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Survivor Underwhelms Yet Again

Last week’s episode of Survivor was pretty lackluster. It was totally predictable and not that exciting, at all. So I was hoping the third episode would be at least a little better. And for the most part, it was, slightly. It turns out Ashley and J.P on the Heroes tribe really would have ended up being a power couple if Alan hadn’t already nipped that in the bud. On the Healers tribe, the two lovebirds are getting closer by the second and because of that “Tarzan” told his new island girlfriend that Joe had the idol. Uh-oh. And the Hustlers were trying to recuperate after losing the last challenge. But besides that, there weren’t any juicy conversations or idol hunting. It was just a boring episode of Survivor that ended with the Hustlers losing yet again and the tribe had to decide whether they would stick with Patrick, the guy who literally lost them the immunity, or Lauren, who seems to always have a grumpy attitude. They decided, unsurprisingly, to get rid of Patrick and the episode was over.

Now I’m looking forward to next week because the three tribes will merge into two and that means new alliances will have to be made and maybe some old alliances will be broken. I’m excited to see what happens from the new twist and hopefully, it’ll liven up this season of Survivor at least a tad.

I thank you for reading my overview of this week’s episode of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers and I hope you have a wonderful day.


Is Season 35 of Survivor Already Turning Out To Be Boring?

After last week’s riveting, suspenseful episode I was thrilled to watch this latest episode of Survivor. And then it started and the episode kept going on and on and nothing really exciting happened, except for Joe finding that idol early in the hour.

There weren’t any surprising twists, there weren’t any shocking alliances being broken, it was just a lot of dialogue and no action. And then when Simone was kicked off it wasn’t a surprise in the slightest. It was, overall, a very underwhelming episode and it’s kind of got me thinking, is this season of Survivor going to be yet another lackluster season? And if so, that’s a real shame.

Survivor is a great show but when it starts relying on older, more experienced and, truthfully, exciting players to be in each of its seasons that’s when the show is going to be in a little bit of trouble. The last season I watched that I really enjoyed that didn’t involve having players like Boston Rob or Ozzy or even the legendary Sandra had to have been, I think it was Season 32. Since then, besides Survivor: Game Changers, the seasons have just been…a little underwhelming. I’m hoping that this was just a boring episode because this is early in the season but if it keeps going at this rate this is going to be a long, boring season of Survivor.

Well, that’s my overview of Survivor this week. Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day.

The New Season of Survivor Is Here!

35 seasons, seventeen years, and Survivor is still going as strong as ever. After last season I was a little skeptical that this new season wouldn’t be as good as Survivor: Game Changers, considering that Season 34 had so many huge personalities and incredible Survivor players. I was excited about this new dynamic however in terms of the three groups, Heroes, Healers, and Hustlers. Would these people really live up to their groups’ identities or would the titles just mainly boost their egos?

When Season 35 debuted its premiere last night I was ecstatic. One of my favorite shows is Survivor and so whenever there’s a new season I am so excited to see the new faces and new idols and new situations that Survivor never seems to disappoint on. And last night’s premiere was not an exception. Continue reading The New Season of Survivor Is Here!

Survivor Game Changers Delivers Yet Again

Last week’s episode contained a historic tribal council that sent an unsuspecting Malcolm home way before he deserved to. The preview for this week’s episode of Survivor consisted of an exploding Debbie but boy was there so much more to this hour-long episode. Let’s get to it.

The Traitorous JT Finds An Idol

After what happened to Malcolm last week I was really upset with JT. Not only did he perform one of the most ridiculous moves in Survivor history during Season 20: Heroes vs. Villains by giving Russel his idol after that covert letter but now he had gotten rid of Malcolm by spilling Nuku’s plan. When they got back to camp I was slightly angry at JT. He tried to act like he didn’t tell Culpepper about their plan to vote off Sierra (which he did) but everyone knew he was the rat. Sandra was especially upset and vowed that she was going to get him back but I didn’t take her words too literally. If I only knew how the episode would end.

So the next day JT knows that he’s on the chopping block so what does he do? He goes and finds the idol! All I could do was shake my head in annoyance. The last person I wanted to find an idol was JT. And is it just me or does it seem like the players are finding these idols a little too easily? Either because they’re all alumni and know what to look for or the idols are being placed in easier to find locations. Whatever the case JT found the idol and I was bummed out.

Debbie Goes Bonkers

There of course was a reward challenge and the reward was mouth-watering. Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, cookies and milk! Yummy. The challenge was difficult enough and consisted of a few simple but challenging steps. They don’t usually show the tribes designate who’s going to do what in the challenge but it was central to an upcoming moment later in the episode so they showed it. Debbie on the Mana tribe insisted that she should be the second person to cross the balance beam because according to her she’s taken gymnastics for ten years.

So the reward challenge begins. Tavua flies through the balancing portion of the challenge due to Ozzy and Andrea. Mickaela digs like a gopher through the sand to get those bags because she refuses to lose the challenge. Everything seems to be going smoothly for the Mana tribe. They’re even in the lead at one point. And then Debbie had to cross the balance beam and their chances to win the challenge fell away like a comet. They ended up losing the challenge but that was the least of Mana’s troubles.

When they got back to camp Debbie was furious. Hali and Sierra tried to console her and figure out what was wrong but Debbie is mad, and I don’t mean the angry definition of that word. She convinced herself that Hali took too long to get across that beam whereas she zoomed across it in “thirty seconds” which is false. And she blamed Culpepper for being disrespectful and forcing her to be the one to cross the balance beam even though she was the who stepped up to take the responsibility. Now maybe Culpepper is slightly disrespectful to her around camp but in terms of this situation she was obviously in the wrong. She’s already a little odd but I think after they lost those peanut butter and jelly sandwiches something in her brain snapped. I’ll tell you this, I wouldn’t be able to handle being on a tribe with Debbie because she can be very infuriating at times.

Sandra Concocts A Sugar Trap

So we go back to Nuku. It’s the day after the reward challenge and Mickaela wants seven drips of coffee and a scoop of sugar. JT’s upset about the request and Sandra sees that this is her chance to get JT voted off. So what does the queen of Survivor do? She eats the rest of the sugar. Wow, she was titled as a villain for a reason. And it worked. No one in the tribe is looking to get Sandra if they lose the immunity challenge because she diverted all of the attention to this suddenly realized feud between JT and Mickaela. It was a brilliant move that leads to an incredible tribal council later in the show but I’ll get to that in a little bit.

The Immunity Challenge

This challenge was full of suspense at the end. I’m sorry to say this but I was hoping for Nuku to lose. I really wanted to see what would happen after Sandra did that mind-boggling move with the sugar. I also didn’t want a scenario where Tavua would lose and Ozzy or CirieĀ get voted off because of some outrageous plan Troyzan and Sarah have concocted. When Tavua barely won in that nail-biting conclusion of the challenge I was so relieved. Yes, the showdown between JT and Mickaela would come to fruition and I was excited.

JT Gets Some Instant Karma

So Nuku lost the challenge and when they went back to camp JT just knew everyone was on board to vote the “sugar stealing” Mickaela off of Survivor Game Changers. He had no inkling that Sandra was concocting a plan to vote him off instead. She got Mickaela on board to vote JT off but Jeff Varner was the swing vote. Which path would he choose? Would he stick with Mickaela who is a strong player but can sometimes rub people the wrong way or would he go with JT who is also a tough contestant during the challenges but is truly a pain in the rear end at times? I was so anxious to see.

This was an ugly tribal council with a gorgeous conclusion. JT was so confident that Mickaela was going home. He treated her with so much disrespect I was livid. I’m so glad Sandra helped speak up for her because Mickaela is not a lazy person, I can tell that just through the television. And did he forget how she performs at the challenges? She’ll outwork most of the men. Just because she’s not smiling all the time and treating JT like a king doesn’t mean she’s a deadbeat. And yes, maybe her request with the seven drips of coffee and one scoop of coffee was a little too much for JT to handle. If I was as hungry as they are and slightly cranky it might’ve rubbed me the wrong way too but still, come on JT.

When they had to go vote I was so nervous. Would JT play his idol? Would Jeff choose JT over Mickaela? What was going to happen?! When Jeff Probst was about to read the votes I could barely breath. Was JT about to pull his idol out of his bag? When he didn’t I was beyond excited. Yes, if Sandra’s plan worked JT would be going home. Jeff read the votes and as always in these situations it came to a tie between JT and Mickaela. It was time to see what Varner’s decision would be. When Jeff turned that slip of paper around and it said: JT I went running and screaming with complete and absolute joy.

Not only was that a spectacular turn of events but Mickaela taking that cup out of her satchel and drinking her water like as if she was sipping tea was brilliant. If she had gotten kicked off it would’ve been an embarrassing move but I loved her confidence. She knew JT was going home and that’s all there was to it. With that tribal council JT has officially become the dumbest player to be on Survivor. Not only did he give Russel his own idol, get Malcolm kicked off for running his mouth, but he also got sent home even though he had an idol. Can you believe that? I think JT is the least deserving winner of Survivor because I mean come on. How can you make three ridiculous moves in Survivor and have two of them happen in one season? Wow.

That episode of Survivor last night became an instant classic, it was that outrageously entertaining. Now they’re saying next week someone’s going to be headed to Exile Island and a former Survivor will be returning. That is mind-blowing! First of all if they bring a player into the game in the middle of a season that’ll be a twist that’s never happened before. Secondly, who could the mystery person be? Is it Boston Rob, Coach, Russel, Joe, Parvati, who is it?! This is going to be the longest week ever. Whoever it is I hope it’s somebody who’s worthy of making an appearance on Survivor: Game Changers.

Well this was so much fun. I am a big fan of Survivor and so episodes like these are really special. A lot of times seasons of Survivor are hyped up but really aren’t that great but this season is turning out to be everything I knew it had the potential to be. I hope you enjoyed that episode of Survivor last night just as much as I did. As always I will be writing a summary next week as well about the new Survivor episode so you definitely won’t want to miss it. Thank you for reading my post and have a beautiful day.