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Throwback Friday: Iron Man vs. Captain America: Who Was Right?

This is a fun post I wrote a while back before the premiere of Avengers: Infinity War and so, for this week’s Throwback Friday, I thought this would be a great post to look back to. Enjoy!

It’s a week until Avengers: Infinity War premieres (YES!) and in the time since Captain America: Civil War I have never made a stand on who I thought was right; Iron Man or Captain America. Frankly, I think they both have their reasons for choosing the sides that they did and they are both noble for making those choices but since Infinity War is almost out and the next phase of these character’s friendship is about to be known I figure I might as well discover which side I thought was right before the movie comes out. Enjoy!

Iron Man


Okay, here’s the one major blip in Tony’s side of this story for me.

Tony is a very rebellious kind of guy. Throughout his films, he’s never been a team player, which has gotten him in trouble multiple times. He even created Ultron without the approval of his teammates and you see how that turned out? So here’s yet another example of him going behind his friends’ backs as he creates the Sokovia Accords with Secretary Ross and it only created conflict within the Avengers rather than a common interest that could’ve brought the superhero team even closer.

This, I’d say, is Tony’s biggest fault. He reacts off of self-interest and never stops to think if his decisions will hurt people in the process. That can be a problem. Now was his decision to create the Sokovia Accords the right decision? Yes and no.

For him he felt that the Avengers were going to be placed under the governments’ control sooner or later so he just wanted to be ahead of the curb and have a say-so in the matter before having to take orders from government officials that he wouldn’t be able to get along with.

What makes it wrong though is the fact that he didn’t tell anyone what he was going to do. He just concocted this plan without the approval of his friends (like he always does) and presented it to the Avengers like a side punch out of nowhere. That was wrong and it left the Avengers feeling kind of hopeless as he forced them to make the difficult choice between joining the Accords and becoming a fugitive within a few days.

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Throwback Friday: My Cleveland Extravaganza

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for another weekly segment of Throwback Friday. Today I wanted to delve into memory lane and reshare with you all my fantastic trip to Cleveland, Ohio last year. I hope you enjoy. 🙂

I’m here to talk about my wonderful trip to a new city that I loved visiting so much. I hope you enjoy.

Thursday Evening

I was enjoying a wonderful vacation in a brand new city that I was having an absolutely fantastic time visiting and one of my magnificent family members up there said one of the places we had to check out was a place called Happy Dog. Oh, my goodness, this place had one of the best hot dogs I have ever had in my entire life.

But I’ll get to how the actual hot dog tasted in a little bit. First I have to talk about how Happy Dog’s interior looked.

We went to the restaurant around 5:00pm and it was a lovely crisp Cleveland evening. We parked around the corner from the restaurant and when we went inside I absolutely loved the interior.

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Throwback Friday: My Review of ‘Justice League’

Last November was a fun month for superhero movie lovers when Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League came out. While I own Thor: Ragnarok now and love watching every moment of it I never felt the urge to buy Justice League. In fact, I haven’t watched it since I saw it in the movie theaters. But after revisiting my review of the film I kind of want to watch it now. So, because I loved re-reading this review so much I decided to make it the topic of this week’s Throwback Friday. I hope you enjoy!

I heard the critics and all of their opinions on Justice League. They said it wasn’t a movie worth watching, that it was a huge step backward from Wonder Woman, and I believed them, that’s why it took me until yesterday to see it. And now that I’ve seen it I’m so glad I did. I have to admit, I enjoyed Justice League immensely. I watched the entire film, credits and all, thinking at any point that the movie was going to turn south and I was going to regret ever coming to see this superhero flick but it never happened! The story was simple yet cohesive, the characters were great, and yes there were flaws but overall I had a great time watching this movie. So, on that note, I’m going to tell you all of the things I did and didn’t like about this film. Enjoy!

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t seen Justice League yet and you would rather stay in the dark about the movie’s premise and outcomes I would advise you to discontinue reading this now. Okay, I thank you for acknowledging this warning. Now to the review.

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Throwback Friday: A Spoiler-Free Review of ‘Black Panther’

It’s always fun to look back at old movie reviews because at that time the movie in question was still so fresh in my mind. Such as this one. Black Panther wowed moviegoers around the world and this spoiler-free review that I wrote roughly nine months ago proves how incredible this movie truly was and is.

And that’s why it’s part of this weekly segment of Throwback Friday. I hope you enjoy.

I watched Black Panther yesterday and I’m still reveling in how good the movie was. In fact, I watched Captain America: Civil War last night, which is something I haven’t done in over a year, because Black Panther was so great I wanted to look back at how T’Challa was introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And the movie had such an impact on me I woke up still thinking about brilliantly fantastic the film was. So, while the movie is still fresh in my mind, here’s my spoiler-free review.

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Throwback Friday: My First NBA Game!

Another glorious week has passed and that means it’s time for another segment of Throwback Friday and this one is very special for me because on this exact day last year I wrote this very post: My First NBA Game! It was an exciting occasion for me because I LOVE sports and who doesn’t want to see one of the greatest basketball players of all time; Lebron James?

So, I’m here to recelebrate that unforgettable experience. Enjoy!

So I was visiting some family up in Cleveland, Ohio and it just so happened that I was in town when the Cleveland Cavaliers had a home game against the Chicago Bulls and so it was only logical to go see the game. And all I can say is it was the best way to be introduced to my first NBA game. I mean I literally saw Lebron James, in person, playing on Tuesday night with my own eyeballs. That’s incredible!

So first off on that beautiful day in Cleveland, there was a short downpour as my family and I were finding parking that produced two gigantic rainbows, and we ended up getting a great parking space basically right around the corner from the stadium. Score!

Once we parked we headed to the Quicken Loans Arena and I took some pictures along the way.

Aren’t these some awesome rocks?!

These incredibly special rocks were right across the street from where we parked and I just had to take a picture.

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