The Latest ‘Black Widow’ Trailer Has Got Me Pumped!

It’s happening. It’s finally happening! Black Widow is actually coming out on July 9 and with that being said a new trailer dropped on Saturday. And yeah, it’s the best trailer yet. Here it is.

This trailer was so great. The callbacks to her time as an Avenger, the flashback sequences to her early childhood and I guess the separation from her family, Taskmaster looks epic, and this looks like a story worth joining the long list of MCU installments.

Jac Schaeffer was the head writer for WandaVision and we all know how that turned. It was a stunning display of creativity and it perfectly provided Wanda the Scarlet Witch origin story that she deserved. Schaeffer knows how to write stories for bad*** broads so Black Widow is going to be a treat.

And literally just now the Loki official trailer dropped so…I’m about to watch it. *excited clap*

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day.

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