‘Nobody’ Is a Classic Action Movie With a Fun Twist

Nobody isn’t the type of movie you haven’t seen before. The story feels like John Wick (an unassuming guy gets his life upended and turns into an invincible super-killing machine) and Taken (the “unassuming guy” is an old popular male actor, this being Bob Odenkirk) have been mashed together, taking the best of both worlds and making it fun.

This isn’t surprising considering that the screenwriter who wrote Nobody is Derek Kolstad, the man who actually created John Wick and gave us one of the greatest action franchises of all time with one of Hollywood’s true action stars, Keanu Reeves.

Nobody Movie Quotes - Funtastic Life

The film can be funny at times, if you’re a fan of extremely violent action sequences like John Wick this movie will satisfy that yearning, and the main character is likable enough where you want to root for him. Heck, I want Odenkirk in a Marvel film, he was that awesome. But unlike John Wick which finds a way to take itself very seriously from start to finish, Nobody gets a bit lost in the weeds with a predictable Russian antagonist who has a not-that-mighty miniature army and a storyline that gets a bit too on the nose and corny in the end.

I think the best thing about this movie is its use of songs to help us understand the character and of course Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul) who manages to make this protagonist believable despite how ridiculous it seems at times.

The choreography for the action scenes were also kind of fun (namely a sequence on a bus that’s really engaging and something that I haven’t seen before.)

All in all, Nobody is a film that I wanted to see in theaters and while I may have missed my chance I can say it lived up to my expectations. It was thrilling, humorous, and yes, I’m ready for the sequel.

87 out of 100 and 4 out of 5 stars.

(Plus, Derek Kolstad (John Wick) has already joined the MCU by writing a couple of episodes of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier including, what I think is the best episode, “The World is Watching”. He has also expressed interest in potentially writing a movie featuring Wolverine and Colossus…👀)

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day.

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