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Captain America: Secret War (THIRTY-ONE)

Shuri held a beautiful necklace made out of lion’s teeth and vibranium beads in her hand, tears rolling down her cheeks. Her brother had made it for her on her twelfth birthday. It was still the greatest birthday gift she had ever gotten.

And now he was captured, forced to bend to the doctor’s will even though Shuri knew, with every fiber of her being, that he wished he could fight back. But how? How could they defy this terrible foe that had already defeated them with unnerving ease?

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Captain America: Secret War (THIRTY)

Natasha Romanoff was getting tired of bad things happening. First, The Avengers had been put on probation after the government told them to take a break once determining that they were causing more harm than good. Second, not all of The Avengers were on the same page, leading to an imminent showdown that left some people in serious trouble while others administered their wounds. Third, Colonel Rhodes had almost gotten killed and yet Tony Stark hadn’t immediately shut down the Sokovia Accords. It was at that moment that she realized she was on the wrong side and left, choosing to be a criminal in a harsh world. Continue reading Captain America: Secret War (THIRTY)

Captain America: Secret War (TWENTY-SEVEN)

Sharon Carter woke with a start. She sat up, gasping for breath, her heart pounding in her chest. She looked down, immediately noticing the shimmering grey smock she was now wearing. She felt her abdomen, searching for a sign of her deadly wound. There was none.

Her gaze rose and she found herself located in a place she had never seen before. It was a bright room with stone walls riddled with neon blue veins. She lay on a strange platform that was surprisingly warm to the touch.

Putting a hand to her head she took a deep breath. She had to regain her composure. The last thing she remembered was being run through by a jagged piece of metal. Now she was in a strange place. She didn’t know how she managed to survive, nor who brought her…here, but she had to be prepared for the worst. Continue reading Captain America: Secret War (TWENTY-SEVEN)

Captain America: Secret War (TWENTY-FOUR)

Silverware clinked and glasses thumped against a gorgeous wooden dining table as Natasha, Nick Fury, Agent Hill, and Shuri dug into a simple Wakandan dinner. The nearby wall was made entirely of glass, providing a view of the city in all of its glittering glory in the night time. Steve Rogers stood at the window, his arms crossed and his jaw clenched. He couldn’t eat. Not with this much worry on his mind.

Queen Mother Ramonda and General Okoye also did not participate in the brief repast, choosing to stand and grimly oversee the heroes’ chance to recharge.

The tension was thick in the air as everyone filled their empty bellies but didn’t speak. With every minute that passed, Dr. Frost’s reign only grew stronger. And at the moment they had no idea how to handle this threat. In fact, every single one of them, excluding the Queen Mother, had barely survived their encounter with the metal-levitating antagonist.

General Okoye abruptly nodded at the Dora Milaje guards standing at the entrance of the room and with a respectful dip of their heads they left.

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Captain America: Secret War (TWENTY-ONE)

“Breathe, Sharon. Keep breathing,” Steve urged as he stood beside her, holding Sharon Carter’s slack hand and gazing at her lightly bruised face.

Natasha, piloting the Quinjet, hadn’t said a word since they had zoomed away from London. Even Nick Fury and Agent Hill were expectedly resolute in their actions as Sharon’s chances of survival lessened with each passing minute.

As Steve continued to watch Sharon he couldn’t help noticing the weak heaves of her chest. She didn’t have much time.

Steve’s gaze rose.

“Natasha, how far away are we?”

“I’m not sure,” Natasha said, gazing at the African countryside.

The comms suddenly crackled to life and they heard General Okoye’s voice on the other side.

“We are at Wakanda’s borders. Follow me.”

Natasha became startled as she watched a Wakandan craft materialize out of thin air in front of the jet before turning across the gorgeous plains of Africa. She looked down and saw an African man in bright blue waving as he rode a horse. A group of children followed him, their bright smiles visible from the Quinjet as they waved and cheered. Despite their tense situation the sight made her smile.

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