What’s Your Favorite Padme Look: Part 3?

For this final segment of What’s Your Favorite Look? I’m finishing it off with Padme’s designs in Revenge of the Sith. Now, because I have extended the What’s Your Favorite? topic for nearly two weeks there will not be a Who’s Your Favorite? topic this Sunday but all will return to normal next Sunday.

So, on that note, here are her dazzling looks from Revenge of the Sith. Enjoy!

The Mother-To-Be Outfit


When Padme was first introduced in Revenge of the Sith she wears this fascinating velvet cloak to hide her form to prevent anyone from noticing her pregnancy. She also wears her hair in cinnamon buns as yet another homage to Leia, the daughter she would bear in a few months.

The Silk Nightgown


As was shown in Attack of the Clones, Padme is the only character in the franchise to be shown multiple times in nightwear, which gives a fascinating range to her sprawling line of mesmerizing outfits. Here, Padme looks, as Anakin said, “So beautiful” in this fascinating blue nightgown with her hair falling in lazy curls.

What a Dress To Wear Around the House!


Even while lounging around her apartment Padme looks incredible in this burgundy velvet dress with her hair done in these braids on the side and in the back. I love that each dress flows in a way where it falls around her in a tentlike fashion to obscure her belly. Such a clever design for such a stylish, elegant lady.

The Dark Blue Dress


The third outfit we see Padme wearing is this simple but undeniably beautiful dark blue dress. In the movie, we didn’t get to see her with this long-sleeved coat to wear over it, which only makes the outfit that much more impressive.

The Impressive Maroon Dress with the Locks


In a deleted scene Senator Amidala goes to see Emperor Palpatine about…something, I forgot, and she is shown wearing this voluminous outfit. But what makes this outfit more unique than other is her hair.


It’s the only time we see Padme’s hair fashioned like locks and while it’s an interesting design I personally find it a bit tacky. But it does go well with the outfit.

The Green Dress


In yet another deleted scene we see Padme with this beautiful olive-green velvet dress with the purple sash around the waist. It’s the same outfit she wears during the scene when she and Anakin are practically looking at each other even though they don’t know it but here we get a better look at the color of the outfit.

(And yes, her hair is back to normal.)

The Third Blue Dress


Almost similar to her nightgown at the beginning of Revenge of the Sith, Padme is shown wearing yet another nightgown (this one is blue too) which adds yet another item to her list of nightgown looks.

Senator Padme Amidala


One thing that has been apparent in commonality throughout all three Star Wars prequels is Padme’s love for velvet. Here we see Senator Amidala in yet another velvet dress that once again is breathtakingly stunning. And with her hair tied back into a bun with the fascinating headdress, the look becomes complete.

The Afternoon Dress


You could tell by Padme’s outfit in this scene that she was going to take a day off. The dress is simple, not too fancy, and her hair, braided beneath this silver headdress, is also a simpler style than we usually see from her elaborate outfits.

The Pregnant Mother Adventure Outfit


Pregnant but still determined to see Anakin no matter what she could face, Padme looks ready for battle in this simple shirt with the sleeves, pants, and boots. While this isn’t one of my favorite outfits of Padme’s it’s still somewhat impressive. And she manages to still look regal with that leather strap going across her bodice.

The Beautiful Funeral Dress


Even in death, Padme was still the most stylish queen/senator there ever would be. 😢😭

Of these eleven outfits which is your favorite? For me, it actually has to be the funeral look. She looks positively gorgeous with the nude makeup look, the hair spreading around her head with the white flowers, and the blue dress she’s wearing is seriously something else. Why am I getting so emotional right now?

Doing this three-part analysis of Padme’s outfits has been a journey. Her story played out seamlessly through her clothing which is hard to do but was powerfully evident once you go through every, single, outfit. Wow. That was impressive.

I thank you for reading and participating in this series and I hope you have a remarkable day. May the Force be with you.

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