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The Top Five Scariest Villains

It’s time to talk about some scary antagonists. Enjoy!

5. Jack Nicholson in The Shining


The Shining is a disturbing movie, through and through, and Jack Nicholson’s performance as the crazed father/eventual ax murderer is legendary. He doesn’t have a horrifying mask or a terrifying makeup job to make him scary. He’s just scary by himself with those arched eyebrows and that horrifying face. I watched this movie in complete horror and it wasn’t because of anyone except for Jack Nicholson (and the twins but that’s another story.) He’s definitely one of the scariest villains I have ever seen.

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My Ten Favorite ‘Harry Potter’ Characters

The Harry Potter series is full of magic and wonder but at the heart of its brilliant story are the characters. We wouldn’t love the franchise as much as we do if the characters weren’t as delightful and lovable as they are. And there are a LOT of characters too. There are the teachers, the students, the villains, the main characters, Harry Potter himself, but of these many, many individuals which ten characters have become my favorite over the years? That’s what I’m here to share with you. Enjoy!

10. Hagrid


Ever since I first saw Hagrid I knew I liked him. He literally fits the definition of a gentle giant. I always loved Hagrid because he never treated Harry or his friends with any disdain or unkindness whatsoever and I love to see the new beasts and creatures he’s always taking care of. The hippogryph is definitely my favorite creature of his. 🙂

All in all, I love Hagrid.

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The Top Five Scariest Villains

It’s Halloween and that means there was no way I wasn’t going to write a post acknowledging this frightening but fun holiday. And so to celebrate the festivities I am going to write a list of the five scariest movie villains. Enjoy and…BOO! Ha-ha!

5. Alien


I consider myself seriously lucky that I was introduced to Alien for the first time via the game, Mortal Combat because if I had gone into watching this film without knowing anything about this horrifying extraterrestrial I would’ve been messed up for weeks. For this to have come out in 1979 I am absolutely stunned at how scary this movie still is. Alien is definitely one of the most frightening creations in all of film.

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