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QI’RA: Chapter Thirty-Seven

The Sword

T-38 was nervous. More nervous than she had been for a long time. The Emperor wasn’t someone to be trifled with and he didn’t summon visitors very often. That made his audience with Qi’ra all the more intriguing.

When Qi’ra had left the room she had looked back at T-38 with legitimate fear in her gaze. At that moment T-38 wanted to jump from her chair and demand to join Qi’ra’s side with her audience with The Emperor. Unfortunately, she knew if she did, she would have disgraced Qi’ra.

So, she was forced to wait for Qi’ra’s return and Moff Arnim took this chance as the perfect opportunity to learn Crimson Dawn’s secrets through her and Nienye in seemingly harmless conversation. Continue reading QI’RA: Chapter Thirty-Seven

QI’RA: Chapter Thirty-Five

Mixed Reactions

The rest of the Senate meeting went well enough but Qi’ra knew she had made enemies and she loved the prospect. Those enemies, however, confronted her after the meeting and to her great surprise, they were representatives of her fellow crime syndicates in the galaxy.

Apparently, her partnership with the Moff without the syndicates’ consent made them feel belittled by her power. And this insecurity had them quivering with rage. Continue reading QI’RA: Chapter Thirty-Five

QI’RA: Chapter Thirty-Four

The Meeting

Nienye stood in the lobby of the building the Imperial Captain had offered them to stay in during their visit to Coruscant, his gaze roaming the throng of individuals walking through the area to their various destinations.

He fixed the high collar of his dark blue and golden tunic, an especially fancy garment that was more fit for nighttime life rather than going to the Senate Building. But he wanted to make an impression on the political figures of the Empire, considering that he may never get the chance to be in the presence of such powerful people again. Continue reading QI’RA: Chapter Thirty-Four

QI’RA: Chapter Thirty-One

Seeing the Crimson Dawn Leader

Moff Arnim had never looked more excited, Captain Peer observed, as he led the diminutive leader of Crimson Dawn through the Senate building, showing her around like a trophy to all of his allies. The battle with the senators would come tomorrow. For now, this was the warmup, and she was handling it well. Continue reading QI’RA: Chapter Thirty-One

QI’RA: Chapter Thirty

Moff Arnim

Qi’ra had always imagined coming to the capital of the Republic and dabbling with the elite. Now it was actually happening but it wasn’t as glorious as she imagined.

Yes, Coruscant was beautiful and the Senate Building was everything she expected it to be but there was a sense of malice within the walls. As if secret eyes were watching her every move and it was disconcerting. Continue reading QI’RA: Chapter Thirty

QI’RA: Chapter Twenty-Nine

Reaching Coruscant

Several hours later Qi’ra woke when she heard a knock at the door. She hadn’t gotten in the bed and instead chose to take on a nap in one of her room’s chairs. Being a leader of Crimson Dawn, she wasn’t afforded many times to sit back and relax, and with the ship’s incessant thrumming, she was lulled into the deepest sleep she had in years.

When she went to the door, fluffing her hair which she had made sure not to ruin while she slept, she found Captain Peer standing outside. It startled her, for she was expecting to see T-38 who often came to fetch her.

“We have arrived,” he told her.

Continue reading QI’RA: Chapter Twenty-Nine