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The Dark Knight Lives Returns

A few months ago I was sharing with you a fan fiction story focusing on my version of what a fourth film in The Dark Knight story told by Christopher Nolan could’ve looked like. The tale, set seven years after the events of The Dark Knight Rises, features the introduction of Batwoman as Gotham falls under the corruptive influence of The Penguin.

I got forty chapters into the story before I had to bring the fan fiction adventure to an intermission, as it was going on far longer than I expected. Well, Episode X: The Reckoning has come to an end and that means The Dark Knight Lives can come out of its brief hiatus to once again bring you the story of Katherine Kane and her rise to prominence as Batwoman.

Because I’m pretty sure you are not familiar with what was happening in the story I will reshare Chapters Twenty-Forty to get you back up to speed before then continuing the story from there.

I am very excited to delve deeper into the grittiness of Gotham with you all and I thank you for finding interest in my imaginative works.

Have a beautiful day.

Besides Miles Morales, Who’s My Favorite Spider-Person in ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’?

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is one of the best movies I have ever seen. Days after watching the film for the first time I’m still buzzing with happiness about the movie. I’ve already written two reviews but now I want to delve into the details of the film.

One of the things that I loved about the movie was the inclusion of the several versions of Peter Parker. There was Peni Parker, an anime-style Spider-Man who originated from the year 3145 and had a robot powered by a radioactive spider. There was Peter Porker, a Looney-Tune-esque talking pig that worked for the Daily Bugle and kicked butt. Gwen Stacy is the female version of the classic Peter Parker. She plays drums in a band, she’s not into having friends, but she’s totally awesome at saving the world. There’s Spider-Man Noir, a crime-fighting detective from the 1930s’ who likes to fight Nazis. And finally, there’s older Peter Parker, a mentally beat-down, fatter version of the classic Peter Parker who has faced more than the obstacles of bad guys, he has faced the trials of life and it has left him in a rut.

All of these individual Spider-People are interesting enough to have their own movie, and yet they were all introduced in this film, making it that much more fun to watch.

Of these five Spider-People, however, who is my favorite?

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My Excitement for Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is coming out this Friday and I am beyond excited. For the last nine years, Marvel has dominated the superhero genre with their incredible storyline that has now spanned fifteen movies. And to their credit, most of the movies are very enjoyable. DC, however, has only in the same amount of time made about five movies. That’s a big difference. And to top it off most of the movies received terrible reviews despite all of the money the movies made. Now I personally enjoyed Man of Steel and Batman vs. Superman but they still weren’t up to the standards of Marvel’s nonstop blockbuster machine. Now 2017 has come and I have to admit I am more excited to watch Wonder Woman than two of the Marvel films coming out this year (Guardians of the Galaxy and Spider-Man.)  Here are the reasons why.

DC Comics Have Epic Superheroes

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When you compare the epicness between the two comic superpowers DC Comics will always win. Yes, Marvel has the flashy Iron Man, the heroic Captain America, and the thunder-wielding god Thor but they could never compete with the likes of the shadowy Batman or the immensely powerful but good-natured Superman or the extremely awesome Wonder Woman. Now ever since I learned anything about Wonder Woman I was instantly hooked. She had those bullet-deflecting bracers and the golden lasso of truth. That’s all she needed to win me over. Now she has a sword and a shield and Wonder Woman has reached her most epic incarnation. Even though Batman vs. Superman was a little long and a tad bit annoying at times the best parts of the movie clearly involved Wonder Woman. From when she sparred with Bruce Wayne in a mental contest (she won of course) to when she fought Doomsday like a boss I was thoroughly impressed. On top of that, the actress they chose to be the new Wonder Woman is perfect. Because she is Israeli her accent makes her seem like she could really come from some fictional island of women warriors. And she’s a naturally beautiful woman who embodies the essence of everything Wonder Woman’s supposed to be. Yes, Marvel has great superheroes I have learned to love but DCs’ superheroes will always be more epic.

This Will Be The First Female Superhero Film In Over A Decade


In a time when Hollywood is trying to be more inclusive, this is the perfect time to have a female superhero get her own film. Black Widow has been part of the Marvel Universe for seven years now. She has proven to be an interesting character in the movies and has grown into one of the most easily recognized heroes in Marvel. And yet she still hasn’t been given her own film yet. In fact, there still won’t be a female superhero-based film for Marvel until 2019! Isn’t that ridiculous? I know they’re trying to get there but they definitely could’ve done something better than they have. DC, however, has not let the poor reviews sway them and decided to invest all of their hopes and efforts into this new Wonder Woman and I can tell. The more I see the commercials for the upcoming film the more excited I’m getting. All I can think when I see those action scenes is this movie is going to be awesome!!! I can’t wait.

And Did I Say It Looked Epic?

Part of the reason why a movie is so enjoyable is the cinematography. A movie can be good but if it looks terrible I won’t watch it for two minutes. Wonder Woman is already proving to be a beautiful movie that’s going to really pop in IMAX. The environments, the fighting sequences, oh I’m getting giddy just thinking about it. I haven’t been this excited for a movie since…The Force Awakens came out which is saying something. And I love that they had a female director be the creative vision behind this film because it only makes sense. Let’s see Wonder Woman through a woman’s eyes instead of a man’s. Let’s see her tell the story of the powerful superhero.

Yes, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 came out earlier this month but they did so much advertising it literally made me not watch the film. I’ll just wait to see it on Google Play. On top of that it looked terrible and surely enough it wasn’t as good as the first one was. In July Spider-Man is coming out but after watching four trailers for it I’m also not that excited. It’s going to be a typical Spider-Man movie except Peter Parker is actually being played by someone who looks like a teenager, Iron Man is in it (which is really the only reason I’m excited about the movie,) and it’s a Marvel movie so I know it’s going to be enjoyable. It doesn’t, however, scream epic or the best Marvel movie ever made. It’s just going to be a decent superhero blockbuster that’ll make people laugh and make people happy.

Wonder Woman is going to be an epic movie and it’s going to give even the best Marvel movies a run for their money. In fact, it’ll probably be better than ninety percent of the Marvel films that have come out. That’s why I’m excited to see this movie.

Well, that’s my post. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it on this fine day wherever you are in the world. And if you’re a woman or girl and is just as excited as me to watch this film I say to you Girl Power!