Captain America: Secret War (TWENTY)

The mood around the world was low as they beheld London and the scene that was taking place there. Everyone had watched the riveting confrontation between members of the recently illegalized Avengers and the powerful HYDRA terrorist and her enhanced bodyguards. And together they had all witnessed the Avengers’ and the Wakandans’ surprising defeat.

Hope that had once lived within the breast of all surveying the terrifying event had been vanquished, for if the world’s greatest heroes couldn’t defeat her, who could?

Secretary Ross, with his hands on his hips, grimly stood in his office. The president was currently giving a national address due to the crisis that was taking place in the United Kingdom and Ross almost felt a sense of guiltiness.

He had helped disband The Avengers and seeing the feeble attempts of the few still trying to save the world was almost painful to watch. If the Sokovia Accords didn’t exist would this terrifying situation have long been averted? The chances of that reality were great. Unfortunately, that wasn’t reality.

And yet, he still felt that the Sokovia Accords was the right decision for the world. The Avengers were reckless, doing more harm than good. Under their watch thousands of innocents had perished, and that was only the numbers pouring in from Sokovia. What would happen next? Could millions be in jeopardy?

No. If The Avengers were going to operate they were going to have reins to hold them back if it was up to him.

He looked away from the television screen where British reporters frantically relayed the news toward the phone on his desk. He didn’t want to but the way things were looking he needed to take matters into his own hands quickly. And while he secretly despised Tony Stark with all of his being he knew the world needed him.

So, with an annoyed sigh, he picked up the phone and called Tony Stark, his gaze straying to the screen where Dr. Frost standing over her unconscious enemies was being broadcast and his nose curled into a snarl.

She would be stopped if he had anything to do with it.

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