring in a Star Wars movie but if the committee can look past that and recognize how incredible their acting was I would definitely give them consideration.

Well, this is how I feel about The Last Jedi and its chances with the Oscars. I know for a fact The Last Jedi won’t be part of these major categories but if it does I am going to be a very happy Star Wars fan.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day. May the Force Be With You.


Why I Think ‘The Last Jedi’ Is Such A Divisive Film

The Last Jedi has been out for over a month and it’s still being hotly debated by fans around the world for some of its various scenarios and unsuspected character developments. Now The Last Jedi was one of the highest anticipated films of 2017 and it ended up becoming the highest grossing film of last year because, well, it’s Star Wars. And while it was a box office success there were a lot of fans who felt that it was one of the worst Star Wars movies ever made and then there were others who appreciated Rian Johnson’s vision and the gutsy choices he made in the movie. Now, I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum.

When I first watched The Last Jedi on opening day I was one of the viewers who utterly despised nearly everything about the film. I thought they had undermined Finn and had left his character development to the back burner, I was upset that they had killed Snoke without giving us a hint of his back story, I couldn’t believe Luke was dead, and I thought the movie was overall pretty terrible.

Then I watched it a second time and I was profoundly shocked. The movie was amazing, the character developments were perfect, and I completely understood everything Rian was trying to achieve with this film. I couldn’t believe how different an experience it was watching the movie the second time and I realized what had made me dislike the film so much the first time.


I had gone into the theater the first time with a pre-conceived notion about how the film was going to be and when it ended up becoming a movie entirely different from what I expected I felt slightly betrayed. I was legitimately upset and I thought Rian Johnson had completely torn up the foundation The Force Awakens had created but when I saw it for the second time I realized that Rian’s entire goal was to move the story forward and erase that nostalgic feeling its predecessor had. I highly appreciate that.

It’s hilarious. People were upset that The Force Awakens was too much like A New Hope and now they’re upset that The Last Jedi did decide to move beyond the past and become its own movie. That’s ironic.

Now, I’m going to convey my opinion on all of the hotly debated topics that have divided fans for the past month. Enjoy!

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The Ten Most Awesome Women of ‘Star Wars’

I wrote a post back in July of last year celebrating the ten most incredible women of Star Wars and now that The Last Jedi has come out it’s time to update my list. Enjoy!

10. Maz Kanata


Maz is a pretty cool character but she’s not very original. If Yoda was female he would be Maz. Maz of course isn’t a Jedi which makes her slightly different but she does have the wisdom of a thousand years and the knowing of the Force. Her wisdom is what helped spur Rey onto her path. Unfortunately her role in The Last Jedi was very limited and she frankly could’ve been left out of the movie but she was so cool in The Force Awakens I had to put her on this list.

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The Five Reasons ‘The Last Jedi’ Is Better Than ‘The Force Awakens’

The Last Jedi has already surpassed Rogue One in the money it has made at the box office and has already claimed the spot as the highest grossing movie this year so it’s obviously clear that The Last Jedi is the success that LucasFilm was predicting it would be. And after watching The Force Awakens last night I realized just exactly how good its sequel truly is.

I love The Force Awakens. When it came out two years ago I went to see it five times because it was that incredible of a movie. And then I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve watched it at home. When The Last Jedi was coming out I figured it would be better but there was no guarantee. *chuckle* It ended up being much better than The Force Awakens could’ve ever been and these are the five reasons why.

The Story


The Force Awakens, while it was very, very enjoyable, frankly barely had a story. Its entire concept was a rehash of A New Hope and the only thing keeping it from feeling entirely reminiscent of the fourth Star Wars were the slightly different scenarios and new characters. It was so lacking in story in fact that us super Star Wars fans were trying to theorize the entire story of the next film. We were left with a trail of bread crumbs that were leading to all of these different possibilities and shocking reveals and basically none of them came to pass.

The Last Jedi didn’t do that.


Rian Johnson made a solid story that had epic scenes, stunning moments, and overall he gave us a very good Star Wars movie. And no, it wasn’t a remake of another Star Wars film. There were some nostalgic moments but overall The Last Jedi stands in a realm of its own when it comes to this franchise and that is always refreshing. Someone was going to have eventually kick Star Wars out of its box and make a difference in this story and I’m so glad it was Rian Johnson who did it.

I also feel like I can wait patiently until Episode IX because he didn’t leave us with a mind-blowing cliffhanger. The Force Awakens was already full of subtle hints of ideas going forward and then the end was just too much. I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen and that incredible anticipation was a lot to take. The Last Jedi is such a complete movie in itself that it’s going to probably take me about two years to discover all of its hidden references, Easter eggs, and the subtle implications for the next movie. All in all, The Force Awakens was an enjoyable action flick, The Last Jedi was a story.

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Here Are All of the Characters You Might Not Have Realized Died In ‘The Last Jedi’

The overall theme for The Last Jedi was red and for good reason because it ended up becoming one of the darkest Star Wars films to date. In this latest installment of the epic franchise the First Order was on a retaliatory mission against the Resistance and their mission succeeded, for they basically wiped out the entire rebel movement. The last time anything that drastic came close to happening was in the Revenge of the Sith when Emperor Palpatine took over the Republic and wiped out nearly all of the Jedi.

When I watched The Last Jedi for the first time I didn’t really think about the death toll in the movie because the characters I really cared about were alive. Then I suddenly realized that a lot of the Resistance characters that I had seen in The Force Awakens were not in the Millenium Falcon at the end of the movie. I was horrified. The First Order, in a matter of days, had wiped out so many individuals that I had grown to know and even like that it was slightly mind boggling. So, here are some of the members of the Resistance that you might not have noticed didn’t make it to Episode IX.

1. Admiral Ackbar


I’m still upset about this unfortunate development in Ackbar’s story. He’s a very special character in the Star Wars universe and they killed him off with zero respect. I mean, at least have him holler, “It’s another trap!” before getting blown out of the bridge like he did. No, they didn’t do that. They just announced he was dead as if it didn’t even matter. Like I said in an earlier post, I’m convinced Admiral Ackbar was Rian Johnson’s least favorite character.

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The 5 Most Shocking Moments in ‘The Last Jedi’

Star Wars has been full of stunning and jaw dropping revelations throughout its now nine films. From the iconic “No, I am your father” moment in The Empire Strikes Back to Kylo Ren murdering his father, Han Solo in The Force Awakens the shockers continue coming and The Last Jedi does not disappoint continuing this trend. So, I’m going to discuss the five moments in the film that shocked me the most.

SPOILER ALERT! I am going to talk about some of the most important events of the movie and if you haven’t seen it yet and you don’t want to know the juicy details of this film I advise you to discontinue reading this now.  Okay, thanks for heeding my warning. Enjoy the post!

5. Discovering Admiral Ackbar’s Death


It happened so quick if you weren’t paying attention you would have missed it. What I am talking about exactly? The announcement that Admiral Ackbar had been killed of course! I couldn’t believe it! I was already still traumatized from that near horrendous death Leia almost suffered by getting blown out of the ship’s bridge. Then to find out that Admiral Ackbar was one of the unfortunate victims who was also on that bridge was slightly devastating.

Ever since Return of the Jedi Admiral Ackbar has had a tiny special place in my heart. Most people know him because of his “It’s a trap!” statement but I liked Ackbar simply because he was such a strange-looking alien. When they brought Ackbar back in The Force Awakens it was an exciting moment. His voice was older but it was still Ackbar and it was nice seeing that he had survived the thirty year gap between Episode VI and Episode VII. 

Now we jump a little bit forward to The Last Jedi and this iconic Star Wars character is gone! I’m utterly dumbfounded. And the way they killed him too. It was so violent seeing all of those people getting sucked into space. I’m convinced Rian Johnson didn’t like Ackbar very much because of the way he handled the admiral’s death but it is what it is and it’ll go down as undoubtedly one of the most shocking moments in the movie to me.

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Is the Romance in ‘The Last Jedi’ Worthy?

Star Wars is a fantastic franchise for many, many reasons but it also bodes one of the greatest love stories ever to be in a sci-fi film. The story of Han Solo and Leia is one of the greatest romances I’ve ever seen in a movie and it really set the bar for love stories in Star Wars. 

And then you had the prequel trilogy which is basically wrapped around the tragic love story of Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala. While their love story isn’t one of my favorites it is very central to the overall story of how everything came to be in Star Wars.

Now we have a new trilogy and the aspect of romance has finally been legitimately introduced in Disney’s third Star Wars installment, The Last Jedi. Now in the previous two films there were hints of romance. In The Force Awakens it is established throughout the movie that Finn and Rey’s affection for each other is slightly beyond the realm of mere friendship. And then in Rogue One Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor end up realizing they love each other just moments before their demise. The Last Jedi is the first recent Star Wars film to feature a legitimate romance and I’m glad about it. That’s a very important aspect of these new Star Wars movies that hadn’t been broached yet and I’m glad it has. The question is, was the romantic aspect of The Last Jedi a plus for the movie or an unwanted distraction?

SPOILER ALERT! I’m going to talk about some of the movie’s scenarios in great detail and so if you haven’t watched The Last Jedi yet and you don’t want to know what happened in the film I advise you to discontinue reading this now. Okay, thanks for observing this warning and I hope you enjoy.

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