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The First Looks at Thor, Mighty Thor, and Valkyrie Are Super Cool

It’s taken a while but finally, the first looks at Thor, Mighty Thor, and Valkyrie are here ahead of Thor: Love and Thunder later on this year and they look ridiculously awesome.

Um…whoa. First off, Natalie Portman’s Mighty Thor looks perfect. To think she’s gone from playing Padme to this. Ah, I’m freaking out a little. I absolutely cannot wait to see her being a fierce warrior goddess onscreen as the Mighty Thor.

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‘Lady and the Tramp’ Is SOOOOOOO Cute!

I have never seen Lady and the Tramp. I mean, everyone knows about that iconic moment when Lady and the Tramp are eating spaghetti but that was all I knew so yesterday my sister and I watched the live-action version of Lady and the Tramp and gushing is an understatement.

There was a movie I used to practically watch every day when I was a kid and that was Stuart Little. That was my favorite childhood movie and I know for a fact, Lady and the Tramp would’ve been another one of those childhood favorites because this film was sooooo freaking cute.

I mean, it’s a movie full of dogs. How can you not get overwhelmed with cuteness? Oh my goodness, I loved it so much and I was so touched that, of course, because it’s a Disney movie, I had to hold back tears at the end.

This film was really great and undoubtedly one of my favorite live-action Disney movies. I’m giving it 100 out of 100 and 5 out of 5 stars. It was actually perfect.

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Is ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Going To Be a Romantic Comedy?

It was announced on Saturday that the fourth Thor film would be called Thor: Love and Thunder and would feature Natalie Portman as female Thor. Tessa Thompson revealed that Valkyrie’s ready to find a queen. On Sunday I had an epiphany. Thor: Love and Thunder is writing itself as a romantic comedy. Think about it.

Taika Waititi likes to subvert movie genres into a superhero format. Thor: Ragnarok was practically a buddy comedy and for Thor: Love and Thunder Taika Waititi has totally set up a love triangle, hence it will most likely be a romantic comedy wrapped around a superhero story.

Thor totally digs both of these powerful women, Valkyrie kind of likes Thor but more as a friend than anything but she may be impressed by the new and improved Jane, and Jane, well, she already dumped Thor so who knows how she feels about him.

All in all, Taika Waititi is going to make another zany superhero film that’s certain to please the masses and I’m definitely intrigued.

Do you like the idea of Thor: Love and Thunder being a romantic comedy? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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A Concept Look at Valkyrie, Queen of Asgard

For the past two days, I’ve shared with you fantastic artwork created by my sister depicting some rather cool fan art material but, as I promised, there was more to come. One of the coolest characters to debut in recent years has been Valkyrie. Preceding Avengers: Endgame she had only made an appearance in Thor: Ragnarok but she quickly stole the show with her drunken, no-nonsense awesomeness. When she didn’t play a role in Infinity War I was expectedly devastated but her small but perfect inclusion in Endgame was worth every second.

Especially that surprising twist involving Thor crowning Valkyrie as the new ruler of Asgard. Um..whoa. Definitely didn’t see that coming. It was an incredible surprise and one that has had me beaming with excitement about her character moving forward ever since. And I’m not the only one, for my sister has drawn a concept of Valkyrie as Queen of Asgard and it is pretty darn cool. Here it is.


Um…heck yeah! I love that the design stays true to her classic look but, of course, there’s the extra flair. Oh my goodness, I love Valkyrie and I am so freaking excited to see her again as Queen of Asgard in the coming years.

And this picture is only building my excitement. Wow, wow, wow. 😍

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A Six-Year Poster Evolution: Valkyrie

I. Love. Valkyrie! Ever since she stumbled out of her Sakaarian craft in Thor: Ragnarok I knew I was an instant fan. You see, for so long women in the Thor movies weren’t that great. Lady Siv was pretty cool but she didn’t play a large enough role and Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster was just annoying. In comes Valkyrie to save the day (I think her name is actually Bruunhilde but whatever.)

She was GREAT in Thor: Ragnarok. She was so awesome in fact that even Thor was gushing like a fangirl over her, which was hilarious by the way. When Valkyrie didn’t show up in Avengers: Infinity War I was legitimately disappointed. Heimdall, Loki, The Hulk, and Thor were present in the opening scene for the film and yet she was missing. Turns out she jetted when Thanos showed up with the rest of the surviving Asgardians but I was still bummed.

So imagine my joy when I saw her get her own poster for Avengers: Endgame. I was, and still am, through the roof with excitement! Who knows how sizable her role may be in the actual film but I don’t even care. I just can’t wait to see her again.

So, in preparation for Avengers: Endgame here is her character posters.

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‘Creed II’ Gets An Official Trailer

Creed, a spinoff franchise from the beloved Rocky films, came out three years ago. It focused on a new boxer, Apollo’s son, Creed, and his rise to boxing champion as he was trained by none other than Sylvester Stallone’s ailing Rocky Balboa. I watched the movie and for the most part it was a decent film that possessed a lot of heart and made for a pretty good boxing movie. Now Michael B. Jordan after his stellar performance as Erik Killmonger in Black Panther returns to the role of Creed this November with a new film and the trailer for it just recently dropped. Here it is.

At first I was a little bored with the trailer but as soon Kendrick Lamar’s famous song, “DNA” started building up the trailer got better and better without, thankfully, revealing too much from the film. We get tantalizing shots of Creed preparing for a new opponent, moments with Rocky, Tessa Thompson being the doting wife of Creed, and then the end of the trailer was the knockout punch as we got to see who Creed’s next opponent is going to be. Drago, the Russian boxer who killed Apollo, I guess has a son who’s going to face off against Creed and that seems very exciting indeed.

It’s a showdown of the ages. I don’t get excited for a lot of movies outside of Marvel and Star Wars films but I have to admit, this movie actually looks good. 🙂

Here’s the poster.


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