Is Cobb Vanth the New Kuill?

There’s a lot to talk about with the latest episode of The Mandalorian but the internet is buzzing about the series’ latest addition, a character named Cobb Vanth, played by Timothy Olyphant.

Last time Mando was on Tatooine he had the aid of a certain character named Toro Callican who was pretty much deemed a “punchable” face in the series. He instantly became a hated character in Star Wars and for good reason; he wasn’t quite that likable and he threatened to harm Baby Yoda. That’ll set anyone’s teeth on edge.

This time around Mando’s Tatooine companion, Cobb Vanth, has left some fans salivating for more time with the Tatooine marshal. His storyline in the chapter was perfect, his brief relationship with Mando was so much fun to watch, and it became very clear that we will see him again. How can you tell? This ninth chapter was basically the exact same as Chapter 2.

(Sand planet, jawas, a run-in with a terrifying creature whose home is in a dark hole in the ground, yeah, it’s practically Chapter 2.)

In Chapter 1 we met Kuill, an Ugnaught who was now living in his own reclusive freedom on a brand new arid planet. In Chapter 2 we got to learn more about Kuill and watched him help Mando on his journey to fix his ship. By the end, it was very clear that we would see Kuill again and sure enough, in Chapter 7, he would return one last time.

Cobb Vanth has now been given an official poster for Chapter 9 and I think it’s safe to say that this is the proof we’ll be seeing him again this season. In fact, his next to final words to Mando are, “I hope our paths cross again” to which Din Djarin responds, “As do I.”

This isn’t just friendly chatter. This is an obvious hint that these characters will see each other again. Why else would Vanth be so darn likable?

His last words even mirror Cara Dune’s in the 4th chapter last season.

She says to Din Djarin as he prepares to leave the village, “Well then, until our paths cross” and he replies, “Until our paths cross.” Sure enough, she returned to the story in Chapter 7 where she would finish out the remainder of the season.

This is exciting because honestly, I don’t think anyone was expecting any new important characters to join the series for this season which makes this season just as exciting as the first one. We continue to think we know what to expect and we still keep getting shocked.

The teaser trailer and tv spots have given us enticing glimpses of what’s to come but honestly, I believe we have no idea what’s ahead and I am ready for every juicy, scream-worthy surprise.

(Let’s just hope Vanth doesn’t die like Kuill did. 😬)

Do you think Vanth will return this season? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day. May the Force be with you.

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