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Watching ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ For the First Time In Seven Years

As you all know, I am a Star Wars fan, but that doesn’t mean I don’t watch an occasional episode of my favorite Star Trek series: Star Trek: The Next Generation or a Star Trek movie every now and then. So yesterday, because I was bored and in need of a halfway decent movie to watch, my sister and I revisited a film we hadn’t seen since we watched it in in IMAX seven years ago, Star Trek: Into Darkness.

When I watched it all those years ago I was mostly underwhelmed. I remembered basically nothing about the movie and that was great because yesterday I enjoyed the absolute heck out of this film.

J.J Abrams may make a bad movie every now and then but when he gets it right he can create a film that is truly spectacular as he balances both humor and emotion to create quite an action-packed spectacle.

My sister and I were taken on quite the riveting ride as the film weaves its story with plot twist after plot twist until the end.

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Movie Spotlight: ‘Avatar’

Avatar, until Avengers: Endgame broke box-office records left and right, used to be the highest-grossing film of all time. For years I have wondered how this film with its super basic storyline could’ve made so much money but it did. It wowed moviegoers with its groundbreaking use of visual effects and its stunning world of Pandora was unlike anything ever experienced in a science-fiction film before it.

Over the last couple of years, my appreciation for this movie and all of the things that make it so special has grown and so, for this week’s Movie Spotlight I wanted to highlight this fantastic film.

Avatar is currently available to watch on Disney+.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day.


A Movie Ranking: Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana has become one of the most famous actresses in the world for her work in the science-fiction genre of cinema and she is easily one of my favorite actresses for her astounding work. So, here’s my ranking of all of the movies I’ve seen her in.

9. Star Trek: Beyond

Zoe Saldana in Star Trek Beyond (2016)

Maybe it’s because I’m not a Star Trek fan. No, when I think back on it, this movie was pretty awful. The story was unengaging, I didn’t care about any of the characters, and even though I watched it all the way through I found myself very disinterested by the end. Continue reading A Movie Ranking: Zoe Saldana

A Six-Year Poster Evolution: Gamora

Gamora was only the second major heroine to make an appearance in the MCU, the other being Black Widow. Like Black Widow, she was an assassin with a dark past. Her ties to Thanos would end up playing a large role in the overall story and her knowledge of the Soul Stone would make her one of the most important characters in Avengers: Infinity War. Unfortunately, because she knew the whereabouts of the Soul Stone she would end up perishing by the hands of her adopted father, bringing her story to a grinding halt, but there is always the possibility that she could return to the living via Endgame. Thankfully we only have a little over a week to find out. 🙂

Here are her character posters. Enjoy!

Guardians of the Galaxy


In this poster, Gamora looks like a deadly rogue who you would not want to mess with. The crooked smile makes her seem like she could either be a villain or a heroic scallywag. She would, of course, end up being a hero.

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Was Gamora, Scarlet Witch, and Vision Treated Fairly In The MCU?

I’ve had nearly a week to digest all of the fascinating and monumental storylines presented in Avengers: Infinity War and what surprised me the most was the level of importance Gamora, Scarlet Witch, and Vision presented to the movie which I was sooo happy about. Finally these three characters that have always been some of the strongest heroes in their various movies were getting some recognition and some real character development…and then they all died. I couldn’t believe it. Gamora for example, was finally getting some well deserved attention and then they killed her off! What’s up with that?! So today, I’m going to look at these three characters and determine if their stories were utilized fairly or unfortunately wasted in the MCU? Enjoy!



Throughout her participation in the MCU Gamora has never truly shined. She’s supposedly the most dangerous woman in the galaxy but did we ever get a feel of that in the Guardians of the Galaxy films? Um, no. In the first Guardians movie she was presented as this awesome assassin who could handle herself easily in a fight but she was utilized into the movie as more of a love interest for Peter rather than an asset to the team. Of course we did get to see her in action several times but I was waiting for some story revolving around her to arrive in the sequel and that didn’t happen in the slightest. They took her and diluted her presence in the MCU so much that soon I began to think of her as Peter’s girlfriend and “the most dangerous woman in the galaxy” was a title I didn’t even know she had.

Now we come to Infinity War where we finally get to see her rule the narrative and I was totally into it. Gamora was the important one this time around and Star-Lord was playing the co-star. I couldn’t be happier. And then she was brutally killed out of the movie as Thanos sacrificed her for the Soul Stone. I couldn’t believe it. She finally gets a compelling storyline and then was erased out of the movie as quickly as she had come into it. I feel that the MCU’s treatment of Gamora was unfair because she never was given the chance to shine and to grow beyond just her relationship with Peter. Even in Infinity War she was used as a tool to further Thanos’s story rather than it being a stepping stone to her own betterment in future movies. I don’t know why the writers couldn’t figure her out but I definitely believe she was a waste of a chance for something truly awesome.

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The Evolution of Gamora

Gamora is a really cool character who hasn’t been utilized to the fullest yet. She’s an assassin, a daughter of Thanos, and she’s awesome but throughout the Guardians of the Galaxy films she hasn’t been allowed to burst out of that hot female sidekick persona yet. I’m waiting for her to become something more than what she is at the moment and I’m really hoping Avengers: Infinity War will be the beginning of that transformation. So, even though she hasn’t had a major story line so far I’m still excited to share with you her evolution throughout the couple of movies she’s appeared in. Enjoy!

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)


When Gamora first appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy she was still very much a compatriot of Thanos and his minions but that was just a facade. In truth she was a traitor and was ready to leave Ronan, Thanos, and their monstrous ways behind. That right there shows the immensely good character that she is. She could’ve easily stayed with the bad guys and just watch on the sidelines as the galaxy burned but she knows what happened to her home, her family, and she can’t allow that to happen to anybody else.

If anything, she’s the most heroic of the Guardians of the Galaxy for making such a bold choice in her life. She didn’t have to run away from Ronan, steal the orb to sell it, and place a Thanos-sized target on her back but she did because she’s that awesome. She also didn’t have to fight Ronan and try to stop him from wiping out the Xandarians but she did because she’s, well, a Guardian of the Galaxy. 🙂

Gamora is the good hero the galaxy needs and I’m hoping she’ll be around for a long time to come.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)


One of the reasons why I was so excited to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was to see Gamora again. She didn’t have a lot of development in the first film so I was hoping the sequel would focus more on her and make her even cooler. Well, that didn’t happen. In fact, she barely had any development in the movie at all. The sequel focused highly on Peter Quill’s story and she was utilized to only serve his character arc rather than her own as she grew to like him more and more throughout the movie and ended up, by the end, confessing cryptically that she had romantic feelings for him. (Ugh.)

I’m totally fine with her having a romance with Peter Quill because that was obviously going to happen but the fact that they basically revolved her whole story around that aspect of the film is saddening. I love it when women aren’t placed into movies to incorporate romance into the movie and I felt that she was unfortunately placed into that lackluster bubble creators always want to put women in.

Now one of the positive developments to her character was her complicated relationship with her sister, Nebula. It was cool seeing the two sisters become friends again and that was a nice arc to the two assassin daughters.

Avengers: Infinity War (2018)


When Gamora returns in Avengers: Infinity War I have a feeling that she’s finally going to get the character development that she deserves as trailers and commercials have hinted at the reveal of her back story with Thanos. And that is SO exciting! Gamora is an awesome character who needs to be treated with the creative respect that she deserves and I’m so excited to see her in this highly-anticipated movie.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.