I Love Cool Posters!

Movie posters. Sometimes it’s a movie poster that can get you the most excited about a new film. X-Men: Days of Future Past is a fun installment in the X-Men franchise because it features not only the old versions of Professor X and Magneto but their young versions as well and, to my great relief, the casting for the younger versions actually is pretty accurate.

Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy bring their own flavor to the roles, providing a deeper insight into these characters who are seen as either a mentor (in Charles’ case) or the classic villain (Erik) in the earlier X-Men films. If you ever wondered if Fassbender or McAvoy were the perfect choice for these characters these posters say it all.


First off, I love the red for Magneto’s poster, considering that he’s the villain, as you’d might expect. Secondly, when putting Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender’s faces together there are differences but they are slight. The greatest difference between them are their noses but in terms of face shape and expression, I can actually see Fassbender as a younger Magneto and that’s pretty cool.


This is undoubtedly my favorite of the two posters due to the blue color and how perfect it is. It’s almost scary how perfectly Stewart and McAvoy’s faces meld together into this one man we all know and love named Charles Xavier/Professor X. Once again…great casting!

I just wanted to share these posters because I thought they were so undeniably rad.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a brilliant day.

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