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My Top Three Favorite ‘Harry Potter’ Films

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was one of the first films I saw as a child and it dazzled me. The Baselisk, Voldemort, the Quidditch match, it was a fantasy world unlike anything I’d ever seen before. And the main characters were children, something you don’t see a lot in movies as good as Harry Potter! In fact, for a while, I loved the Harry Potter franchise more than Star Wars, until I got a little older and Star Wars became better and better while the Harry Potter films started becoming a little boring in comparison. Recently I’ve watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, a movie I’ve seen over a dozen times (I highly enjoyed it) and so today I would like to share with you my three favorite Harry Potter films. Enjoy!

1. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

This is the Harry Potter movie I’ve watched the most (because I owned it as a child) and it always made me so happy every time I watched it. The flying car took my imagination to other places, I loved the screaming plant thingies (I forgot what they’re called,) the ghost girl used to always make me laugh because she was so perfectly weird, and who doesn’t love the scene with all of the spiders? Brilliant. This movie will always have a special place in my heart because it was one of the first films I was introduced to as a baby girl.

2. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

I’ve only seen this movie, I’d say, four of five times and while it isn’t one of the Harry Potter films I most familiar with this is hands down the scariest installment of them all because it’s the movie where Voldemort comes back. *shudder* I really don’t like Voldemort. He’s so scary.

It’s also a very good movie as well. I love the tournament, I love the dragons and the frightening mermaids, and like I said before, the end of the film puts the icing on the cake as Voldemort is brought back to life.

3. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)

This is my favorite installment of the franchise and, as a child, was the scariest installment as well. I remember being taken to the movies at six-years-old to go see this film. It was definitely a frightening experience. I’m going to tell you right now, I’m a huge scaredy-cat. I do not like scary movies, especially when I was little, and the third Harry Potter was part fantasy/horror film for me at that young age. I still remember covering my eyes several times as I watched it in the movie theaters and can you blame me? This movie’s got a scary (but no so scary) black dog/Sirius Black, Dementors, the most horrifying creation ever, and werewolves! I was terrified.

Now as an adult I can watch it without a hint of fear but I still remember the horror I felt watching this movie as a baby. It’s one of the reasons, however, that I like the movie so much. Part of the reason why the Harry Potter franchise is so enjoyable is that horror factor but the movies are really good as well.

My favorite part of the third Harry Potter is when Harry and Hermione have to go back in time to save Sirius Black from a terrible fate. It’s such an incredible portion of the film and it really makes the movie enjoyable. It’s also something I’ve never seen since then in a movie, making it extra special. This film has so many incredible layers and at a whopping two hours and twenty-two minutes this movie definitely provides plenty of entertainment.

Well, these are the three Harry Potter films that have always made me either happy or terrified (in a good way) and helped turn me into a Harry Potter fan. And with John Williams (Star Wars) making the iconic musical theme I’m not surprised I love these movies so much. He is truly a legendary composer and I’m so glad he’s still alive so he can continue creating fabulous music.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a magical day.


The Trailer for Ocean’s 8 Is Here

I’m not a huge fan of all-female led movies because usually they aren’t the type of movies I want to see so when I heard they were going to make an Ocean’s film with an entirely female cast I was a little skeptical but after seeing this trailer I’m definitely not anymore. Check it out.

So, judging from this trailer, this movie is literally going off of the same formula as the other Ocean films and I like that. I can honestly say I’m excited to see this film and that’s always a good thing. Besides, any movie with Cate Blanchett in it has my attention.

I hope you enjoyed this trailer and I thank you for reading. Have a wonderful day.

Marvel vs. DC: Whose Outfits Are Better?

Marvel Studios and the DC Extended Universe have taken the superhero world by storm with their incredible films that have generated billions upon billions of dollars and while the superheroes that have helmed these films are usually really enjoyable and easy to get behind sometimes their incredible outfits help make them that much cooler. And so, because the DC Universe has only six major superheroes in their roster so far I’m going to compare their suits with six of Marvel’s best outfitted heroes. Enjoy!

Superman vs. Doctor Strange

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Superman’s outfit is basically the classic design but what makes this suit stand out are the metallic accents to the waist area. It makes the suit look alien and it provides a slightly epic feel to the overall outfit. Now I’ve never been a huge fan of Superman because of his suit; the red cape just never appealed to me, but I will admit that Henry Cavill wears it well and makes it not look as corny as it used to.


Doctor Strange’s outfit is also highly inspired by the original design from the comics and that’s why it’s perfect. The high collared red cloak provides an impeccable sorcerer sort of look and the dark blue robes and several belts also make him look different in a very good way. There is no doubt who I think wins this round.

Marvel: 1 point

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My Ranking of the DCEU Movies

For the past four years the DC Universe has come out with five films featuring their incredible superheroes such as Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, etc. and unfortunately until this year there hasn’t been a lot of praise surrounding these superhero flicks. Now I’ve seen nearly all of them and so I’m going to tell you how I rank these five movies. Enjoy!

5. Suicide Squad


I didn’t watch this movie but I heard it was horrendous. Now I usually like to make my own opinion on a movie but this film did not entice me at all. I mean the name is off-putting enough. And then you’ve got all of these terribly evil-looking characters. I just couldn’t get myself to watch this movie and that’s why this is clearly the worst DCEU movie made so far.

4. Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice


I was lucky. When I watched Batman vs. Superman for the first time I watched the extended edition, which is surprisingly very enjoyable. Zack Snyder’s movie making is very serious and rather epic, which I expect when I think about the likes of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and so forth. The story was interesting, the dialogue was compelling, the music is really good, and the final battle between these three heroes and Doomsday was quite awesome! The only reason why I’m not placing this movie higher on my list is because it was the extended version that I enjoyed. The actual theatrical cut is terribly inconsistent, the story is jumping all over the place, and it’s really poor movie making. Because of that this movie is my least favorite DCEU film that I have seen.

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Have You Seen This New Movie, ‘Ready Player One’?

When I went to see Justice League there were a whole bunch of new trailers but the one that stood out, besides the trailer for The Last Jedi, was this incredible trailer showcasing a new film that Steven Spielberg is making called Ready Player One. Before I continue any further just check out this trailer that I saw in the movies.

When I saw this trailer in IMAX I was blown away. First, I’m a big fan of Steven Spielberg’s work. I mean he’s made most of the movies that I truly love. Jaws, Jurassic Park, Indiana JonesGremlins, etc. He’s a genius when it comes to creating movies and this latest film of his looks absolutely amazing.

Usually there aren’t any good movies that come out in the month of March but this teaser made me want to see this movie instantly. I love seeing a film that has an original story and this is sci-fi galore.

This movie also has some incredible looking CGI and action. My mind was blown away when I saw this trailer in the movie theaters. It’s not only an amazing concept of a story but the cinematography is gorgeous. Steven Spielberg is clearly one of the greatest directors ever to live and I’m glad to see him creating more movie magic for all of us movie lovers.

I thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this teaser as much as I did. Have a wonderful day.

‘Justice League’ vs. ‘Thor: Ragnarok’: Which One Wins?

I recently watched Justice League and, surprisingly, I enjoyed it immensely. The story was easy to follow, the action was epic, and it was a great way to bring the six superheroes together. Now that I’ve seen both Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League I am going to determine which movie I enjoyed the most. Enjoy!

The Characters

The Justice League


When you bring together incredible heroes such as Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman etc. it’s always going to be amazing and Justice League wasn’t an exception. The characters, while they were great, a few were a little less awesome than others, mainly Aquaman. When The Avengers came out in 2012 nearly every superhero had their own debut film, except for Black Widow and Hawkeye but they were co-stars of those other movies. Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman are the only characters in this team who have had their own movie. That means it’s always going to be kind of hard to introduce three new characters in the span of only two hours while trying to keep track on one story line about preventing the end of the world. I’m frankly surprised the new characters were developed as well as they were.

Thor and Co.


While “The Revengers” clearly aren’t as epic as the likes of the Justice League I happened to really like these characters. Thor, after Thor: Ragnarok, has become one of my favorite Avengers because he finally was given the chance to shine with his comedic personality. The Hulk is just…The Hulk. You can’t really do anything with him except make him a giant green rage monster, who can talk, and that’s what makes him great. Valkyrie has become my favorite female hero in Marvel because she’s just that awesome. And Loki, surprisingly, was very lovable in this movie. He wasn’t being the jerk that he normally is. I mean, he kind of was, but it was nice to see him on the side of the good guys this time around.

All in all, I loved Wonder Woman and Cyborg in Justice League but everyone else was okay. When I came away from Thor: Ragnarok I loved every single character equally and I can’t wait to see them all again.

Thor: Ragnarok: 1 point

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My Review of ‘Justice League’

I heard the critics and all of their opinions on Justice League. They said it wasn’t a movie worth watching, that it was a huge step backwards from Wonder Woman, and I believed them, that’s why it took me until yesterday to see it. And now that I’ve seen it I’m so glad I did. I have to admit, I enjoyed Justice League immensely. I watched the entire film, credits and all, thinking at any point that the movie was going to turn south and I was going to regret ever coming to see this superhero flick but it never happened! The story was simple yet cohesive, the characters were great, and yes there were flaws but overall I had a great time watching this movie. So, on that note I’m going to tell you all of the things I did and didn’t like about this film. Enjoy!

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t seen Justice League yet and you would rather stay in the dark about the movie’s premise and outcomes I would advise you to discontinue reading this now. Okay, I thank you for acknowledging this warning. Now to the review.

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