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The Fifteen Greatest Conversations in ‘Star Wars’

Star Wars is filled with plenty of incredible moments and some of those moments don’t belong to scenes packed with action but instead the simple art of dialogue. Dialogue is sometimes the most magical and memorable moment in a Star Wars film and there are surprisingly a lot of dialogue-driven scenes that helps bind the movies together in simple but concise ways. So I’m going to share with you my favorite conversations in Star Wars. Enjoy! 🙂

15. Yoda’s Death


One of my favorite moments in Return of the Jedi is when Luke went to see Yoda again because of the profound and riveting dialogue between the ancient master and apprentice. Yoda tells Luke that he is dying but not to fret, for that is the way of the Force. Then Luke asks Yoda if Darth Vader really is his father which shines a light on how deeply pivotal that moment in the previous movie was. For years he had been hoping that the dark lord had been telling a lie but to find out that indeed he was Vader’s son was a horrific truth. And then at the end of this incredible scene Yoda tells him that there’s another Skywalker out there somewhere before becoming one with the Force. Um…that’s awesome. Even though I already knew that Luke and Leia were brother and sister by the time I watched the original trilogy this scene still felt very impactful.

14. The Spark Lives


While The Last Jedi had its mistakes and annoyances one thing it definitely had in abundance was fabulous dialogue and this scene was one of many of those lovable moments for me. As Poe realizes that Luke is sacrificing himself to save the Resistance he knows what his new job must be, finding a way for the Resistance to survive, and it’s just such a fun scene to watch as he banters with C-3PO and figures out the “crystal critters” are trying to lead them to safety. Love it.

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Ranking the ‘Star Wars’ Movies By How Kid-Friendly They Are

When George Lucas created Star Wars all those years ago he wasn’t exactly catering the film to adults. He was making a fantasy epic for children and it just so happened to be one of the greatest movies ever made that resonated with people of all ages. As the years have gone by some of the Star Wars films have continued to cater mostly towards the younger people of the world while some of the franchise’s installments have been a little more adult than others. So which Star Wars films do I think are the most kid-friendly? That’s what I’m here to list for you and I hope you enjoy. 🙂

10. Revenge of the Sith

Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith

The prequel trilogy might’ve produced some awful Star Wars movies but Revenge of the Sith definitely feels quite climactic and it doesn’t shrug away from being a dire film. We see the Jedi slaughtered, younglings and all, which could be VERY frightening for a child. We see General Grievous shot to the point of explosion. Padme is killed…by her husband! Palpatine’s face is enough to dissuade any child from wanting to see this movie. And then Anakin getting his limbs cut off and nearly burned alive? All of these points are blaring reasons why this is the least kid-friendly Star Wars movie. I mean, I still wince whenever I watch Anakin getting burnt to a crisp. This is definitely catered to an older audience.

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Ranking the ‘Star Wars’ Movie Trailers: From Worst to Best

One of the most exciting things about a new Star Wars movie is seeing the trailer. There are movie trailers and then there are Star Wars movie trailers. Star Wars movie trailers make me SOOO excited in ways that other films just can’t and it’s especially a treat because we don’t get them often (or at least we didn’t used to) and so watching a new trailer is an experience in itself. But of the nine Star Wars films made so far which had the trailer that completely knocked my socks off? Well, that’s what I’m about to find out. Enjoy!

The Phantom Menace

Seeing this trailer is just a reminder of how much better the Star Wars films under Disney are than the prequels. This trailer is kind of good at first. It gave me chills as the words speaking of a new beginning and first steps to journeys appeared between well-known shots of the movie. And then as the trailer delved more into baby Anakin the trailer became worse and worse. Now I liked the end but overall the trailers have definitely gotten much better.

Return of the Jedi

This is old school for sure. The complex art of trailer making has gotten so much more epic in the last three decades. Wow. Um…this trailer was good. It’s got some exciting tidbits and shows plenty of action without revealing any tantalizing content from the movie like a quick shot of the evil Emperor. And who doesn’t love to see a lightsaber duel in a Star Wars movie? But like the film, Return of the Jedi‘s trailer definitely falls short of being as epic as its predecessors.

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Was BB-8 Better in ‘The Force Awakens’ or ‘The Last Jedi’?

BB-8 is one of the coolest, and definitely, the cutest droids to be created in Star Wars. I wasn’t a fan of BB-8 to begin with like I wasn’t a fan of the Porgs but after watching The Force Awakens for the first time every time I see a BB-8 now a bright smile comes to my face. When The Last Jedi came out I was super excited to see more from the awesome astromech droid and Rian Johnson definitely delivered some more sides to the orange and white roly-poly than we had seen before but did I like him more in The Force Awakens or The Last Jedi? Well, let’s find out shall we.

The Force Awakens bb-8-bio-8_7f92563f.png

In The Force Awakens BB-8 was cute, cute, and did I mention he was cute? Unlike R2-D2 he was never rude and really seemed to be the equivalent of a puppy droid. His first interactions with Rey on Jakku are enough to make you ooh and ahh. When he gets feisty against Finn you can’t help but smile and laugh. And throughout the rest of the film he’s just this lovable droid that I wish was real because I would have a BB-8 asap. In fact, one day I’m definitely getting one of those remote control BB-8’s because he’s just that darn cute. So that leads me to his involvement in his next film.

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I Have The Proof That Kylo Ren Didn’t Tell The Full Truth About Rey’s Parents

One of the biggest mysteries coming out of The Force Awakens was the topic around Rey’s parents. Some thought she was a Kenobi, others believed she may be a secret child of Han and Leia, the most common belief was that she was Luke’s daughter, and then some Star Wars theorists were concocting outrageous theories that she was a clone from Luke Skywalker’s robotic hand.

Image result for rey parents the last jedi

Then The Last Jedi came out and all of those theories were ultimately squashed as she discovered, through Kylo Ren, that her parents were apparent Jakku drunks whose skeletons were slowly being buried beneath the sands of Jakku. And while that seemed like the most unlikely scenario for Rey it was a smart decision on Rian Johnson’s part because it was an answer we definitely weren’t expecting and it erased the idea that you have to be someone special to be a destined Jedi in the story of Star Wars. But here’s the thing.


A lot of people think that Kylo Ren was lying about her parents to manipulate her to join him in his quest for supposed “peace” in the galaxy. Now I think he was telling the truth that her parents were dead (because even Maz Kanata said the same thing to Rey in The Force Awakens) but I don’t think he was telling the complete truth about who her parents were because of one simple reason…her vision in The Force Awakens.

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Han’s Ten Greatest Quotes

Han Solo is one of the greatest and most memorable characters in Star Wars because, well, he’s awesome. He’s an awesome pilot, an admirable hero, a dashing fellow, but most importantly, he’s funny too. He has provided me so many laughs and giggles throughout his involvement in the franchise but he’s also incorporated some of the franchise’s most heartwarming moments as well. And now, with his standalone movie on the horizon, I’m going to share with you my ten favorite quotes from everyone’s favorite scoundrel. Enjoy!

1. “There’s no mystical field controlling my destiny. It’s just a bunch of simple tricks and nonsense.” (A New Hope)


At this time in his life Han Solo didn’t believe in the Force. You can tell from how he speaks of it that he’s kind of seen traces of the Force and heard of it but he doesn’t think it’s real. It’s a small but very important detail to his character that eventually changes as the movies progress and that’s why it’s one of my favorite quotes.

2. “May the Force be with you.” (A New Hope)

Han had helped rescue the princess, had gotten paid handsomely for the deed, and was getting ready to jump to the other side of the galaxy which infuriated his young friend, Luke Skywalker, who had believed Han was a better man than that but was proved wrong, much to his disappointment. At this part you can see the embarrassment on Han’s face as he tries to explain to Luke why he’s leaving at such a pivotal moment rather than fighting with the rebellion.

It’s one of my favorite moments from Han as he calls Luke and with a genuine smile says to him, “May the Force be with you.” Here’s this man who supposedly doesn’t believe in the Force and yet he’s willing to say goodbye to him in that sort of way because that’s how much the young kid, Luke, had made an impact on him. It’s a touching moment from his character to Luke and honestly one of my favorites from him.

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The Ten Greatest Action Scenes in ‘Star Wars’

Star Wars is incredible for so many reasons and one of those reasons is the fantastic action. From The Phantom Menace to the latest installment, The Last Jedi, action helps make these films go from wonderful to out-of-this-world enjoyable and so today I’m going to share with you my ten favorite action scenes. Enjoy!

10. The Buunta Eve Podrace

Anakin Skywalker Biography Gallery

The prequels weren’t the best Star Wars movies but one thing they did excel at were the action scenes and the Buunta Eve Podrace Competition is one of my favorites. In no other Star Wars film has there been anything like this dangerous NASCAR-ish type of action scene and that’s why I love it so much. It’s so unique and so much fun to watch that I couldn’t help but place this in my list.

9. The Jedi vs. Darth Maul


Between the likes of Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jin, padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Sith apprentice Darth Maul this film had quite the epic, climactic duel vibe and it truly is a treat to observe. John Williams’s epic score impeccably matches the duel and the setting is one of the coolest environments for a lightsaber duel in Star Wars. Definitely one of my favorites.

8. The Resistance Saves The Day


One of the greatest scenes in The Force Awakens is when the Resistance arrives on Takodana. Not only is it such a triumphant moment for the heroes but it really lets Poe shine in all of the best ways. This action scene makes me so happy every time I watch it that I couldn’t help but put in this list.

7. The Holy City Is Destroyed


One of my favorite scenes in Rogue One is when the Death Star destroys the Holy City on Jedha. Not only is it a frighteningly beautiful scene but the music and the tenseness of the situation is just perfect. I love this part. 🙂

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