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The Reason Why Finn’s Story Lost Steam in ‘The Rise of Skywalker’

I just finished watching The Last Jedi a couple of hours ago after having dragged myself through The Rise of Skywalker yesterday and the contrast between the two films is drastic! I’m talking absolute night and day. The Rise of Skywalker feels like an absolute abomination to the franchise as it tears the characters and saga limb from limb while The Last Jedi manages to feel fresh, new, and ultimately, quite satisfying. No, The Last Jedi isn’t perfect but it does have its moments.

As I watched The Last Jedi I noticed the main reason why Finn feels so starkly different in The Rise of Skywalker. In fact, it’s very clear.

Why was Finn such a compelling character in The Force Awakens? Because he was a stormtrooper. It was that simple fact that made him one of the most enduring and unique characters in the franchise. I loved Finn’s story and I was excited to see his arc in the Sequel trilogy.

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The Stormtroopers: Part 30

FN-3043 stood straight and proud but his expression, hidden beneath his black and red stormtrooper helmet, was stricken with anxiety. He was standing atop a massive level overlooking rows and rows of stormtroopers sprawled before him.

It resembled the gathering of the troopers on Starkiller Base, an event that he remembered with great fondness. The temperature that day had been frigid and now, on another planet consisting of only mountains and ice named Narthor, it seemed even colder. Continue reading The Stormtroopers: Part 30

The Stormtroopers: Part 29

FN-3043 was nervous. More nervous than he had ever been in his entire life. A ceremony was taking place. The ceremony that would make him officially Captain Spere.

Captain. Captain Spere. He liked that name. It had a nice ring to it. In any case, it was much better than being called FN-3043 for the rest of his days, however long that might be. Continue reading The Stormtroopers: Part 29

The Stormtroopers: Part 28

The elevator doors opened and FN-3043 saw, much to his elation, the medical droid T4-79 waiting for him. The black droid cocked its elongated head when it saw him.

“Judging from your jovial expression the meeting went well,” T4-79 spoke.

FN-3043 launched forward and hugged the droid, a grin on his face. Continue reading The Stormtroopers: Part 28

The Stormtroopers: Part 27

The elevator door opened. FN-3043 gulped.

A simple room sat before him with dark walls and dim lights that gave the space an almost gloomy nature. He stepped out of the elevator and as the elevator door slid closed behind him it was only then that he truly felt the weight of this moment.

A small walkway lined with tiny circular lights led to a throne where Supreme Leader Kylo Ren sat quietly facing him. His loyal subjects, the Knights of Ren, stood behind his throne like silent statues cloaked in darkness. Every nerve in his body was screaming for him to run but his mind forced him to stay absolutely still.

“Come forth, FN-3043,” Kylo Ren commanded, his deep voice reverberating off of the walls.

3043 was taken aback. How did the Supreme Leader know his name? He did as Kylo Ren commanded, walking forward rigidly. His heartbeat pounded in his ears and the back of his neck was sweating but he kept a stern yet confident countenance.

He stopped before the throne and knelt to one knee.

“Supreme Leader, I am humbled by this audience,” he said.

Kylo Ren silently gazed at him.

The hair on the back of his neck stood as it seemed that Kylo Ren’s dark eyes were staring straight through him.

“You can rise, FN-3043.”

And that’s what the trooper did. As he gazed at the Supreme Leader his hands began to quiver, forcing him to clench them into fists.

“I have summoned you here today because you did something very extraordinary FN-3043.”

“And what was that my lord?” FN-3043 asked.

Kylo Ren leaned forward.

“You killed what was the last remnant of an ancient power I had been trying to find. I thought I could contain that power. My lofty goals backfired. You did what neither I or my Knights could. And you didn’t have to. You could’ve fled like normal stormtroopers would but you stayed.”

FN-3043 dipped his head.

“I was only doing what I thought was right.”

Kylo’s full lips quirked into a slight smile.

“And…you saved the lives of many that day, maybe even including me. I do not pretend to believe that things couldn’t have gone terribly wrong if it wasn’t for you.”

FN-3043 gazed upward at the Supreme Leader, his mouth gaping in astonishment. Was this really happening? Was Kylo Ren really complimenting him? It felt like a scene out of the best dream he could ever have.

“You are not a typical stormtrooper, FN-3043,” Kylo Ren continued. “You are much more. And that’s why I’m rising your rank to Captain.”

3043’s jaw dropped.

“You’ll also need a name suitable for a captain as well. All will now know you as Captain Spere.”

3043 couldn’t contain the smile that lit up his features. Kylo Ren sat back in his throne, his expression turning stoic once more.

“Now go before I remember that you violated the stormtroopers’ code by trailing me that night and I decide to change my mind…violently,” Kylo Ren said.

FN-3043’s smile vanished and his heart nearly skipped a beat at the Supreme Leader’s horrifying threat. He bowed.

“Thank you, my lord,” 3043 said.

He calmly but hurriedly made his way back to the elevator where the doors slid open for him exactly when he reached them. As he entered the elevator and the doors closed he began to laugh.

Laughed with an elation he had never felt before. He couldn’t wait to tell his friends the good news.

The Stormtroopers: Part 26

FN-3043 walked down the polished halls of the Star Destroyer. His heart was racing. His forehead was sweating. His breathing was hurried. An audience with the Supreme Leader was never a light occasion. And for most, it didn’t end well.

He was a simple stormtrooper. A cog in the Supreme Leader’s powerful machine. What reason would Kylo Ren have to see him?

He was trying to remain calm. To think good thoughts. But the odds of his survival weren’t stacked in his favor.

“Are you okay?” the droid asked, startling him from his thoughts.

He nodded rapidly. “Yes, I’m fine.”

“You don’t look fine.”

The black droid’s eyes narrowed into amber slits.

“In fact, you look dreadful. My diagnosis says you are suffering from anxiety.”

FN-3043 looked at the droid.

“And you’re not helping,” he said.

“I am a medical droid. My sole job is to help my patients in any way that I can.”

“I don’t think you can help me,” FN-3043 said.

The droid made a sound that resembled a laugh.

“Of course I can help you. I have been programmed with 5,763,891 different cures to aid my patients.”

FN-3043’s eyebrows rose. “That’s impressive.”

“My diagnosis is that you simply need someone to talk to.”

3043 smiled. “Talking would help.”

They turned a corner.

The droid cocked its head. “So, what would you like to talk about?”

FN-3043 looked at the droid.

“Well for starters, what’s your name?”

“T4-79,” the droid said with a hint of pride in its robotic voice.

“I’m FN-3043 but my friends call me Double Three.”

“Double Three?”

“I have two threes in my name.”

“Oh,” T4-79 drawled.

“Us stormtroopers, we give each other nicknames. It’s our way of standing out so that we can feel like individuals rather than…”

“Droids,” T4-79 finished.

FN-3043 nodded.

“Why wouldn’t you want to be a droid? Droids are the smartest beings in the universe. We are given a purpose and we fulfill it in the best way possible. You don’t see it as a compliment to be considered a droid?”

3043 laughed. “You know, I never thought it about like that. I’ve always seen stormtroopers as nothing more than pawns which are thrown into battle just to die.”

“You may be pawns,” T4-79 tapped his shoulder, “but you are important. The First Order would not thrive if it weren’t for its stormtroopers. You are the foundation that keeps this organization moving.”

FN-3043 smiled. “Thank you, T4-79. That actually made me feel a bit better.”

“My diagnosis never fails.”

They suddenly came to an abrupt halt as they stopped before an elevator which sat at the end of the hallway like a dead end. That meant there was only one for him to go and that was up.

“Supreme Leader Kylo Ren will be waiting for you,” T4-79 said as the elevator door opened.

FN-3043 took a deep breath before stepping into the circular elevator. He gave T4-79 one last look before the elevator doors closed and it lifted him to his imminent audience with the Supreme Leader.