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The Finale for ‘Survivor’: Season 35 Was Downright Epic

Survivor is an incredible show, that’s why it’s been around for seventeen years. It is a real life social experiment that brings out people’s true characters, good or bad, and ends with someone winning a million dollars. What’s better than that? This Survivor season had its up and downs but this finale had jaw-dropping moments after jaw-dropping moments and ended up becoming one of the best finales I have ever seen from this show. So, I’m going to talk about all of the things that I enjoyed the most and I hope you enjoy.

The First Hour

When the two-hour finale started it began with an instant bang as soon as Ben found yet another immunity idol. I was stunned.


How was this happening? How could Ben find another idol? Was he that good or was fate seriously on his side? I guess it was the latter. I gave him props. That took some hard work finding those idols, especially when you’re running on fumes and instead of sleeping you’re searching in the dark for an idol. I was seriously impressed.

So, Chrissy won the immunity challenge for a third time, which was also amazing and so because they just knew Ben was going home they decided to “trick” Ben into thinking they already had the idol. I was laughing so hard. I just couldn’t wait to see the look on their faces when he whipped out his real idol. That tribal council will go down as the greatest tribal council in Survivor history to me because what Ben did was priceless. When he brought out the “BenBomb” and then went, “La la la” I laughed so hard. That was the greatest surprise I had ever seen. Devon was the only one who knew something was fishy and good thing too because he would’ve been the BenBomb’s unfortunate victim. I applauded Ben for his fantastic move. It will go down as one of Survivor’s classic occurences because that tribal council was spectacular. And then Jeff said there was going to be a secret advantage. What was that going to be? It ended up being quite a doozy but I’ll get to that in a bit.

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Season 35 of ‘Survivor’ Is Finally Getting Interesting

While this isn’t one of the worst seasons of Survivor it has been, up to this point, a little lackluster. There haven’t been any jaw-dropping blindsides and that’s always a bummer when it comes to Survivor. The past two weeks’ episodes have become a little more exciting and last night led to a rather shocking development. Lauren was betrayed by Ben last week and ended up getting kicked off. And now this week Ashley ended up falling on the sword. I was shocked.

For the past few weeks it seemed that Devan and Ashley had become a core alliance and then he helped kick her off without barely any remorse. That was a surprise. I also can’t believe Ben found another idol. He basically had one foot out of the game of Survivor but he refused to go home and he ended up finding another immunity idol! He deserves to win this season because no other player has worked as hard as him up to this point. Next week is the finale and I’m going to predict who will end up in the final three.

We all know everyone is gunning for Ben but with his idol he’s secured himself a top four spot. So who is going to be his next unfortunate victim? I know it would be easy to get rid of Mike but I think these players are, frankly, more strategic than that. I have a feeling that the next person to get kicked off is going to be Devan. He thinks he’s got the game in the bag but he’s not realizing the huge target he’s putting on his back by taking the leadership role. If Chrissy and Ryan start figuring out that he has a real chance at beating them for the million dollars they’re going to find a way to get rid of him in the blink of an eye.

Now the three I’m hoping get to the final tribal council are Ryan, Chrissy, and Devan. Throughout this season they have been the strategic forces behind most of the huge decisions and blindsides that have happened in this season. If they had to face each other in the final tribal council they each would have a worthy case on why they should win the game of Survivor. Now, if it was me personally, I would give my vote to Devan because while he has stabbed a few people in the back he has managed to retain a positive countenance throughout the entire season. I love that and that’s why I would love it if he won. Now, if Ben gets to the final three he’s going to undoubtedly win in a landslide which would be so uneventful. I would definitely be very happy for him though because he truly would be a survivor after all of the eliminations he’s managed to dodge.

Well, that’s my overview of this week’s episode of Survivor. I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day.

My Recap of the Latest Episodes of ‘Survivor: Season 35’

I haven’t written any recaps on Survivor: Season 35 because the episodes, until last night, have been pretty predictable with lackluster endings but finally there was a switcheroo and I’m going to write my opinion on it. Enjoy.

Ben Gets An Immunity Idol

I loved how Ben ended up obtaining his immunity idol after the reward challenge in the first episode. He had gone to read his loved one’s letter up in the woods and fate led him to that clue for the immunity idol. That’s some classic Survivor stuff right there.

Judging from the way everything’s shaking out for Ben I’m predicting he’s going to get to the final three and he’s going to be the one to win this season of Survivor.

Destroying The Core Seven

One of my favorite things in Survivor is seeing comfortable people get the seat taken out from underneath them and that’s exactly what happened to Ryan, Chrissy, and J.P in the first episode. They were sitting pretty, completely confident, even though this is Survivor, that they’re pact to get to the final seven was going to happen. What were they thinking? They were utterly blinded by their power in the game and got an ultimate slap in the face by the new majority.

When J.P. went home I was beaming with joy at the shock on Ryan and Chrissy’s faces. It was a fantastic blindside and I enjoyed every moment of it.

The Second Episode

Unfortunately the next episode went right back to being boring like the others. There were interesting ideas thrown around in that episode, like the new core 5 possibly voting out Ben in what would’ve been the ultimate blindside. Unfortunately they didn’t and that was very disappointing.

I’m the type of Survivor fan who wants to see a season full of memorable players and bold moves. This season really doesn’t have that. The first big move was voting out J.P but why stop there? Don’t play safe. Make the season interesting and have two stunning blindsides happen in a row.

I was glad that there were two episodes of Survivor. I just wish they were a little better than they were.

I thank you for reading my recap and I hope you have a wonderful day.

My Overview of Episode 6 of Survivor: Season 35

This past episode of Survivor was full of surprising twists and turns and plotlines leading into the rest of the season and that is always an exciting thing. I dislike watching an episode of Survivor and just by looking at how the editors put the episode together I can figure out which tribe is going to lose and who is most likely going to go home. That wasn’t the case with this episode.

On the blue tribe, everyone was scared of Joe finding an idol. Devan was sticking to Joe like glue but…Joe is tricksy. He managed to get away from him and sure enough, he found a clue to yet another hidden immunity idol. Now, this was early in the episode and so I thought their tribe would end up losing and there would be another showdown at tribal council with Joe the Idol Man.

And then on the red tribe, you have Cole getting on everyone’s, including me, last nerve because he’s always so hungry. Now he did end up passing out so he really wasn’t playing when he said he needed to eat but this was yet another direction the episode could’ve headed towards the end at tribal council.

After the Immunity Challenge, however, the blue and red tribe won and that was surprising considering all of the situations that were being set up throughout the episode. That was an incredible Immunity Challenge by the way. At one point it got so intense towards the end of the challenge I closed my eyes in sheer suspense. That was one of the best challenges I have ever seen.

So anyway, the yellow tribe lost and that meant it was a showdown between Ali and J.P.


I have to say I was kind of shocked when she got kicked off. I mean I would’ve done the same thing if I was in Ryan and Chrissy’s shoes because is too strong of a strategic player. If she got to the merge she would be a force to be reckoned with. It was mainly stunning because just two tribal councils before the last one she was on top of the world and had complete control. It’s amazing how fast things began to spin out of control for her game. And to think she was only one day away from making it to the merge. That’s a bad way to go.

I’m excited to see what happens next week once everyone merges. Will there be epic showdowns, shocking betrayals, suspenseful immunity challenges, jaw-dropping blindsides? I guess we’ll find out next Wednesday.

I thank you for reading my overview and I hope you have a beautiful day.

Survivor: Season 35 Gets Its First Blindside

Survivor is notorious for its epic blindsides and this season finally has gotten its first major blindside. What I’m loving about this season is the fact that these players have really come to play the game of Survivor. Take Chrissy for example, she looks like a harmless old lady but she’s a lot smarter than people actually perceive her. When she planted the seeds in J.P and Ryan that Roark was trying to create an all-girls alliance it really worked because Chrissy was totally on the chopping block due to her slip up at the immunity challenge. That idea, that suspicion that Roark, a player that J.P and Ryan didn’t really know, would be diabolical enough to come up with an all-girls alliance sprouted in the men’s minds and Roark ended up getting the ultimate blindside.


I was stunned yet excited at the same time. Chrissy is one of the scariest players of the season. She’s quiet and under the radar but if she happens to make it to the merge she’ll be one to watch for. She knows the game of Survivor well and I wouldn’t be surprised to see her in the final three on the 39th day.

I thank you for reading my overview and I hope you have a wonderful day.


A Surprise Change of Tribes Makes Survivor Worth Watching Again

The last three episodes of Season 35 of Survivor have been subpar. The tribal councils have been predictable, the situations have been boring, but this week changed all of that as soon as the three tribes had to switch teammates.

I loved the dynamics that the new tribes ended up having. The lovebirds, Jennifer and Cole, ended up still being on the same tribe. Ashley and Alan, ended up being tribemates which is hilarious considering the previous blowup Alan did in episode one when he exposed Ashley and J.P for supposedly having an idol. And Ryan and Chrissy ended up on the same tribe which is super convenient considering that Ryan was the one who gave her that special advantage in the first episode.

So, I loved the tribes’ shakeup and I was excited to see what new alliances would sprout from this switch up.

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Survivor Underwhelms Yet Again

Last week’s episode of Survivor was pretty lackluster. It was totally predictable and not that exciting, at all. So I was hoping the third episode would be at least a little better. And for the most part, it was, slightly. It turns out Ashley and J.P on the Heroes tribe really would have ended up being a power couple if Alan hadn’t already nipped that in the bud. On the Healers tribe, the two lovebirds are getting closer by the second and because of that “Tarzan” told his new island girlfriend that Joe had the idol. Uh-oh. And the Hustlers were trying to recuperate after losing the last challenge. But besides that, there weren’t any juicy conversations or idol hunting. It was just a boring episode of Survivor that ended with the Hustlers losing yet again and the tribe had to decide whether they would stick with Patrick, the guy who literally lost them the immunity, or Lauren, who seems to always have a grumpy attitude. They decided, unsurprisingly, to get rid of Patrick and the episode was over.

Now I’m looking forward to next week because the three tribes will merge into two and that means new alliances will have to be made and maybe some old alliances will be broken. I’m excited to see what happens from the new twist and hopefully, it’ll liven up this season of Survivor at least a tad.

I thank you for reading my overview of this week’s episode of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers and I hope you have a wonderful day.