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Jean Grey Is Frightening In This New Trailer for ‘Dark Phoenix’

With Disney acquiring the rights to Fox last year, Dark Phoenix is set to be the last X-Men movie under Fox. That’s a truly exciting prospect, considering that if the X-Men do return it’ll be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Wow, now that’s a thought.

So, here’s the trailer for Fox’s last hurrah with its X-Men franchise, Dark Phoenix.

I don’t know anything about the X-Men movies or the characters in these movies but I do know this, Jean Grey is practically turning to the dark side in this film and it’s horrifying. Seeing all of these characters unable to contend with her power, whatever that may be, is stunning and honestly, this movie looks pretty dark.

Will it be good? I don’t know but it definitely looks interesting enough.


Whether the film is good or not this poster is off the chain! Jean Grey looks fantastic as the centerpiece of this fabulous poster and honestly, I hope it’s good.

What do you think about this trailer? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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My Ranking of the September Movie Trailers: from Worst to Best

This month has been jam-packed with trailers for upcoming movies that are set to come out later this year and early next year. So, since there have been so many movie trailers I’m here to rank them for you. Enjoy!

6. Creed

Creed is clearly going to be a good movie, there’s no doubt about that, but I judge a film by how many chills its trailer gives me and this trailer didn’t me give me the goosebumps I would’ve liked.

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The Phoenix Has Arrived

The latest X-Men movie I watched was Logan and while it was the only superhero film to get nominated for an Oscar besides visual effects and sound editing in forever (for Best Writing Adapted Screenplay) it, to me, was a somewhat boring film that took too long bringing about Wolverine’s imminent demise. I’ve recently seen X-Men: Days of Future Past and while for the most part it’s an enjoyable film it, like most X-Men movies, was a tad bit boring.

Now another installment in the X-Men franchise is set to come out next February with X-Men: Dark Phoenix. This story is focusing on Jean Grey and while I don’t know much about her character or her comic book history I do know this much, she’s finding her dark side in this film. Here’s the first official trailer for the movie.

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