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My Five Favorite Movie Love Stories

It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air. I’m a fan of, well, love. It’s a beautiful thing and one of my favorite aspects in a movie. If a film can convey a perfect plot while also illustrating a tear-inducing love story at the same time I always give the movie extra points. So, to celebrate this gloriously romantic day I’m going to share with you the five movie love stories that have always made my heart pang with happy and sometimes heartbreaking emotions. Enjoy!

5. Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) and Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley) Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean

Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006)

I knew about the Pirates of the Caribbean movies for a long time but it took me until several years ago to finally see the films and I was pleasantly surprised. Each movie was highly enjoyable, the action was great, the story was engaging, and it featured quite a stirring romance between pirate, Will Turner, and the gorgeous governor’s daughter/future pirate, Elizabeth Swann. Their relationship was filled with leering glances, butterfly-inducing encounters, and plenty of smooching. While their relationship was a little rocky at times due to Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow butting in every now and then they eventually got married (in the midst of a raging battle I might add!) and then moments later Will got killed! I was stunned and mortified at the same time.

Fast forward several minutes, Will was brought back to life, becoming basically the Hades of the Sea, and because of this he had to rule the domain of the dead while he left Elizabeth behind in the mortal world. I have to say, I cried like a baby when he had to say goodbye to her. It was such a saddening ending for the two and after seeing the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies in a matter of well, three days, it was especially hard to see.

Thanks to last year’s latest installment in the continuing franchise they ended up having a happy ending after all. 🙂

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Why Rogue One Has Made The Force Awakens More Enjoyable

It’s been three wee since Rogue One came out on Blu-Ray and in that time I have been able to watch the outstanding anthology film as many times as I please. In these past few weeks I have discovered small editing bloops and which portions of the movie make me hum with glee. One day for pure fun I watched Rogue One and then The Force Awakens back to back to truly glean the difference between the two newest Star Wars films and I was surprised by the results.


Rogue One is clearly a better movie, from its gorgeous cinematography to its impeccable storytelling about a band of rebels who managed to capture the Death Star plans to its memorable characters that despite only having one movie managed to insert themselves into the long list of lore and fascinating characters throughout the Star Wars universe. I was expecting to watch the bright and adventurous Star Wars film, The Force Awakens, afterwards completely bored. To my great surprise it wasn’t and this is why.


Rogue One, like I said earlier, is a great movie. It’s nearly perfect in my opinion except for that interrogation scene with Bodhi and Bo-gulit or whatever that tentacle monster is called. That scene could have been a deleted scene for all I care, that’s how disturbing it is. But anyway the movie is superbly made and so forth. When I turned on The Force Awakens however and that shot of Kylo Ren’s Destroyer covering StarKiller Base with its immense size came on this feeling of happiness came over me that Rogue One just doesn’t provide. Rogue One is an intense movie that despite being one of the shortest Star Wars films managed to make me invested in the characters’ stories enough that by the time the end comes (Spoiler Ahead if you haven’t watched Rogue One yet) I am truly devestated when everyone, and I mean everyone, comes to their demise. And like I said, the movie is intense. The Battle on Scarif is over thirty minutes long and that doesn’t count the rest of the movie! When I finished watching the saddening but amazing film it was like a breath of fresh air watching the lighter, more fun Force Awakens.

The Force Awakens’ brighter cinemotagraphy was a relief after the grey tones of Rogue One. The music, composed by the classic John Williams, was welcoming after the somber music of the anthology film. And just the contrast between the two stories is incredible. The Force Awakens is so much lighter compared to Rogue One. Yes the situations are dire but they aren’t as bad. You don’t have to deal with uncomfortable interrogation scenes or seeing rebels getting shot down by ruthless Death Troopers while trying to take cover in a ship. Instead you have wonderful scenes like Rey meeting BB-8 for the first time or Poe taking out stormtroopers and tie fighters in his beautiful black X-Wing with Finn cheering him on. And The Force Awakens does get serious in the final twenty minutes. After the confrontation between Han and Kylo Ren on the bridge the movie reaches an intensity that is silencing. And the end of The Force Awakens gives me chills every time even after nearly a year and a half of watching it.

So yes Rogue One is a beautifully made movie but The Force Awakens still has its hold on my heart. This is, to me, the perfect description of the two movies. Rogue One is enjoyable, The Force Awakens is magical. I hope this December The Last Jedi becomes the best Star Wars ever.

Thank you for reading my post and have a beautiful day! May the force be with you.

The Last Jedi Teaser Is Finally Here!!!

It has been almost a year and a half since The Force Awakens came out in the movies. Since its debut I have been so ready to find out what’s going on in this next installment. Last year we were introduced to the first anthology film in Star Wars which was Rogue One. Yes it was a fantastic movie and yes it is now my favorite Star Wars movie of all time but it still is nothing compared to my excitement for The Last Jedi. Well, the teaser, after this eternal wait is finally here. Enjoy!

Before This Christmas

So this trailer was full of gorgeous shots, exciting moments, and no knowledge of what the movie is exactly about which is always great. The first section of the movie before This Christmas showed up was enjoyable. It showed a lot of Rey, Luke was speaking for the first time which was incredible! All in all it was a pretty impeccable first section of the movie. It wasn’t really anything special, I will say. Yes it’s Star Wars but it was like every other Star Wars teaser I’ve seen before. Fantastically put together clips, epic music, and someone talking. Then the rest of the trailer started and I was immediately entranced. Let’s talk about the second half of this trailer.

 Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma

The Force Awakens introduced the world to their evil villain Kylo Ren. Kylo Ren at first wasn’t a true villain to me due to his immense confusion throughout the film. Then after he killed his own father, the iconic Han Solo (is it just me or does it hurt to say that Han Solo is dead?) I knew he was going to be one to worry about in the next film. Kylo Ren is scary because he will kill the characters you like the most (like Luke or Leia) without any remorse and that is frightening. Seeing him in this trailer, no matter how brief it was was amazing. First of all I’m glad that they chose a shot where he didn’t have his mask so we could see his scarred face. The shot they chose however did not allow a full view of his face so you could only see the top half of the scar which makes it exciting to see him again in other trailers. Secondly, we’re definitely going to get a better insight into Captain Phasma in this new Star Wars. She looked frighteningly beautiful in that firelight alongside her menacing stormtroopers. It definitely looks like she’ll have more to do in The Last Jedi which is appreciated. And that shot of what I’m guessing was Luke dropping to his knees as he looked upon a burning building was the same thing that was occurring in Rey’s vision in The Force Awakens where it showed Luke placing his metal hand upon R2-D2 with firelight in the left side of the screen. This was the best section of the trailer because the Dark Side is always very cool in these Star Wars films.

Everything Else in the Trailer

The rest of the trailer was just as fun to watch. The ships flying over that white flatland with red smoke streaming from the backside. Epic! And if you pause at that part you can see the silhouettes of walkers in the far distance. That’s exciting! There was Finn in some sort of tank thingy. I can’t wait to see what he’s up to. Poe’s black X-Wing got destroyed which is a shame. I loved his X-Wing. There was Rey running at night with her lightsaber. That shot of Leia was fascinating. I’m sure this movie is going to make her place in the Star Wars universe even more legendary. Wow, I can’t believe it. This was the actual teaser. The teaser has finally arrived and it was awesome!

The Conclusion of my Thoughts About This Trailer

What this teaser shows me is the fact that The Last Jedi is clearly going to be better than The Force Awakens and Rogue One which I am pleased about. I watched this trailer over a dozen times and it seems to get better!

The music for this trailer is also very telling because it’s underlying tones were sad. That isn’t good. And with Luke saying at the end of the trailer that the Jedi will have to end, what is that all about?! I have a feeling I’m going to come away from The Last Jedi crushed in some sort of way. Let’s hope Luke doesn’t die. Disney, please don’t kill Luke, or anybody else that’s cool.

If you’re just excited as me then I hope this trailer made you just as happy as it made me. Now, after this teaser December seems a long way from now which is slightly depressing. But at least we finally have seen the teaser. I hope the next trailer will have another shot of Kylo Ren without his mask, maybe a glimpse of Snoke, and a look at the new characters in this next film. Until that time I can’t wait to go see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 so I can see this teaser in all of its glory at the movies.

Thank you for reading this post and May the force be with you! December 15th you all, December 15th!


What I Think About the Bonus Features of Rogue One

I loved Rogue One. It was and still is a fantastic addition to the Star Wars universe. When I got it on DVD I immediately rushed to the bonus features because who doesn’t want to know how this beautiful movie was made? Some of the features were really fun to watch and gave me some incredible insight into how the movie was made while others were just okay. On that note let me talk about these features.

My Favorite Bonus Features

There were a few features that I really loved.

Visions Of Hope: The Look of Rogue One


One of the reasons why Rogue One was such an amazing film was because of the visuals. From Krennic’s shuttle flying over the black sand beaches of the planet where the Ersos were hiding to the Death Star eclipsing the sun over Jedha. It was an incredibly stunning movie that still has me shaking my head in wide-eyed wonder so of course it comes as no surprise that this was my favorite feature. I loved learning the inspiration behind the movie’s gorgeous designs and how they created the classic Yavin 4 base.

The Princess and the Governor


One of the biggest surprises of Rogue One was the CGI revival of Governor Tarkin and the digitalized young Princess Leia. Yes they weren’t perfect but they were good enough to pass as human around real people. It was fascinating learning how they digitally recreated these iconic characters. First of all, for Leia to have only one scene in the entire movie it took months of work for them to have her look perfect for the film. Secondly watching them CGI Tarkin’s face onto the actor’s face was jaw dropping. It’s truly amazing what people can do these days with computers. I have a feeling this is the beginning of a new era of boundaries for where these Star Wars stories can go.

The Empire


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Death Troopers Ph: Jonathan Olley �Lucasfilm LFL 2016.

The Empire are really frightening in this movie. This is the one Star Wars film that displays their incredible menace at the fullest. One thing behind their scary demeanor is their look. It was fun to learn how they came up with designs for the Death Troopers as well as other things. That was another interesting feature.

The Not-So-Great Features


The seven other features were enjoyable but not memorable. I came away from the bonus features wishing I would’ve learned so much more such as how they created the Battle on Scarif. There was so much work that went into those final forty or so minutes of the movie there’s no way they didn’t have behind-the-scenes footage of it. I learned more on Flipboard about how they made Rogue One than the bonus features which is very unfortunate. And don’t get me started about the missing deleted or extended scenes.

In comparison The Force Awakens’ bonus features were wonderful. They gave a lot of information I would’ve never known. Their features were all over seven minutes long. They did have deleted scenes, all of which were really fun to watch. Their bonus features were so good in fact that I have watched them more than once and I’ll probably watch them again in the near future.

It still is nice to have Rogue One on DVD to watch over and over again. It’s a gorgeously made film that has raised the bar impressively high for any Star Wars stories that follow it. Whether or not the bonus features were that great you should still watch them. It’s an hour and two minutes of decent information that only makes the movie that much better.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. In a few days the Star Wars Celebration will start and the teaser for The Last Jedi will be released. I am so excited! Be sure to read my post about the new teaser trailer. You won’t want to miss it. Thank you and May the force be with you!


A List of the Most Legendary Jedi In Star Wars

Star Wars is one of the most beloved franchises in film history and it’s still going strong. One of the reasons why Star Wars can be so spectacular are the Jedi. Without the profound moments of wisdom they speak or just the epic battles they have against the Sith Star Wars would not be the same entity it has become. Of course there are greater Jedi than others and that’s where my post begins.

6. Rey


I had to put Rey in my list because it wouldn’t be fair to leave her out. Now of course we all know she isn’t truly a Jedi yet, she’s just a padawan. And yes she could possibly turn to the dark side which would totally mess up this post I’m making but for right now I feel I have to put her alongside the other Jedi. And besides, if she really does become a Jedi she will undoubtedly be one of the most powerful and the coolest Jedi to ever be part of Star Wars.

5. Qui-Gon Jin


Despite his poor skill with the Force and his discovery of an eventual genocidal robot man named Anakin Skywalker Qui-Gon is undoubtedly one of my favorite Jedi. Liam Neeson brought so much life into the character. There was an effortless calmness that emanated from the Jedi as well as a wisdom that can only come from a master of the force. My favorite line of his is when he told young Anakin, “Your focus determines your reality.” Even though it’s just a movie things people say in films can sometimes be enormously profound. This was, to me, one of those profound statements that I really love. It’s a shame he had to get killed so early in the prequel trilogy but I understand it was necessary. I would love if Qui-Gon’s ghost showed up in The Last Jedi to talk to either Luke or Rey about something. That would be pretty special.

4. Mace Windu


There was no way Mace Windu wasn’t getting into this list. First of all he is the only Jedi to have a purple lightsaber. I have always thought this was cool because as we all know blue and red are the colors that create purple so for him to have that color for his weapon is very interesting. Secondly if Anakin had not interfered he would have killed Emperor Palpatine. That’s how powerful he is. The evil Sith Lord couldn’t even mess with this Jedi. He’s also very wise. He knows Anakin is fragile and can barely be trusted, he knows that there was something wrong in the Force, it’s just a shame that his fate was the way it was.

3. Yoda


This was a difficult decision because I mean come on, it’s Yoda. When there’s a conversation about legendary Jedi Yoda will always be part of that conversation. The only reason why he’s not number one is unfortunately because of the prequels. George Lucas turned him from being a wise, magical puppet to a CGI bouncy green thing with a lightsaber. He lost his magic and that’s why he’s third on my list. My favorite saying from Yoda is in Empire Strikes Back when Luke is about to pull that ship out of that muck and Yoda says, “No, try not. Do or do not. There is no try.” This was another one of those profound moments that really rang through to me. Spoiler Alert! The next thing I’m about to talk about might be a minor spoiler for The Last Jedi so if you would rather not know any information about the upcoming film then please go to the next Jedi in my list. There have been rumors that Yoda will make an appearance in The Last Jedi which makes all the sense in the world and if he is in the movie I’ll be so excited. It’s said that he will have either have a conversation with Rey or Luke. Or maybe both, I’m not certain. If he is in the movie I wonder what wisdom he will lend to the two Jedi. Let’s hope these rumors are true.

2. Luke


Luke is an incredible Jedi. He was already great by the end of Return of the Jedi but now after The Force Awakens he has reached an entirely new level of awesomeness. First of all I can’t wait to see how powerful he has become in the last thirty years. Secondly I can’t wait to see just exactly what’s he been up to. And third, I can’t wait to see how he’ll train Rey in the ways of the force. Will he be stern and cryptic like Yoda was? Will he be a little nicer and more helpful? Or is there going to be a sort of bitterness coming from him because according to his expression at the end of The Force Awakens he was not very pleased to see Rey? In fact he was quite the opposite. If he is a little mean towards her how will she feel about the ancient master she had been trying to find? Oh man, I wish it was December 15 today so all of my questions could be answered.

1. Obi-Wan Kenobi


Yes Obi-Wan is, in my opinion, the most legendary Jedi of all and for good reason. First of all in the prequel trilogy he was the one character who George Lucas got right. Ewan McGregor did such a fantastic job portraying the incredible Jedi that had been formerly played by Alec Guinness. He was a bright light in the midst of all that poor acting from Hayden Christensen, the terrible storyline, and decent but heavily overdone CGI. He was so great that I’m hoping the next Star Wars Story to be announced will be an Obi-Wan film. I would love to watch his journey between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. I’m sure it would be remarkably interesting. He’s also a wonderful Jedi. He may not be as powerful as someone like Yoda but he’s just as wise. He’s definitely my favorite Jedi in Star Wars so far and that’s saying something.

There are many other Jedi in the Star Wars universe that haven’t even been explored yet. I hope in the future there will be many more Jedi that can reach the legendary status. Until then I hope you enjoyed this post and May the force be with you.


The Date for Rogue One on Blu-Ray Is Here

Another awesome update in the world of Star Wars has surfaced. It is official. On April 4 you will be able to own Rogue One on DVD. And if you’re not picky and just want Rogue One digitally it’ll be available on March 24. I am so excited! I can’t wait to see all of those awesome action sequences again. Especially the Death Star destroying Jedha. That’s going to be fun to watch.


Of course I’m not only excited to see the movie again but I can’t wait to see all of the bonus features. I won’t spoil the surprise and list all of the special features but there are a few I’m really excited to see. There’s one feature that’s really cool. It’s about how ILM’s John Knoll came up with the concept for Rogue One and why it was picked to be the first Star Wars stand-alone film. The second feature that’s also interesting is a feature on how they made Rogue One look the way they did. The only thing is it doesn’t say if there will be deleted scenes or not. If there aren’t any that would be a huge disappointment.

If you would like to see all of the features and different packs that are available you can go to Star Wars’s official website. I hope this makes you just as excited as me because I’m ecstatic. April is going to be an awesome month for Star Wars fans.