Captain America: Secret War (THIRTY-NINE)

Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter were standing in the parlor of the Carter Estate, the moonlight from the clear night sky pouring through the beautiful white paned window. It had been several days since their final confrontation with Sarkras the Mindful and life was back to normal.

London wasn’t in flames. Europe was at peace. Or as at much peace as they were before Dr. Frost’s attacks. And evading Deputy Task Force’s grasp while helping innocents from small threats was once again Steve’s greatest priority.

With his hands in his pockets, he stared up at the moon. “So how’s Olivia?”

“She’s fine,” Sharon said. “She’s resting.”

He smiled. “That’s good.” He looked at her and as he did she looked at him. “I’m sure you know why I’m here.”

Sharon nodded. “You want to know if I’m staying.”

He turned to her. “You’re a great asset to the team.”

“I know Steve but I…” she shook her head, “I can’t give up on Olivia. Not now. I now know what I almost lost and…I’m determined not to lose it again.” She looked him in the eyes. “You know what it feels like to regain someone that you love.”

Steve nodded. “You know I do.”

She wiped her eyes free of the tears that were threatening to seep from them as she averted her gaze to the window. Chuckling she said, “Sometimes I still am not used to the beard.”

Steve Rogers laughed. “Me too.”

She looked at him. “You do know you need an alias right?”

“Well, I can’t be Captain America anymore,” Steve Rogers spoke grimly. “Not after what happened.”

She looked at him intently, at the beard that made him look somewhat more rugged, at his eyes that held a hint of sorrow, and suddenly she had the perfect name.


He looker at her. “What?”

“Nomad. You should be called Nomad. Think about it. You’re never in one spot. You travel around and help people. It’s perfect.”

Steve nodded. “It does kind of work.”

Sharon laughed. “It’s settled then. You’re Nomad.”

The two of them laughed and as their laughter simmered to a stop Sharon Carter felt her cheeks warming as he gazed at her with a tenderness that made her heart pitter-patter. She turned to walk away.

“Well I guess you should be going,” she began when suddenly he grabbed her hand, pulled her to him, and kissed her. She practically melted into the soft embrace as she put her arms around him and absorbed him for what she figured was the last time.

When he stopped the embrace he said, “I told you when I got the chance I’d give you one last kiss.”

She smiled. “How about we make that two last kisses,” she said, leaning forward to kiss him again when suddenly at the doorway to the parlor her grandfather arrived wearing an excited expression upon his face.

“Sharon, hurry,” he told her. “Olivia has woken!”

Sharon ran faster than she ever had in her life as she scrambled upstairs to one of the bedrooms, busting in the door and hurrying over to the bed where Olivia was, indeed, awake.

When Olivia saw Sharon her eyes widened. “Sharon,” she said softly.

“Olivia,” Sharon said, her eyes wet with emotion. “Oh, Olivia I’m so sorry. I’m sorry for everything. All of us are.”

Olivia was keeping her emotions reserved. “Are you? I haven’t seen you in over a decade. Why do you suddenly care about me?”

“Things were different before. I admit I tried to forget you. I even went as far as to never mention you…but I realized how I wrong I was. I criticized the people I thought I was evil without realizing that in actuality, I was behaving just like them. I was a fool to turn my back on family.” She grabbed Olivia’s hand. “Oh my sister. Please,” that one word broke Sharon and she could no longer contain the tears within her. She collapsed onto the bed, weeping at Olivia’s side. “Please forgive me,” she pleaded.

No one in the room could hold back tears as Olivia hugged her weeping sister.

“Oh Sharon,” Olivia sobbed. “I’ve missed you.”

As the two sisters hugged and wept Steve Rogers, with tears in his own eyes and a smile on his face, left the room, heading downstairs and leaving the house where a black car sat out front. He walked to the car and got in, sniffling as he put on his seatbelt. Natasha was in the driver’s seat while Sam and Wanda sat in the back.

“So, what’s up?” Sam asked.

“She’s not coming,” Steve said.

Wanda smiled. “Olivia woke up didn’t she?”

Steve nodded. “Yeah. There was a lot of crying.”

Natasha looked at him with a smirk. “I can tell.”

He turned to look at everyone in the car. “How do you like the name Nomad?”

“For yourself?” Wanda asked.

He smiled. They all nodded in appreciation.

“I like it,” Sam said.

“Sounds right,” Natasha seconded.

“It’s perfect for you,” Wanda commented with a smile.

Steve grinned.

“Speaking of,” Sam began, “I’ve got an idea for what we can call ourselves.”

Natasha looked back at him. “What’s this idea of yours, Sam?”

Sam leaned forward. “Well, we can’t call ourselves The Avengers anymore because, well, we know why we can’t. But we are still kind of The Avengers but in secret. So, how about we call ourselves Secret Avengers.”

Everyone looked at one another in the car, checking each other’s expressions as if reading one another’s thoughts, and then the car burst into excited acknowledgment.

“Yeah Sam, that’ll work.”

Sam grinned at Natasha. “See, I told you I have good ideas.”

Natasha smirked, shaking her head in annoyance as she turned the car on.

“Secret Avengers…” Steve began in that tone that meant he was about to give them an important mission, “roll out.”

Everyone in the car looked at him with a cocked eyebrow.

“Have you been watching Transformers?” Natasha asked.

He shrugged. “Yeah. I watched a few Transformers movies for the first time yesterday.”

Natasha shook her head. “Don’t do that again.”

Laughter filled the car as they drove down the driveway beneath the trees underneath a beautiful moonlit night sky.

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